I don’t know, I leaned back slightly. It seems that I didn’t expect that Cang Lan would say these words. His words were not subversive, and his arrogance was sharp and aggressive, which made him so accustomed to Jianghu storms that he didn’t speak for a while.

How can you save them, or should I try to kill Cang Lan? My eyes are more like two daggers. I also want to know who this bone really is.
Destroy the surging billows, I don’t know how to bite my lips and teeth and want to kill them, but the fast man has stood face to face in peace. It seems that he has fallen into a kind of sophistry. He can’t hurt each other with a wave of his hand. The broken cloud sleeve holds his position and moves towards the ruins. At the other end, he vigorously adjusts his breath and mobilizes his true qi. Two ice blue lights slowly swing from his hands and cover the ruins.
Destroying Cang Lan’s face is illuminated by light, and the eyes are flashing and swallowing Guanghua’s dark light. Seeing that the light seeps into every inch of debris, the water erodes the soil and ripples and fills the ruins. I don’t know how to close my eyes, but the pain in my face is faint, but I finally control my strength and break the light from the ruins, and I am wrapped in seven vague figures.
I hate God, I don’t know, I suddenly opened my eyes and there was a trace of sadness, but it was still stable. The true qi Guanghua dissipated the figure and fell to the ground and destroyed Cang Lan. In the previous step, I saw Mo Qingfeng and other seven people were all covered with scales, robes, broken long hair and dirty hair. All of them closed their eyes and breathed dignified.
Well, it’s not right to destroy Cang Lan and pick an eyebrow to explore two of them. The nose and chest are quiet and cold, and Mo shakes his head and sighs.
Is how you are sensitive to life and death from a distance?
I don’t know how strong I am. I came forward and leaned over and smoothed the hair of Wei Changhong, two brothers who had already died. The two men were in the guard before and after the hexagram law, and the true qi was all their body repair limit. It was lucky that they were left to save their lives and were slammed by huge pieces.
Fortunately, the remaining five people are still breathing out Cang Lan, but lying on the ground in the distance can’t destroy her beauty at all, but it is more painful and touching.
Destroy Cang Lan’s heart colic, then turn your eyes and stop looking at her. I don’t know if the strong support is also damaged. One by one, the unconscious brother enters the true qi to awaken their blood. At this time, the atmosphere is abnormal and strange, and it is not how to move.
You don’t want to escape. You don’t know how to destroy Cang Lan suddenly. Suddenly, you look up at him, but his heart is full of hatred. Even if his eyes have become such a broken situation, he will never let go of himself.
I’d like to escape. Didn’t you bring Zongdi to block me back? Destroy Cang Lan and smile coldly, but in my heart, I feel that I can’t cover my face with sadness and encourage the fever wound to step back a few steps.
Your mouth is not stupid. I don’t know the new smile. The side face is as daunting as the rebirth of the dead. The hand keeps dragging the five brothers and lying together. After losing the true qi one by one, I feel that my strength is hard to recover. I don’t know if I can’t help but sit in the ruins and clench my fist and stare at Cang Lan.
I don’t know where the road fled to destroy Cang Lan, knowing that God knows nothing, I pressed my chest with a wry smile. Just a short time ago, his body was cold and the wound had healed again, and several places had barely closed the gap.
God knows I saw this. Look up slightly, your eyes shine, your wound
Destroying Cang Lan pointed to the thick scar across the chest and twisted it like an earthworm, but it was even more shocking but it could never be eliminated. This scar was given to me by Mo Qingfeng and failed to kill me.
Hum, I don’t know, heavy sneer, glanced at Mo Qingfeng, who was in a coma.
Even if you say that, you still saved him. The tone of Cang Lan is dull, but I don’t know if my back is stiff. The violet patriarch closes his eyes and smiles in a trance, showing fine wrinkles in his eyes.
After all, I did my best to bring my brother. I don’t know, I slowly opened my eyes and turned to look at the bodies of two brothers. Although I brought them into the Jianghu, I knew that this day would come sooner or later, but I didn’t want to be in front of my eyes.
Violet Sect is not a Taoist school. Destroy Cang Lan. When you say the word Jianghu with an air of ignorance, it is even more difficult to frown and ask.
I don’t know if I laughed before Qing Xiu Tian, but I vomited a mouthful of black blood and said less jokes. People in the Jianghu have always been involved in blood shed, and even worse, the disaster has arrived that day.
What out surging billow tall brow way
I don’t know if the heaven and earth are robbed, but I don’t know if it will suddenly rise and raise my hand slowly. You are the source of the heaven and earth robbery.
Although the last sentence is a misinterpretation of heaven’s words, heaven doesn’t know it but says it mercilessly regardless of the curse.
Well, I’ve heard the sky clearly with my eyes open, but I don’t know what I said before, but I’m still confused. I feel a slight pain in my head and I’m spinning Venus at the moment.
Don’t let me get rid of your curse first. I don’t know how to hold my knees and slowly take shape. It seems that many of them are withered instantly, but the faint ice blue fog rises and surrounds his body.
Destroying Cang Lan’s talent perception is that heaven knows the true qi and has been mobilized again. Do you still have to start work in this situation? He looked at the sky and wondered if you could take advantage of it.
If you say such a thing, I will erase the blood on my lips, and my handsome face will suddenly burst into a fierce murderous look like an animal. Let’s see who is dead. Even without the holy things, I can make Violet Sect win the Jianghu one step at a time.
It’s obviously crazy to see the sky in one step, but it’s still vibrating and straining. What are you talking about?
Even if you destroy Cang Lan Tian, I don’t know how to hold up a mass of ice blue brilliance slowly, and refine your bones and blood to achieve the effect of Rendan, which can also replace the sacred object.
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What on earth did you forge the sacred objects to destroy Cang Lan secretly? The natural fighting spirit rolled into a cautious fight, but the heart shook, but still could not help but ask.

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