Qin Shaojie nearly a fall directly into the canyon, good half-day, just depressed said. "I have no misunderstanding, and I am not interested in men."

"That’s good." North ghost war nodded and said. "Go, if it’s safe down there, I’ll feel you. At that time, we’ll go down and find you."
Words are said to this top, and the northern ghost war also took out such a magic weapon, Qin Shaojie also did not consider other, turned around and jumped out of the canyon with a generous face.
"Sanqing Daozun, Tathagata Buddha, Goddess Guanyin, God, Allah, bless me Qin." Qin Shaojie fell, mumbling to worship all the gods and buddhas he knew, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign.
Say not afraid, that’s false.
In the face of unknown dangers, even if the Jade Emperor comes, he will be afraid.
Seeing that it is getting closer and closer to the magma river, the hot breath is coming head on. Qin Shaojie almost tried his best, and Xuanyuan’s protective gas was also fully open, and he rushed straight at the lava river like a diver, and a dive with an unusually beautiful posture plunged down.
"Burst", the crimson lava river suddenly emitted a huge bubble, and Qin Shaojie completely disappeared into it.
"Not good!"
At the moment Qin Shaojie entered the magma river, the Northern Ghost War suddenly exclaimed.
"What’s the matter?" DouReMei hurriedly asked.
"I, my contact with Qin Xiaozi is broken." The ghost war said with a frown.
"ah? That … that you are not going to die? " Rao is Dou Re-mei’s accomplishment, and he is also in a panic at this time.
"However, he should be fine." The northern ghost war added. "If he died, then I would have died with him. I am fine now, which proves that he is fine, but the connection between the two hearts is broken."
"Now, we can only go on." The ghost war sink a voice said.
Chapter 581 Weird
Now, the Northern Ghost War is completely certain. If you want to break this law, you must jump into this magma river, and below this magma river, it is likely to be another scene.
However, the Northern Ghost War is not clear, why after Qin Shaojie went down, the two hearts would lose their function, but he can be sure that Qin Shaojie is absolutely fine. If something happened to Qin Shaojie, he would have died.
"good." Dou Re-mei bullet, it seems that there are still some fears about this lava river, but it can only follow the Northern Ghost War. She’s counting on the Northern Ghost War to break.
Without hesitation, they jumped down at the same time, and after splashing a crimson bubble, they disappeared into the lava river at the same time.
As the northern ghost war said.
When Dou Re-mei jumped down with his eyes closed, he found that although the magma looked boiling, it was actually not a little hot and even felt a little cold.
By the time she completely opened her eyes, the scenery in front of her really had changed.
When she saw the scenery in front of her, she was still surprised and exclaimed.
This jump actually returned to the forest exactly like the one above when I first came down. After a careful look, it’s not even a spark.
Then, Dou Re-mei remembered that the Northern Ghost War had also come down, but when she turned around, she found that there was no one nearby except herself, and Qin Shaojie was not there. Even the northern ghost war that jumped down with her disappeared. Using my own perception, I didn’t find any breath of life nearby.
At the same time, Bei Ming Zhan was also startled by the scene before him. The scene was the same. Similarly, there was no one around him except himself.
"Shit, this place is killing me." Qin Shaojie leaned against a tree and said with a kick of the trunk.
I thought I was dead, but only after jumping into the lava river did I find that the seemingly boiling magma turned out to be cold, and he was shocked when he came down.
I could feel the smell of the Northern Ghost War before, but when he came down, that feeling suddenly disappeared, just like walking into a place where the signal was blocked with a mobile phone.
Qin Shaojie also thought that it was okay to jump down. Although the connection was broken, the Northern Ghost War was definitely alive and well. So, he stood there, waiting for the Northern Ghost War and Douremei to come down.
But who would have thought that after waiting for nearly half an hour, I didn’t even see a ghost, so Qin Shaojie began to wander around. After turning for a while, Qin Shaojie’s stubborn temper came up again, and pulling out the Xuanyuan sword was a ruin.
This time, unlike last time, you can break the array by mistake.
The whole forest is almost cut down by Qin Shaojie, but the scene before us has not changed at all.
"Don’t I really want to stay here until I die, little master?" Qin Shaojie depressed thought.
After resting under the tree for a while, Qin Shaojie stood up again. He is not the kind of person who is willing to die, so he decided that even if he had visited every inch of this place, he would have to find the two men.
All of a sudden, Qin Shaojie is stopped, highly vigilant look at the front. He felt that in the forest in front, there was a dangerous smell that made him feel the hair stand on end.
1 of "shua", the wings of Thor also spread out instantly, and he was ready to escape at any time.
This place is so weird, Qin Shaojie decided, once found any danger, then 36 plan is the best. Nothing is as important as your own life.
With so many wives and children, you can’t just hang here for no reason.
The dangerous smell is getting closer and closer. When a light blue light flashed, the trees in front of me fell down.
"Sneaky, get out of here for me, and have the ability to fight face to face with me." Among the ruined trees, there was a familiar jiao hesheng.
Immediately, a figure appeared in front of him.
"It’s me, it’s me, oh, I can find the organization." Qin Shaojie couldn’t help but cry out excitedly.
It was none other than Dou Re-mei who jumped down with the Northern Ghost War.
At this point, DouReMei also found Qin Shaojie, then is one leng.
"What’s the matter, how can it be you?" Asked DouReMei surprised. "I only feel that there is a dangerous smell ahead. How can it be you? When did your cultivation become so high?"
"What? Do you feel that smell, too? " Qin Shaojie asked quickly.
"Yes, and it’s a breath that makes me feel a little scared." Dou Ruomei said. "If you hadn’t come out, I wouldn’t have seen anyone at all."

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