"Ghost deep …" proto so don’t sadly want to hand the knife is held up again "rashly! ! !”

"rashly! ! !” In the deep night, a small three-masted sailboat is less than 100 people and continues to maintain only fighting spirit.
That’s …
"It’s touching." General William listened to those who were screaming in the wind and the night fire, and a little sad expression appeared on their faces.
Then he asked, "Is everything ready?"
"Everything is ready," replied Ruby confidently.
At the same time, seven warships silently surrounded the brave black ship.
"Is there any wine on the boat?" William suddenly asked.
"There is an adult who is a special salute wine suitable for celebrating in the mainland for 200 years" is an instant idea and respectful way.
"Is it suitable for celebrating?" William is well maintained. Hu trembled and laughed, even his eyes narrowed. "What a great achievement?"
"Boom-"The ship collided with the ship again.
Because the battlefield is narrow, the Ghost Deep can’t give full play to its maximum speed advantage, which also leads to its strongest weapon, Hailong Tooth, not being able to give full play to it.
Otherwise, it’s terrible to rely on the dragon’s teeth alone, let alone a warship, even ten warships have already sunk to the bottom of the sea to feed sharks.
This time, the Ghost Deep still didn’t hit this warship easily before.
Sharp to the extreme, the dragon’s teeth were deeply inserted into the bow of the other ship, but the four-masted hull of the other side was a heavyweight, which also brought a lot of impact to the Mingyuan.
If it weren’t for the sturdy black rock wood of the Ghost Deep, I’m afraid this collision would bring a lot of damage to the whole ship.
"Docking" proto looked at the other side of the ship. The soldiers of Knox Sass did not give in at all and jumped directly to the other deck with their swords drawn.
When it comes to the docking battle, the pirate, the Ghost Deep, is brave, and even the so-called sea trident is not necessarily their opponent.
As proto took the lead in charging, other pirates also rushed to the other deck with a shout.
Night wind is cold
The blade is colder
"Let’s do it" is far from the edge of the battlefield. General William calmly reached the final encirclement order
The Ghost Deep?
After tonight …
"Brush pull-"other ships that were already ready broke the water with the flagship order and rushed toward the already entangled Ghost Deep.
It’s like going to smash the Ghost Deep into powder.
"The boss has an ambush". Although the night is dark, clever pirates have discovered the abnormality and hurriedly cut down a Noxasian around him and shouted at proto.
"Withdraw" proto didn’t panic and calmly cut down the Noxas soldiers around him and looked at the ground. The warship surrounded from all sides was very calm and retreated towards the Ghost Deep.
Can the Ghost Deep withstand such a terrible impact?
Proto doesn’t even know it.
But he can evacuate before the impact.
Is it possible?
Recently, the ship has been less than 30 yards, and the left rudder sail is full of wind. It takes one breath to kiss the hull of the Mingyuan easily.
Proto, the "dynamic propulsion device", cleared up the last bugler who tried to climb the ghost deep and made an expression on his tail.
After two breaths, the whole static Ghost Deep suddenly roared like a deep-sea beast.
At the moment, a dark light burst out from the hull.
The Ghost Deep suddenly moved forward in a tiger-like manner, so forcefully it stood against the four-masted sailboat whose bow had been smashed.
Just cut it in half, leaving this dangerous place to the extreme.
"sting-"the first ship hit the debris of the ruined four-masted sailboat.
Then the ship almost collided.

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