The bonfire gradually went out, and the rain outside was scattered. Ye Chen, the star of the rain, glanced around and saw outsiders approaching. After he reached out his left hand, the black sword ring flashed with a strange white light. Now Ye Chen has the iron sword he picked up from the treasure house of Tianlong Palace.

Zi Yi is a long sword. Now Ye Chen’s other hand, the crystal ice of the blade is sending out a curl of cold. Now it makes the ambient temperature drop instantly, and it is even more chilly in his hand. This sword is Ye Chen’s letting the pupil heart steal Xue Ji Jian Xiang Xue Nv Jian from the palace treasure house.
Ye Chen’s wrong hands collided with two swords. The iron sword, which can be called an abandoned sword, was easily cut off by Xue Jijian, and half of the blade fell on the ground covered with straw.
Ah, brother, why do you want to cut off this sword? Ning Xue leaned in and asked curiously
You see, Ye Chen picked up the half of the blade and presented the cross section in front of the condensed snow. Although the outer layer of this sword has been rusty for hundreds of years, the fault is brand new. It can be seen that the fine iron layer on the outer layer of this sword is not tough but heavy and difficult to corrode. It is not necessarily strange metal or not.
There is condensed snow in it, surprised and saying that the heart is easy to break. This way is white for everyone, but this sword is too different from ordinary swords in weight, and it is even heavier, but it is very big and even.
Ye Chen just picked up this sword and felt something unusual, but Chen Li slowly infiltrated behind the sword before he realized that there was something hidden in it. He chose this sword without thinking much.
Back to Xue Jijian, he shook the broken arrow fracture in his left hand gently toward his wrist, and a roll was tightly tied up by gold wire and fell from it.
Ning Xue consciousness shouted that something fell, but how could it be hidden in the sword? This looks like an animal skin.
Ye Chen put broken arrow carefully picked up this leather roll and tried it for a while before he felt at ease. After hundreds of years, not only did this sword not rot, but even this piece of paper that I don’t know was made into a paper roll showed no signs of decay. It was still tough enough. Ye Chen pulled it slightly and didn’t break it.
He removed the gold thread, and then slowly rolled this piece of leather, which was slightly abnormal, and it was bound to be a demon. Everything was being explored deliberately, but the Dragon family could easily detect it. And since this sword was left by Mao, who dared to destroy it? This thing that was hidden in it hundreds of years ago must have hidden something, most likely because of curiosity. The pupil of the snow also leaned his head to Ye Chen’s hand and looked at it. After the exhibition was finished, there were dense and meticulous lines and three or two small words marking the metropolis next to the black spots.
Brother, this is setting snow to hold his brother’s shoulder. Asked doubtfully, she couldn’t understand the scroll painting, especially the pupil heart.
It’s a map. Ye Chen replied, after roughly reading it for a few eyes, he slowly turned the scroll over and looked at the back.
A few lines on the back have become blurred. The small print Ye Chen glanced at his heart and shook his hand. When he closed the skin, he rolled it up and made waves.
Where will the map be? What do you want to hide the map in it for fear of losing it? Ning Xue asked.
It’s a map that has nothing to do with us, but it’s enough to cause bloodshed. Ye Chen replied lightly that his gold wire rolled up the leather scroll again and put it in the sword instead of the sword. Although he doesn’t know this map, he doesn’t allow it to be obtained by the Dragon Family now, which means it belongs to the Dragon Family.
Ning Xue looked puzzled but didn’t ask again because it wasn’t something that needed her heart.
Pick up the two cut-off swords and connect them with each other. Ye Chen holds the cut-off part in one hand. After Chen Li slowly surges for half a ring, he moves his hand. It is already covered with sweat, and this broken arrow that has just been cut off has become intact. There is no trace left at the beginning.
At this time, the rain finally stopped outside, and the clouds also showed signs of dispersing. Ye Chen picked up the iron sword back and pulled up the pupil hand. Let’s go.
In the afternoon, they arrived at Xiangyun City as Ye Chen said, and settled in a small inn. Although Ye Chen didn’t bring a map, he had already memorized a map of Tianlong country before he left, and the name of the town was not clearly remembered.
Two days later.
Today is the sixth day of their trip to Tianlong City, and the road is unimpeded without obstacles. In front of them, there is a marginal dense forest, and this forest is also the boundary line between the north and the south of Tianlong Country, which is the only way to the south.
Looking at the sky, it seems that we are going to stay in this big forest today
Well, yes, I’m the best in the forest. By the way, brother, can we have barbecue tonight? I haven’t eaten condensed snow for a long time. I twisted my body and asked with big eyes when I saw the forest. When I saw it, she remembered the scene when Ye Chen met each other and picked and caught small animals in that small forest every day. Later, she entered Yefu. She could accompany her brother to eat delicacies every day, but she never missed the scene of eating barbecue with him in the wild, because her teenage heart changed little by little in this scene.
