Where can it be banned? The problem seems to be more complicated!

"If the ancient temple is forbidden but not revealed, it may not make people see the clue if it is not the thirteen blood pits. I am afraid that I don’t know if this is a’ sudden turn’,’ scattered stars’ or’ big clever silence’!"
The three tactics he thought of were Huixuan Sect, Xingji Jianzong Sect, and Wuyan Sect.
It seems that Li Xun’s technique of making him willing to worship the wind in the whole mysterious world may come from these three forbidden methods. He sat in a tree and broke a branch with his hands. The layout of the ancient temple has done his best.
I’m afraid he is more familiar with the layout of the blood pit than the half-tone practitioner. When he just flew out, he had a panoramic view of the surrounding terrain. What he has to do now is to regard himself as the forbidden person. If he is to arrange it, it will be like this.
Although the various methods are different, they all rely on this vast avenue. Li Xun is also confident that he will ban the great man who was like that.
As the progress deepened, he became more and more interested in the closure of this ancient temple.
"What kind of treasure will it be if the trunk of the thirteen fire orifices gathers in the forest and the water veins and the fire and water help each other?"
Compared with that, Xiao Chong is really nothing.
Perhaps this can explain why the hades Sect, the Sanxiu League, and even the succubus Sect condescended to visit here strangely.
When Li Jue’s ancient temple was banned, the big lakes around the ancient temple were hard to look ugly, and the muscle twitching was even more ugly. It was very ugly. "Can a small Xiao Chongru kill Yuan Shuo and Yuan Zhang? And the means are still so clean? "
Song and Yuan Sui’s face is not good-looking from Yuan Shuo’s body. It is because his straight face is more difficult to calm down than Yuan’s. Many facts show that he is indeed a think tank of Hades Sect, and he is more calm than Yuan’s slightly grumpy temper.
"Fatal injury is indeed’ blood god rob refers to’ the miracle of cutting off two losses of blood and gas. This is true …"
After a moment’s hesitation, Song Yuan-yi said, "I met Xiao Chong, and he Xiu Yuan-shuo didn’t underestimate the enemy, which was enough for him to die ten times. It is impossible for common sense to get rid of the fluctuation of two people’s vitality at the same time like this!"
Yuan Nan glanced at him and said, "But they are dead!"
Song Yuanzhang sighed when he knew that his temperament was not intended. "Yes, that’s why it doesn’t make sense … Is it possible that someone is behind the big statue?"
Yuan difficult eyes swept Song Yuanzhang know what’s going on in his heart quiet tunnel "this is not my failure to make excuses, but these days after Xiao Chongshi, accidents emerge one after another every time."
"It’s like some animals interfere, traces disappear, and a few scattered repairs collide … it seems to be a coincidence, but I’m afraid it’s not so simple if they are connected together!"
Yuan Nan frowns. Although he is a bit headstrong, he still values Song Yuanyi, a think tank of Shen Zongmen, and Song Yuanyi said that he also remembered one thing.
"Isn’t this secret? Now that you mention it, I also thought about it. On the way today, I saw Zhu Gouzong’s gang loitering around or passing by. Now I can’t say for sure … "
"Zhu Gou zong? They sneak into the assassination, but they are unique! Don’t … "
"It is so, of course, it may also be the ghost that fellow! In this way, we will seize the search for Xiao Chong. In addition, I immediately believe that Zongmen please adjust the support of two less venerable persons and let Beidi Yuanlong and others Huiyuan Lingzhu say that it may not be true … "
It’s said to be verified, but everyone in the field is talking in vain, so it’s just a matter of doing their best.
The atmosphere is quite depressing, except for the fact that there are ten ghosts in the Yuan dynasty. Although they can’t run wild, after all, they are used to being arrogant. Once upon a time, they competed to be slaughtered. In the past few months, ten ghosts will compete for a third!
Song and Yuan Dynasties also felt bad in their hearts, but after all, they wanted to get Zhou’s slight frown and then lowered their voices a little. "It’s not very stable to let all the elite of Zongmen come here!" Don’t let’ them’ … "
"Huh!" In Yuan Nan’s fine eyes, the cold mountain flashed and stung Song Yuan, but Yuan Nan soon controlled his emotions. His ugly face was ten times deeper than before.
