In this way, the PK bonus to the members of the organization has reached a horrible value, and the highest value has reached 50%. It can be said that the members of the inspector general’s department are an overwhelming advantage to the members of the organization department.

The director of personnel and the director of urban defense also have such limits, which are all unified legal limits, and the core division method abolishes the highest limit.
In the life of these five directors, Wu Chi was confused by the unified information and turned to a great spirit to understand the difference between the limits at all levels. Generally speaking, his core score still has a huge limit and has become the highest aristocrat.
The highest-level members of the core sub-league are not under the supervision of inspectors, and inspectors have no PK bonus to them, including the director’s requirements in all positions are different, and the director’s requirements are the most demanding and appropriate. The other half can be killed and a single core member can be killed.
There is an organization in charge of the main city defense zone, and the management has signed and certified all the parts in charge. For example, if the combat director wants to set up a personal guard and a staff list, he must ask the core points of the management to sign it before these players can become a formal sequence.
The core points of the post can be directly controlled by three levels. If you exceed these three levels, you will be killed. It is too low for the post to be replaced by the law. These positions have to be decided by the director and the flag captain. The core points can be directly determined by seven levels. At present, all classes in the alliance can be designated.
Except for the director’s core points, members can kick out of the organization if they want. Of course, if you kick the organization indiscriminately, no one will come in and quit the organization after it is finished. Only when the organization is dissolved can you quit the organization.
However, although the core points quit the organization by law, they can join other organizations, while ordinary members can quit the organization independently, but there is a unified punishment for those who quit independently, with ten grades deducted.
The director, including the director’s membership law, joins other organizations. If you want to join other organizations, you will not quit your own organization first, so that members of the organization will not quit randomly and keep the organization stable.
This arrangement is for the healthy development of an organization. If your core point is to take care of everything, then you have to face the job. The job is just a shell player. Only people who are not active and powerful will be willing to do things actively.
Although the core score may not be kicked out of the organization, there is also pressure, that is, the development of the organization must pay salaries to all levels of posts and members, and the money will not be given to you. You can find a way to steal or rob it yourself, so you can give it to all levels of members
"Ah ~ the director belongs to the staff, let them draw up their own reports and we have to approve them. Now rest. I’m already very dizzy." Wu Chi shook his head and went out to adjourn the jurisdiction and defense zone to compete for the organization, jurisdiction and management, define the director’s orders, and set up the flag teams, which has exhausted him.
"Good recess for an hour and then continue." Tang Dali agreed that all five people got up and took a few steps outside the high platform. A round sapphire tray floated to hold them.
The light flashed five people to the bottom.
Out of Shennongtai, Wu Chi walked around everywhere. At the west gate, he saw a male classmate. The commander of Sanmin United also entered Yuncheng. When he saw him, Wu Chi remembered that this guy was the right person for me. It was time for Sanmin United to take the stage.
Wu Chi waved "Come here"
Head of the nine major index defense zones
Head of the nine major index defense zones
The public classmate fart Dian fart temple came over, and he still respected the chief of Fangda. Due to the intentional induction of the giants and some inclined propaganda policies, the reputation of the chief was seriously damaged. The younger brothers, sisters and branch members were respectful on the surface, but in fact they slandered a lot.
But the Sanmin United is different. This team was pulled up by Wu Chi. At the beginning, if it weren’t for Fang Da’s chief, they wouldn’t be bullied by the green-faced beast. Wu Chi pulled them out of the chief direct unit and gave them a lot of blood to equip them. Armed them from beginning to end.
A month ago, the second-order flying sword was very precious, but Chief Fang directly dumped nearly a hundred of them, and the students of Sanmin United kept it in mind. Now the strength of the United is good, and the whole team can at least eat other giants who belong to several villages and towns.
As soon as I hear someone slandering Fang Da’s chief member of the Three People’s United Front, it will often lead to bloody conflicts, while the original first commander of the United Front, the nine-headed bird, is even more firm. Once there is a conflict, the nine-headed bird’s adult is an order-give me a shot and I will be responsible for it. If I can’t, I will be responsible for it.
After the nine-headed bird was transferred to Sanshui area, the male students followed this concept after the first command, and they beat their father and mother to see if they dared to slander the great leader
When the male classmate arrived, Wu Chigang wanted to talk and suddenly remembered something and asked, "I remember that you stayed in Qingqiu Village, not a member of the Expeditionary Force. Who included you as a full member?"
Shennong Yuncheng is an informal member of the organization’s resident. If public students can come in, it means that this person is already a full member. Wu Chi didn’t expect that there were core personnel to recruit this person before he even came out. It is really strange, but which core personnel is it?
The captain of Gonglian replied, "Sister Nocturnal asked the leader of Purple Clothes to invite me in."
It turned out to be my little girl’s means. Because of the reputation of the leader, the three people’s United Front has conflicts among the various ministries in Wudang. There is not much contact between the ministries, but the nightingale girl is an exception. She has a good relationship with Liu Qingqing, the deputy captain of the United Front, and often goes to Qingqiu Village to be familiar with the members of the three people’s United Front.
Well, that dead girl did a good thing. She remembered me. After listening to it, Wu Chi said, "Now, I have a good thing for you. I decided to put the director of the main city defense zone in charge of my defense zone management. What do you think?"
"Director of the sub-defense zone?"
