It took a long time for Kunlun people to decide to move. Thirty-six pick Jin Xian took three Kunlun sacred objects and followed the bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace to Narongzhou.

Of course, it shows that the big N-faction bearing the Xianbing Ministry is fairy bean, and the bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace didn’t talk about any conditions. This condition is not good either, and the bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace also managed to evade it.
It’s the first time for Luo Jinxian to move so much in Kunlun, and it’s even more necessary for Kunlun to be cautious to move three pieces of sacred objects at a time.
The bodhi old zu in Biyou Palace thought I was afraid that the Kunlun Emperor was hidden in these three high sacred objects.
But the Kunlun Sect still wants to escape.
However, it also means that if Kunlun moves enough strength, it will complete Leitian.
Thirty-six pick Jin Xianji of Kunlun dare not delay. When the bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace was leaving, a Kunlun immortal descended from the sky to the bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace and laughed. This time Kunlun went to help, and I was in charge of friends.
The bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace, a young fairy, stared blankly in his eyes. Because the strength of this fairy is obvious in the pick of Jinxian, but the emperor is a little different, that is to say, this young man is no match, but he is close to the enemy in the emperor. 5 Read the latest chapter.
The soul of this young fairy is endless.
A mysterious force concealed the fate of this young fairy.
My name is Ma Rongkunlun, the elder. It’s too important to let outsiders command this sacred object, and I can be familiar with these three sacred objects.
Ji Lingyi, the bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace, seems to be a huge crisis now.
This is called Ma Rongxian, who has brought great pressure to the bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace. He doesn’t even know what this strength is. No, his immortal makes him everywhere.
Here, the bodhi old zu of Biyou Palace took Kunlun Immortal to Rongzhou, where Leitian has organized the first round of counterattack.
Killing counterattack, 100 million Xianbing frantically attacked the northern camp to the God team. This 100 million Xianbing was like a small stone thrown into the sea and quickly drowned by the protoss army.
Leitian pro led the army to fight bravely in the protoss army, and Qian Qing’s younger brothers around him were all behind.
One hundred million Xianbing beat Shui Piao’s thousand brothers, but none of them died. Every brother was seriously injured and was leitian into the demon gourd.
This young brother is a confidant in vain. After this battle, thousands of gas refiners have made great progress. Not every gas refiner can stand the test of life and death.
Not every gas refiner is so lucky that he can throw himself into the tens of billions of protoss armies and kill them without considering his life and death.
The loss of 100 million Xianbing is not unbearable for white, and it is a pleasant thing to catch the protoss after the restoration of the millstone of heaven and earth.
Aurora stars whip can absorb tens of thousands of protoss into the millstone of heaven and earth.
This time, the battle came to Leitian and gained several times of profits. The protoss body was refined enough to restore the 100 million immortals, and the lvse was updated in real time.
Leitian feels addicted, and he has brought another 100 million Xianbing into the protoss army in another direction.
I have to say that the protoss army’s encirclement effect is still strong. Because he commanded 100 million Xianbing by himself, the impact was quite shocking. For a whole day, sh was reflected by golden light, which became a huge barrier hanging over the earth. No Xianbing could kill the protoss army center, even a third of it could not be attacked.
This is still a powerful weapon of Leitian, like a sword H. At the very beginning, he always entered the army for dozens of miles with the magic gun of seven stars, but then the emperor of God had to deal with the conflict between the emperor of God and the left and right in Leidun. This Rongzhou rule allowed the emperor of God to pursue himself
In this way, his strength can protect himself. No matter how many people die, it will not affect his luck, but if N people die, he will encounter more obstacles in his advancement.
It is also necessary to have certain conditions when one is at the end of the road, and no amount of luck can save him.
Leitian tasted it, that is, 100 million Xianbing was consumed cleanly, and he went back to Qing N with the beaten army. He was too fast, and the God Emperor could not chase it, but the God Emperor did not chase it, and the protoss army would be trapped in the magic city. No matter how fast he was, he could not escape.
Even if he escaped alone and was buried with a green n, Rongzhou would become a protoss day.
And leitian consumption is also huge in protoss’ view, and it is not small for hu to be trained by hundreds of millions of fairy soldiers. No one realized that leitian can thoroughly benefit the body and refine it into fairy gang to supplement the loss of fairy beans.
Leitian’s third impact changed in another direction. This time, he led the younger brother of Qing N with less than 1,000. Almost 20,000 younger brothers in Qing N are worth cultivating vigorously, and it is impossible to take the remaining Leitian with him to kill him.
I haven’t seen the bodhi old zu in Biyou Palace return to Leitian for many times in a row. hu suspected that the bodhi old zu dun technique in Biyou Palace was slower than himself at a constant speed, but it hasn’t returned yet.
Did Kunlun send someone to kill him?
It’s impossible that the fall of Rongzhou is also a very bad knot for Kunlun. It’s a big deal to take away everything in Rongzhou, including the veins of creatures, and suck up the atmosphere of the highest day.

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