Looking from a distance, it looks like an ancient demon! It was Qing Ye who revealed Pangu’s true self.

Behind Pangu Zhen, Qing Ye raised his hands and saw a series of thunder and lightning appear out of thin air, then instantly condensed and soared at the speed visible to the naked eye. In an instant, it became a huge thunderball. In the thunderball, there were blue flames, which came out and the surrounding space directly turned into nothingness.
Feeling the destructive power of the huge thunderball terror and the strong breath emanating from Qing Ye, snow demons and violent demons were stunned, and they couldn’t afford to escape. Or, under the coercion of Qing Ye, they only felt that the space around the whole body had been solidified, and they had already escaped.
All of a sudden, they just felt loose and fled! Without any hesitation, they tried their best to run the divine power in their bodies, burning amazing power all over their bodies, and then flew back and fled as quickly as possible.
See snow demons and furious demons escape, others.
"My 1,000 guards who were alive with five words of success also responded to this, and rose in panic. In particular, they asked Qing Ye’s ungrateful seven-star demon and shouted," My God! " Then, follow the snow demon and the furious demon and flee.
At this moment, Qing Ye good shake-up by Shouting at him, his hands forward, the hands of a huge thunderball instant impact out, 1 of "bam", between heaven and earth under the blow, dark but pale!
Between the whole world today, only the light of the thunderball outbreak is left!
When the road passed, the space was broken and collapsed, and the surrounding empty space produced a horrible black hole. Like a huge tsunami, whistling. All the way to the impact.
Snow evil people and violent demons who fled for dozens of miles in an instant were surprised by the sound of thunder balls. Looking back, they saw a light behind them. Then, a thunder electric wave powerful enough to melt and destroy heaven and earth rushed to them in an instant.
In front of this air billow, they are like a leaf under the tide.
"no!" The snow demon and the furious demon uttered the loudest and strongest cry of despair in their lives.
Thunderball impacts, all the way, constantly devouring the superior god running in the back of Xingheng Island, and finally. There is no suspense, devouring snow demons and violent demons.
After the thunder ball swallowed the snow demon and others, it still didn’t stay, and it has been hitting hundreds of miles away. There was an earth-shattering noise, and it was bombed under the bottom of the sea of chaos, and a super invincible huge bottomless pit was formed!
The sea of chaos is shaking, and even the main hall of Zi Long Hall, which is thousands of miles away, only feels that the sky is shaking, just like extinction.
For a long time, for a long time, everything calmed down, just like the silence after the tsunami calmed down.
Gold pieces of superior gods fell.
Dragon nine deep and remote and Lin Meng and others looked at Qing Ye above the sky in horror, while Nu Wa also looked at Qing Ye, with beautiful eyes rippling, looking at Qing Ye’s great power, and how can a prostitute be unhappy as a woman in Qing Ye?
In fact, any woman wants her man to be the strongest!
Qing Ye hands a recruit, will be tens of thousands of gods are all income wishful kit.
It’s over! However, Shi Qing knows that this is just the beginning!
"Star cross island, Seth, right? And the Lord god of silver. " Qing Ye sneer at in my heart.
Qing Ye came down and landed on the yazi. Then he smiled mischievously at the prostitute: "Wife, is Wang Gang’s husband handsome?"
Nu Wa didn’t expect Qing Ye to play jokes on herself like a child and spat out Qing Ye. Frowning his nose, he said, "Handsome, handsome to the dregs!"
Did you drop the slag? ! Qing Ye a ash, and dragon nine deep and remote people suppress mouth want to laugh, however, the but again dare not laugh.
Qing Ye smiled bitterly, and then sent a message to Nuwa: "Wife, yes, dare to say that about my husband, hehe, I won’t punish you tonight!"
At night, the stars are sparse, but Yue Xian rings, and Qing Ye and the prostitute are hit by waves.
And Qing Ye destroyed the snow demon and others with great power. Magnolia plane, dark forest, a metal castle, Beirut always feels uneasy, but I don’t know why.
Since ten thousand years ago, after the first world war with Qing Ye. Escape by Qing Ye, this ten thousand years, also has been tracking down the whereabouts of Qing Ye, however, there has been no result.
Just, he also has some regrets now. At the beginning, he just wanted to take the HarmonyOS sword from Qing Ye. Then increase the chips against the light Lord. Just, unexpectedly, not only failed, but forged a great hatred with Qing Ye.