There is no limit to the overall structure of the organization, except for the core members. You can’t know the details until you enter Shennongtai and see the monument.
"Did you just receive some instructions that several of our cores have reached many lives and some help rules and policies? I am in charge of the southwest sector of Yun He, and I decided to leave this site to you." Wu Chi pointed to the west Yuncheng District and smiled.
The male students are still at a loss.
Fang Da’s chief said, "When we are in the core, we will set up some Shennong Monuments, which will have various duties and responsibilities, and some regulations will be promulgated. You will know later."
Say that finish Wu Chimei Jin Yan shot a piece of cloud jade disc, and the fireworks beat has written a life. At this time, the male students took the road to show that the second core of the alliance, the core of songs and obscenities, ordered you whether the director of Yuncheng Xiaoyao Sector was willing to accept it.
The male students haven’t decided yet, and they have connected again. The second core of the unified demonstration alliance song obscures the fourth class of the player organization, followed by a lot of benefits …
Life requires the opinions of the parties to evaluate the class, but it is necessary for people to agree that the core division has a direct definition. Wu Chi said a little about the duties of the director of the defense zone and then said, "Although the main city defense zone is also under the jurisdiction of the director of the defense zone, because the director of the core division defense zone will be suppressed in various restrictions in the main city, if I am not there, you will be the first in charge of this defense zone."
Organizing the main city is the core of a special area and the first controller of the main city. Although the director of the defense zone is in charge of the city defense, he is just a soldier. Everything has to be decided by the core. The director of the defense zone is actually the actual manager.
After reading the class limit, the male students listened to Wu Chi’s words: "Yes, I am willing." After agreeing to pick it up, Wu Chi’s jade dish became two copies, one for the male and one for himself to fly into Shennongtai.
There are two orders: the deputy flew into Shennongtai and the original flew directly into the second floor of Shennongtai for the record.
Wu Chi said, "You should have your own information when you are in charge of the defense zone. Take a good look at it yourself. When you come up with a plan, and move our elite three people’s leagues into the defense zone, this sub-defense zone will be our territory and no one else can intervene."
The Supreme Council of the post can issue orders, but all orders need one or several core sub-orders depending on the level of the post; The core branch, except for the post of director, needs the seal of the Committee, and other departments directly under their jurisdiction can make their own decisions.
After this, Wu Chi went back to Shennongtai to continue the meeting.
We won’t discuss the core points of the five profit departments, such as planning, personnel arrangement, division of responsibilities, etc. These will be handed over to the five directors and signed by the five core points, but they have other things.
The first management organization determines that the director’s personnel arrangement is proper, and then it sets the rules. After the Shennong Alliance is formally established, all members have legal benefits, no matter which level of members have attack bonus and defense bonus, which is the legal limit of unification.
In addition to this legal limit, members are restrained, that is, the rules and regulations are divided into five cores, and the general chapter of the rules and regulations is divided. Article 1: Heavy punishment shall be imposed from the offenders who order. When the group acts, they must obey the orders of the superiors. Violators who violate the rules for one time will be fined ten times their salary.
If you don’t pay it within the time limit, you will be kicked out of the organization directly. If there is retaliation, the target is set, and each organization has been given a killing order. To be included in this killing order, the organization must kill its members according to the killing order. If it fails to do so within the time limit, the organization will be given a negative score.
According to the unified design, each organization has an organization comprehensive number, which is evaluated once a month. If it reaches the target, it will maintain all kinds of normal limits of the organization. If it fails to reach the target, some limits of the organization will be weakened and completely deprived, and this organization will be abolished.
The first is the number of Hang Seng Development, which includes the strength evaluation of organizational personnel, the core score of strength evaluation, and its comprehensive average. If the total average of one month is lower than the development number of the first day, the system will deduct points and punish the organization.
The second is the Engel number, which includes the salary income of members at all levels. If the income of members at all levels increases, the number decreases. If the income of members at all levels decreases, the number increases. The value given by the initial organization system is 1. The Engel number change system has no punishment, but it affects the comprehensive number evaluation.
The third number of harmonious security forces. The evaluation of this number includes organizing PK times, organizing war victory and defeat records, and the initial system of each organization gives a value of 1.
If the comprehensive index of the organization is negative, then the organization will be forced to dissolve, and every organization must work hard to ensure that the organization will not be dissolved.
All rules and regulations must be based on these three numbers, and the formulation of these three numbers affects the safety of the organization.
The salary of members is fixed and cannot be reduced, but it can be increased. If the members who make mistakes are punished, Tang Jian, Zi Yi and Wu Chi decide to impose a fine system, which cannot reduce the salary, but the alliance can achieve this goal through fines.
For the kind of organization that has been removed from the gang and retaliated for making a big mistake, the pursuit order can be issued to it. The pursuit order is aimed at the punishment of the members of the organization. Whether to join other organizations now or not, the organization has issued a pursuit order
There are ten levels of indicators in the kill order. Once the kill order is issued, the organization must meet the requirements within the specified time. Otherwise, the score will be deducted from the harmony number. There are ten levels in the kill order, from killing to killing directly. There are all definite requirements.
However, the nature of the arrest warrant in Anshuli is actually almost different, but the identity of the target is different. The arrest warrant is also divided into ten levels for members outside the organization. Similarly, if it fails to meet the unified requirements, the score of harmony will be deducted.

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