Originally empty on the ground and in the air, immediately more numerous shadowy practitioners, before Mundus make any response, these people together with Reese, Duanmu dome day and others disappeared out of thin air.

It is not a real disappearance, nor is it a teleport method. In fact, under the condition of extremely strong energy fluctuation, you can’t use any teleport and space transfer ability at all. This is entirely the strange effect of the large array, such as the false guidance of the magic array to the line of sight and even the consciousness, such as the isolation of the recluse array from the line of sight and the consciousness.
The clear sky became overcast, and endless blue-black clouds emerged from nowhere, as if to fill the whole world.
The wisps of bright lightning swam in the clouds, and occasionally three or two beams fell, smashing the trees and rocks on the plateau.
Mundus motionless suspended in the air, coldly looking at a huge war to create a unparalleled pitfalls.
Does he need to be surprised?
The answer is no, I have long known the strength of practitioners on this planet, and only Chen Han and Xue Yun are an outlier. However, these people brought by the snow cloud are not a threat at all. As for Chen Han, although his personal power is amazing, it is only relatively speaking.
He brought this nearly four thousand, literally pull out ten can temporarily trapped cold, anomaly is only for ordinary combat power, in front of the inferno hidden amazing strong, can play a role is not big.
Reese’s voice echoed in the void, composed of practitioners from the world’s major super powers who practiced different types of achievement methods, and the different formations were decomposed into arrays that their respective forces were good at. Otherwise, if different practitioners were combined together, the war would be neither fish nor fowl.
Originally, he also arranged a large number of powerful ambushes. Those who don’t need the practitioner’s main array are filled with lingshi or magic weapon or even simply true yuan, and arranged into various war arrays.
Unfortunately, no one thought that the strength of the inferno was strong to this extent, and even more unexpectedly, it was all the strong people whose comprehensive combat power surpassed that of Du Jie.
In the face of this level of masters, the magic circle without the guidance of practitioners can no longer kill.
Mundus, as always, is willing to let Lisi do whatever he wants. When the word "division" just appeared, he shouted coldly, "Be careful, then fight separately, and be sure to raise the power of our family to kill the enemy!"
The voices of thousands of people gathered into a river, which shattered the clouds in the high sky and stirred up the magic weapon of purple magic gas.
Chapter 219 Jin Ge Iron Horse 1
At this moment, Reese, who was hiding in the central area to command the battlefield with the help of the magic circle, suddenly became extremely ugly. He was surprised to find that nearly half of the elite who came to this inferno held fairy wares, that is to say, the people who came here alone had more than 1,500 pieces of fairy wares.
This number made him almost collapse, and the practitioner Coalition forces had the magic weapon of the first fairy, even if the hidden ones added up to no more than 200 pieces, right?
There is a gap of more than twenty times in the highest combat power.
The difference between the strongest magic weapons is at least ten times.
I don’t know how much the strength of the inferno exceeds expectations. Is it possible for such an opponent to win?
Even if there is the first cold of personal combat power, even if there is a snow cloud that devours all the following at the beginning of Mahayana, how much role can it play in the face of such a powerful inferno?
Only in front of nearly four thousand inferno top strong, absolutely have the strength to compete with the whole coalition, this is in the case of fairy number is equal to each other.
Eight million practitioners form a variety of formations, and low-level practitioners can’t play a role at all in this level of fighting, so they all act as reserves to replenish energy for high-level practitioners. The division order of Reese here has just been issued, and the whole space has become blurred and foggy. Thousands of infernos were originally crowded together, but suddenly they found that they were left with no other people.
When the changes like hallucinations calm down, nearly four thousand infernos have been divided into thousands of parts, large and small.
Some people are besieged by the array method, others are two or three, five or six in number, and the power of the battle array they face is completely different.
"Crazy kill!"
However, there is no fear in the prepared inferno elite, but there is a strong fighting spirit in their eyes, and there are some old things that have been repaired for a long time, and they are more excited to scream.
The inferno is fond of fighting, which is also heard from Yinglongkou. Fighting is like a cat’s attachment to fish for them. Those old guys who have been in seclusion for many years after abdication rarely have the chance to fight. Today, they can have such a difficult war, and the fighting genes in their bodies have already begun to roar.
In addition to Chen Han’s magical Ghost Valley War, it can integrate practitioners at all stages into one array, and ordinary wars can only integrate practitioners within two realms at most.

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