However, Qing Ye is just a little last god. Even with HarmonyOS’s sword, he is still a superior god. Why do you always worry? Beirut andao.
More than 10,000 years ago, he acquired the deities of the four god beasts, refined one of the wind system deities, and became the next god of the wind system. I have also been using the blood essence of the four beasts to study the talent magical power of the joint strike of the four beasts, but. However, it has not been successfully studied. However, after 5,000 years, after diluting the blood countless times at a time, it was incorporated into four kilograms. In the mortal body, those four mortals instantly become the strong in the sanctuary.
As a result, four ultimate warriors were born in the mainland of Yulan.
One of them is baruch.
Baruch, is the first generation of baruch family householder.
Although these four people can melt the blood of four beasts. Then instantly changed from mortal to sanctuary, which surprised Beirut a little, but it was just an accident, which was not the result he wanted. So, after that, I didn’t pay attention to the four ultimate fighters who were born from my own hands.
Just, to Beirut’s surprise, after more than 5,000 years, a son of baruch, one of the four ultimate warrior families. A man who influenced Beirut’s life was born.
This man is Lin Lei baruch.
Of course, when Beirut was worried about Qing Ye, Lin Lei baruch was just born. Lin Lei baruch has not attracted the attention of Beirut.
Chapter two hundred and eighty-seven Yulan Lin Lei in mainland China
Bilan mainland. Lin Lei only grew up in rusu at an extremely fast speed. "In less than a hundred years, he broke through the sanctuary from a small mortal, and then reached the level of God.
Even in countless planes, it is a genius to become a god in a hundred years, which naturally attracts the attention of Beirut. Of course, if it is only so, Lin Lei and baruch can’t get into the eyes of Beirut. Because of the descendants of Beirut, Beibei, the second god-eating mouse in countless planes, is the pet of baruch, Lin Lei, so Beirut gradually pays special attention to this Lin Lei.
Just taking care of it. It’s still early to meet Beirut’s requirements.
Over the past 10,000 years, Beirut has also built the tomb of the gods with a purpose. Ten thousand years ago, it attracted numerous great forces from the gods to compete for it. On the one hand, it wanted to cause these great forces to kill, on the other hand, it wanted to find someone who met his requirements and let them refine other things. One of the gods, and then form an alliance with him to increase the strength of his side, and then even in the face of the light, there is some confidence.
Ten thousand years ago, when the gods fought, the plane of Magnolia was damaged, and the other four continents were depressed, leaving only the jade-wool continent.
The great war ten thousand years ago was later called the War of Extinction.
Waiting for ten thousand years, paying attention to it for ten thousand years, and choosing it for ten thousand years. Beirut finally waited for a friend who could form an alliance with him, that is, the green fire that escaped from the plane prison of Yulan plane.
Qinghuo is the first of the five kings in Mianmian Prison. The fire system law has merged five kinds of metaphysics, and it is merging with the sixth kind. When the six kinds are merged, it can reach the realm of the superior god dzogchen.
As long as the green fire becomes the superior god of dzogchen. So, after refining a fire deity, it can achieve as much as him, and dzogchen is the lower god, only a little different from the middle god.
Therefore, Julut began to arrange the green fire to enter the cemetery of the gods and began his plan.
When the green fire entered the cemetery of the gods, Lin Lei, who broke through to the next god, took Beibei and his wife Delia into the supreme hell.
When Lin Lei Net entered hell, it was located in Bauhinia, one of the five continents.
In the Qingming Palace in the north of the chaotic sea, which is hundreds of millions of miles away from the Bauhinia mainland, Ye Qingzheng and Nunai sat on the main hall, looking at Long Jiuyou and Lin Meng below, and said, "Let’s prepare for this month, and in a month’s time, we will prepare to soothe the Zi Long Palace. Then, we will directly collect the small and medium-sized forces in Fiona Fang, which are billions of miles away."
To prepare for a month, because, this month, Qing Ye intends to match more than 10,000 goddesses with refined gold from Pangu Star Field to refine a batch of top-grade fairy armor.
At the very least, the current 10,000 troops in the Green Ghost Palace have to be one for each person. By then, put on the armor of the top-grade fairy, and the 10,000 troops in the Green Ghost Palace are equivalent to playing the undead Xiaoqiang. Of course, in addition to meeting the Lord God, or the strong who are good at soul attacks.
Hear Qing Ye’s command, dragon nine deep and remote people such as natural respect should be, a happy heart, and then back down, set out to prepare.

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