Of course, there are many small animals in the forest, but Ye Chen replied with a smile that there are more big beasts without saying a word.
Chapter 146 Meet again
Tianchen mainland is not only a human continent, but also a beast continent. They also belong to their own territory. Each of the four countries in Tianchen has some forbidden areas. These forbidden areas are more animal territory except some natural natural natural hazards. They will not violate human territory, but if human beings violate them, they will be brutally countered. Living in those forbidden areas is not simply a wolf, a tiger and a leopard, but they are too strong to provoke fierce beasts.
At present, the forest will not be a forbidden area. Although there are many beasts, most of them belong to the most natural beasts, but they have also been blasted into encountering a powerful spirit beast in this forest. True and false people can be 100% sure. Generally speaking, except for those exclusive beasts, there are few seven levels of Warcraft, and a spirit beast must be a large regional Lord like a city Lord.
When a tired horse walks into the forest with some tired steps, in the evening, the occasional insect chirps in the forest. This forest may not know the danger, but it will be those who try to bring them danger, or the beast will punish the woman who has never known kindness. She can easily build a purgatory without hesitation if she wants a gesture or a look from Ye Chen.
As they walked on, it was dark, and then suddenly there came a roar like excitement and anger in front of them. This roar was still far away, but it shook the dead leaves of trees slightly. It was no ordinary beast to send, and the horse stopped when it hissed, and it seemed that it would collapse at any time.
Ye Chen eyebrows a shrug and two women jump from horseback to the front. Let’s go and have a look.
It’s not such a coincidence that you met the spirit beast when you first came here, is it?
But the fact is that it is so coincidental that he not only met the spirit beast in the story, but also saw the fairy woman. When Ye Chen found her, the woman was already in white with blood and stumbling, and the trees could cover her body to deal with the monster.
On that day, her hand also let Ye Chen know that she had the strength of the ninth grade and middle rank. She was a woman at this age and had to be sighed, but such strength was not enough in front of a spirit beast. Fortunately, she bumped into a spirit beast that was rare for ordinary people. Unfortunately, she intended to provoke it. Although she was superhuman, she was eye-catching and distinguished, but her experience was too shallow. It was her first time to go home.
This spirit beast has a strong earthy yellow color, with an earthy unicorn on its head more than three meters high. It looks like a bear but it is not a bear. At this time, it slaps its thick front paws and hits the ground. The surrounding trees are crumbling, and the woman suddenly stands up a wall of earth in front of her and knocks her down. The unicorn roars at a huge body, and the huge paws are cold and shiny, tearing at her body. The woman’s eyes flash with despair.
Ye Chen didn’t think much about rushing forward as quickly as possible. Before the unicorn jumped in front of her, she picked up her body and jumped up. Then she put her on the edge of a tree and called Yukime to stab the unicorn.
The woman was injured and caught off guard. She was directly hugged by a man, but she fainted directly without saying a word.
The furious unicorn didn’t get up and suddenly threw its right paw at Ye Chen’s body. The strong wind swept his body like a knife. He knew that snow jijian couldn’t take advantage of recklessly in the body. Before the claw touched, his eyes narrowed, his palm pushed forward, and he shot snow jijian with the help of anti-shock force. After that, he jumped to infuse most of Ye Chen’s strength. Snow jijian sank into the unicorn’s paw and directly penetrated Ye Chen’s paw. After landing, he stumbled and glanced back a few steps. The mysterious woman fainted and shouted at the pupil.
As soon as the sound falls a little, the bloody spot will be shot from the pupil’s heart like a star, from the unicorn’s eyebrows, and from its back, it will be stronger than the spirit beast’s body, and it will be easily pierced by tofu in front of this ray of light.
The unicorn struggled to move forward a few steps, and then finally fell to the ground in a wailing roar and then rang again. Although it was a powerful Lord of this forest beast, it even passed through a face-to-face situation and a spirit beast.
With a wave of his hand, the pupil’s hand returned to her like a star falling. It was her scourge blade. Because it was too fast, it was not stained with even a trace of blood. Ye Chen said that every word was firmly in her heart and she dared not let her body be stained with blood again, even the scourge blade dared not let it be stained with blood again.
Ye Chen breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the unconscious fairy and shook his head and smiled. I didn’t expect that I couldn’t play a hero to save the United States the day before yesterday, but I was forced to make up for it today. It seems that we have a lot of fate.

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