"Hum see her so what!" Tali didn’t good the spirit said

Alex glanced at her. "Didn’t you say that the queen values her very much? Do you think I can still get the army if I treat the princess?"
"Anyway, the throne will be mine. I don’t care. You must help me!" Since Chi Yao came to the palace, Tali felt threatened. Although F people divorced, it still could not change the fact that the Queen wanted to give Chi Yao the throne.
Alex’s expression is difficult for some people. "Tali, why are you so obsessed with the throne?"
Tally smiled coldly. "What? It’s me because of the throne! "
"Tally …"
"If you want to be my husband, you should help me, not condemn me." She is the queen and the pro-king. Chiyao is nothing! They robbed her of everything!
Alex took a deep breath. "I see. I’ll help you with your daughter."
"I think I went shopping with some noble daughter."
On the other hand, Caesar went out after breakfast. Anyway, he came in and out of the free queen. Caesar is not very strict. "Caesar, where are you going?" Karin asked.
Caesar explained slowly, "I went to several games there and heard that there was another conflict between the royal army and the passengers."
"Go early and pay attention to Ann" Karin lovingly arranged a dress for Caesar.
Y military region
Bernie was reviewing military documents when he saw Caesar coming. Bernie put the documents up and gave him a military salute "King Caesar".
Section 16
"Well, what have you thought about telling you about it?" Caesar also don’t play careless eye ear directly asked with him.
Bernie hesitated for a moment. "After Wang woke up, I paid special attention to Alex. He has been very abnormal recently. He always comes to the military." I didn’t think he had noticed Alex since Wang Xize came to the military region to talk to him once.
Caesar raised his lips and smiled faintly. "So you know what to do, don’t you?"
"It’s me. I have turned him down," Bernie nodded. "I will always be loyal to the queen."
"Is it loyalty to a queen?" Caesar eyebrows asked.
"But it is my duty to be loyal to the queen, including a queen!" Bernie said sincerely, "But is a queen really Princess Chiyao?"
Caesar firmly said, "It’s a woman. It’s definitely her!"
"I see" since a queen is princess Chiyao, she won’t give it to others at will!
Xize was satisfied with Chi Yao and said, Yes, it’s more convincing for Bernie to be honest!
In the afternoon, Tali and Alex went to the back garden and had lunch at Chiyao, so they came over with Xiaojing Yaoyao and saw Tali and Alex Chiyao even smiling and saying "Hi, what a coincidence".
"Princess" Alex looked at Chi Yao with her baby in her arms and felt that she had an indescribable maternal brilliance. For a moment, he felt that this Princess Chi Yao would not be as unbearable as Tali said.
Tali kicked Alex on the table. "Do you want to have afternoon tea with Chi Yao?" Tali’s coming means that she knows that Chiyao doesn’t like her Chiyao and won’t allow her to have afternoon tea.
But guess who don’t guess Chi Yao’s mind. Chi Yao agreed to hold Xiaojing Yao and walk to the stone table over there without any hesitation.
Tally stared at Chi Yao for a long time without speaking, or Alex was the first to react, "Add a tea set to the princess quickly."
There will soon be a steaming cup of black tea and some delicious snacks in front of Chiyao. Alex can’t help but turn to the cute Xiaomi group in Chiyao’s arms. "This is the princess’s daughter. What’s her name?" Because Chiyao is a mixed-race place, Xiaojingyuao looks more inclined to the Oriental baby, like a porcelain doll. The most special thing is that her big black eyes are very imposing!
Chi Yao actually wanted to say that the child’s name was Jing Yao, but he said that he was afraid that Tali would cling to it. "There is no name yet."
Alex is a soldier, but he is also a loving father. Since he was a child, he felt a little guilty because there were many things in the military area command and he rarely participated in his daughter’s growth. Now when he saw Mi Fennen and Xiao Jingyao, he thought of his daughter’s appearance as a child, and his eyes softened unconsciously.
Alex!’ Tally called him a warning. It’s not his child. Is that the expression?
Alex coughed two times. "Princess, I heard this kid is the commander?"
"Well, yes."
"That you …"
"I still love what he does and I won’t get married." Chi Yao said honestly.
Tali, who has been silent for a long time, heard some gloating and said, "It’s not up to you if you don’t get married. After Tabas broke off her marriage, the queen chose other candidates. It seems that you and the commander will never be able to do it."
Chi Yao sighed silently. "How many men do you think will accept me for having a baby?"
"…" It’s really hard for many men to accept such a woman now, and it’s even harder to accept that there are people with status. "Then it’s impossible for you and the commander."
"I don’t know." Chi Yao’s face showed a yearning look. "If there is still no man willing to accept me, maybe the queen can accept the commander."
Tali even disdained to sneer at "not only because the commander is an enemy, but also because the queen loves men the most, because the commander’s parents killed them in those years …" Tali suddenly stopped when she said this. She picked up the teacup and took a sip of black tea and stopped talking.
"What happened that year?" Chi Yao curious asked
"Nothing" when she decided to hide it, there was no need to say it.
Chi Yao didn’t ask whether it was cold light in her eyes when she bowed her head and drank tea. She wasn’t deaf. She told Tali that she would naturally take it to heart and eat a few snacks at will. Chi Yao left first on the pretext that Xiaojing Yao was hungry.
"Tali, how did you just tell the story?" Alex asked with a frown
"It’s a quick mouth … it’s nothing, but it’s nothing. Do you think she found out?" Tali is very proud. It’s not Chiyao territory here.
Alex shook his head in disapproval. Tally was too confident. There is no absolute thing in this world.

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