"Let them come, what else can we get? It is they who dominate the Xuanhai side, and it is they who reveal that they are taking the initiative everywhere. If we can’t get some benefits in advance, will we wait for the Covenant and send it to them for slaughter? "
Song and Yuan Dynasties, of course, understand this truth, but he knows more clearly that I’m afraid it’s not as simple as Yuan Nan’s idea to send backup, but to pray that you don’t lose your wife and lose your troops then.
He sighed and listened to Yuan again and again. "Demon Thunder Temple is also an important place to send …"
"Great respect!" Song and Yuan Sui interrupted Yuan Nan’s speech. At this time, he did not care whether the ceremony was strong or not. He smiled, "Isn’t it true that the big statue smells empty, but it is empty …"
Halfway through, his eyes swept over two bodies in sandbar.
Yuan difficult immediately understood his implication and glanced at the ugly and gloomy for a long time before saying a "good", no longer saying that sending someone to guard things and asking people to take two ghosts to retreat to the other side of the lake.
But they don’t know that there are a pair of deep eyes watching them recede
Chapter III Chaos
"In fact? Hey, Song Laosi is really smart! " A head appeared on the surface of the water and hid the shadow of the sandbar like Xiao Chong just now. Cold eyes swept across the shadow on the other side.
"Seeing the big fish slip away from your hand, hum, but there is something weird in this ancient temple!"
Figure narrowed his eyes to consider "it’s even weirder, but it’s that guy. What method did he kill Yuan Shuo first, then force Yuan Zhang to die, and finally frame him seamlessly?" It’s a pity that I dived too deep to see the man’s appearance …
"It seems that I don’t know what this section says to the killer and the spirit bamboo … is it a ghost? This is interesting.
"There are more interesting Song Laosi said’ they’ who is it? Covenant? Who is the keeper of hades? " The figure feels that it seems that it has caught a very important thread, which involves secrets and is probably much more important than what is hidden in this ancient temple.
Balancing a lot of information in his heart, he decided to go to the Yaolei Ancient Temple first to see him. He contacted the same door through the secret method and sent the news to the same door. Before he responded, he ducked ashore and plunged into the dark jungle.
Demon thunder temple is not a big figure, but it took less than half an hour to visit it quickly.
Keep the layout of the ancient temple in mind, and he doesn’t want to stay away from the temple quickly. It’s about fifty paces away from the ancient temple. On the edge of the jungle, he found a big tree. The crown of the tree jumped up, and its shape was dense, and its branches and leaves blended together. It’s not surprising that the birds didn’t feel strange when they saw it coming.
At this time, my roommate should let him wait around the ancient temple. Just now, they have to find out the news themselves. This method is not very clever, but they don’t have as detailed information as Hades.
As soon as he observed the situation around him, he decided to set up this tree as the lurking place.
It is not a good place to stay because it is too close to the temple, but it is because of anxiety that no one will come here, saving a lot of trouble, and he is absolutely confident in his invisibility.
He used the secret method to adjust his breathing to a special frequency band, and the pores of his body formed a very delicate cycle with the outside world, so that he and this big tree became one, and his mind also entered a state of being like sleeping, not sleeping, waking and not waking.
As the sun rose and the moon set, the minutes passed. During this period, the ancient temple maintained a very strange calm. No one went in or out of the tree and the figure maintained a high degree of patience. In this way, a full fifteen hours passed.
The external stimulus woke him up from this mysterious state in the early hours of the next day, but his figure and breathing didn’t change at all. His eyes were closed, but all the changes in Fiona Fang’s more than ten miles were reflected in his heart.
At this time, it was the darkest moment of heaven and earth, and the shadow of the temple eaves shook almost imperceptibly, and then it returned to normal.
This change is not visible to the naked eye, but it can’t be hidden from Shuren’s eyes. He can "see" that there is an illusory shadow suddenly disappearing into the wall.
"Shadow-eating Dafa!" Tree people jump in the heart first confirmed his previous idea.
This inspired him to guess that the distance was almost the same, and he was away from lurking for a day and a night. The crown of the tree cast shadows all the way to the eaves of the ancient temple, and he sneaked in as if he had just entered the man, and his posture seemed to be more harmonious and natural.
He carefully controlled his figure and advanced to the man to keep an arm’s length.

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