Because this will make the four people still hope that they can’t kill themselves in the first place.

Angered the four people in front of them, and they killed themselves in order, and he would die.
How can Duke Situ be? We really want you to be the first male brother of our immortal clan. If we want you to be our first male brother, the four of us will treat you as a treasure, and the immortal clan will treat you as a treasure. If a man is regarded as a treasure by more than a hundred extreme beauties, what kind of knot will it be? Believe it or not, I said that you are also a white soul immortal clan patriarch, still earnestly saying.
Situhao seems to be lost in thought in the local area. After a long time, he shook his head heavily. The younger brother of Xian Zongdi just ingested the male essence. No, I never believe that you will treat me as a treasure.
Voice landing SiTuHao sideways to the precipice predecessor decent to four people when cohesion force right hand day crack ray blade again to the tough than the cave walls for the most violent hit.
There’s a smile on the face of the immortal patriarch, Stuart. You’d better save your energy. The cave wall here is the hardest mineral, but it also implies a powerful array. Don’t say that you are a fairy, and you may not be able to break the cave wall here. Come back with us. I’ll make you the most man in the immortal mainland, and I’ll let the fairy daughter-in-law of the common soul give you the most enjoyment.
No, I’m afraid I’ve been ingested by you. I have to marry and have children. When Situhao was talking, the lightning blade in his hand was still pounding the cave wall.
Even though the cave wall is the hardest ore, even though the cave wall implies a stronger array, he will try his best to break through here and get away from here.
Today, he has achieved the soul yuan Hualien, and he wants to benefit the soul yuan Hualien to make Mu Ling realize that he wants to marry her.
Duke Situ, you are a talented person. I really care about you. Since you want to have children, you can choose some of our female brothers who want to have children for you.
In order to get SiTuHao to practice ancient scrolls, he wants to be the soul of the immortal patriarch, which is the greatest blood.
Situhao smiled coldly. Can you have children if you want a soul fairy brother?
This question mouth desire soul fairy patriarch couldn’t help immediately froze when chapter 55 bad your door 4 more.
Because of their special status, the immortals lost their ability to have children by special means when they first became their younger brothers.
I didn’t expect Situhao to know such an extremely secret thing.
Actually, Situhao was just saying it casually, but when he saw the expressions on the faces of the four people in front of him, he immediately said that he had hit their death point.
Bang bang bang bang bang.
Situhao swung his hand at Zhongtian crack thunder blade and kept hitting the cave wall with a loud noise.
Duke Stuart, you’ve really become our younger brother. How about I authorize your mother to join the immortal clan?
It would be strange if my mother knew that you were like this before they cut me up. Your thoughts are not acceptable to ordinary women.
So, what are you going to do to become our brother? I’ve given you such a generous offer, and you’re still not satisfied and you haven’t promised us.
Let me think about it. Besides, when Situhao continued to procrastinate, he was the most violent force to smash the cave walls.
Through the subtle induction of the opponent’s split lightning blade, he can clearly feel that the strength of the split lightning blade is changing slightly every time he hits it.
If you want to break through the hard cave wall in the eyes of these soul-seeking immortals, he will definitely hit a hole.
It can be said that this place is a barrier for the immortals. If he hits a hole here, it is estimated that the immortals will be mad.
Now that you want to, stop talking about the movement and think about it. If you come to the condition, I will do my best to be satisfied with your patriarch.
I really don’t want to be your brother, because I’m afraid my mother will be sad. When I think about those conditions, I will try my best to struggle. Even if I become the first male brother of your brother, my heart will be better. Stuart Hao will continue to talk nonsense.
At present, all four people are going to be anxious by Situhao, but there is nothing they can do in the face of him talking like this.
At this moment, the strange sound started, and the wall of the cave collapsed. The sun immediately shone into the hole and people could hardly keep their eyes open.
The four elders who wanted the soul fairy clan patriarch didn’t expect this to happen. At that time, they couldn’t help being shocked on the spot.
However, Situhao had long expected that this knot would be destroyed in the cave wall, and at the same time, his figure flashed and he shot an arrow through the tunnel.
In front of the precipice, at this time, two brothers who returned to the soul fairy Zongbi looked at this scene in astonishment, which made them hard to believe.
It has not been worn out for more than 30 thousand years, and the secret door of the cave wall has been destroyed like this, which is enough to cause the most powerful shock to the immortals who want the soul
Beast, I’m going to kill you. The soulful immortal patriarch took the lead in shooting at the cave wall and ran in the direction of Stuart Hao’s escape.
At the same time, there is already a long sword in the hand, and a long sword rushes directly from the long sword, and the same long sword in her hand rushes to Situhao’s body.
To the soul of the fairy clan patriarch anger extremely hand that handle element sword of light is a few minutes faster than the speed of Stuart Hao.
The sound behind him was faster than the strength. Situhao immediately listened to the pursuit of himself, and his heart immediately became more horrified than himself. His body was still galloping forward and he had already turned back in the middle.
Just as his body turned and turned back in an instant, a sword hurtling towards him made his body less than 10 meters. Situhao’s face couldn’t help but change again. The lightning strike potential of the right hand split the lightning blade suddenly.
Suddenly, two sharp voices came back from the outside, and two brothers who wanted the soul fairy could not stand the huge sound. They had covered their ears.
The elemental sword struck by the lightning blade in a blink of an eye made a huge noise together.
The element sword in the huge ring immediately broke into several pieces, and the sharpest blade was directly inserted into Situhao’s left chest and penetrated his body. Situhao immediately shot two blood injections before and after his body, and he personally flew to the ground.
The desire for the soul of the immortal patriarch is not strong, but the primary level of the ninth-order martial arts is comparable
Situhao took a few steps back when his body fell to the ground.
In this instant, the four-way-than-gorgeous figure flashed SiTuHao has been surrounded by them.
The evil thief is bad for our door. Today, you will be torn to pieces. The fairy patriarch Xiumei shouted with a broken eye.
Gaga Ga Situ Hao has been shot through his chest with blood and laughed so long. Then you can kill me, but I will instantly explode your soul before you kill me. Tianlian will surely disappear with me in this world. Hahahaha.

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