When the four men saw the light of the sword flying out, they were so scared that they quickly released their flying swords. Unfortunately, they were twisted and broken by a rainbow, which surrounded them and made them difficult to move.

Song Chang Gung stepped on Zhongyang sword and slowly landed more than one meter from the ground. The sun sword flew around and the white one was decorated by Qin sisters, and the halo was gorgeous and abnormal.
He was just about to ask questions when he heard a charming drink in the jungle on the left "SiTuPing! How dare you destroy my sword? It seems that you are awesome now! "
Situping hasn’t been called by anyone for a long time. Qin sisters and Shuangying both call themselves eldest brother Li Ning. For Li Yingqiong’s sake, he called him my good nephew. He pretended to be Situping and hasn’t been named for a long time.
Song Chang Gung turned his head and saw Zhou Xiaoyun and a man come out. Zhou Xiaoyun was looking at him with eyes full of anger. Obviously, his flying sword was destroyed and he was angry and annoyed that the other party stole his thunder.
Seeing her, Song Changgeng knew from the blood of’ Situping’ that she and’ Situping’ were very familiar, and she and Wu Wenqi also witnessed his defection.
He quickly jumped into the sword and laughed, "It turned out to be Sister Zhou. I’m sorry that my new sword is not proficient in control, and I’m really sorry that it’s an enemy sword. Don’t blame me, Sister."
Zhou Qingyun was called a "sister" by him, and her heart was sweet. She said softly, "I’m sorry and it’s over?" You bully me with such a good sword? Well, it’s up to you! "
"That’s my fault. Otherwise, I’ll give this sword to my sister. Sister must accept don’t let my heart uneasy. "Song Chang Gung smiled and took out a handful of free and unfettered island made seven fly swords to make amends.
He gave the sword away because it contained a wisp of his mind, which cleverly concealed Zhou Qingyun. Once he was sacrificed, he would be unconsciously absorbed by his mind and then take root and lurk in her heart.
Over time, there will be Song Changgeng’s shadow in her heart, and love will gradually sprout in her heart. This is Song Changgeng’s temporary plan to fight for Zhou Qingyun’s simple plan.
Zhou Qingyun naturally refused, but when Qin Ziling came from the unicorn Griffin and met her, she also advised her to accept it, and she really liked that this flying sword was even better than before, so she accepted it as a gift.
Qin Ziling doesn’t know why Song Changgeng did this, but she still actively cooperates with her. She doesn’t believe those stories that she has just become unskilled. Doesn’t she know his sword skills?
Now that she wants to come, it may be because the two of them have been very close. Just now, it was a mistake. This is a gift for Zhou Qingyun. Even so, she still can’t help but feel a little sour in her heart.
Look at Zhou Qingyun and her age as if she were beautiful. She couldn’t help secretly comparing her and herself, ignoring the four men who were encircled by Shaoyang sword and ignoring the young men and women who had just been rescued.
Song Chang Gung took back all the three Yang Yi Jian. He tilted the big sword box back to the back and fixed a few ribbons on the back. Then he said to the four fugitives with a straight face
"You can’t legs faster than my fly sword? Be honest, squat down with your hands on your head and tell me what you have done. I am a good referee. "
Chapter 57 needle peak relative
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Before they spoke, they heard a chuckle and suddenly there was a flash of golden light in front of them. They heard a delicate and crisp accent of a woman say, "That’s funny. Who are you?"
As soon as you look at it, you will see that there is a young nun wearing a crown and a yellow forged frock. Her body is concave and convex, and her hand is holding the dust, which is solemn and beautiful.
See her week light cloud hurriedly salute before way "seen jade qing master how come? We were just about to go to Bijun ‘an. I didn’t expect to meet Stuart halfway. There was a misunderstanding and delay. "
Jade Qing master chuckled with a beautiful eye and turned to look at Song Chang Gung next to him. He couldn’t help but move his charm in his heart, but she also showed that this person’s skill is not worse than himself.
According to her knowledge, Situ Ping should not have such a strong capability. She smiled and said, "It’s really gratifying that Yun Gu has to kill people for the first time. I happened to eavesdrop on the chessboard peak. Two different factions said that they would go to Zhangjiachang outside the north gate of Chengdu to collect the two brothers and sisters there. I knew that his brother and sister foundation must be very good."
Then she looked at the rescued young man and woman and said with a smile, "I rushed to Zhangjiachang to meet their ancestors and the old lady, and the queen mother realized that it was not an outsider. His grandmother was an old-timer nephew and great-granddaughter who later heard that his brother and sister had gone out to hunt rabbits. When I got here, you had caught the four thieves, and I was late."
Zhou Qingyun said shyly, "Master, don’t be ashamed of me. I didn’t catch it, but Situ Ping did it. He also ruined my sword because of his inexperience in control. I’ll take advantage of his new sword."
"Oh, let me see what good sword makes Yungu so happy?" Master Yu Qing laughed and teased Zhou Qingyun and reached for the flying sword. She deliberately ignored Song Changgeng just to have a buffer.
She secretly observed what this strange man thought, and how strange he was. This person actually had the breath of Buddhism and Taoism, and both of them were profound and pure. How could she not understand what was going on?
Song Chang Gung knew that she was special now, but he couldn’t help it. Suddenly, he didn’t have time to operate the’ Mystery Jade Turtle’ to conceal and transform his skill and breath.
This "Mystery Jade Turtle Symbol" can play its function of "hiding secrets" for a long time by injecting skills once, but it needs to be combined with other skills to hide the body and shape, and to hide and change the magical function of skills. Song Changgeng’s function of "hiding secrets" can last for one month by injecting skills once.
But if you want to hide your breath for a long time, he can’t do it. Now that it’s exposed, he doesn’t care. Anyway, if there is a lie, he will not take it seriously and watch Master Jade Qing perform there.
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
At this time, the man knelt down and helped Master Xie Yuqing. The young men and women also came to see Li Yuqing. Master Yu Qing said to the man, "I forgot to talk to them. You were poisoned by sand in Ciyun Temple last night. My prescription is just to survive. I went out early today just to find some good medicine for you.
It’s a lucky day for you. When I was on the chessboard peak, I was an old man in Songshan, Lu Yu. He was a hundred times better than me in breaking the poison elixir. He just happened to be going to Bijun Temple. We’ll escort you there. "
Then she turned to the brother and sister and said, "Your brother and sister have a good foundation. When you go back, you will be taken captive by the dissidents. Tell you what, you go to Bijun Temple with us first, and then we will talk to your family."
The two young men and women were just about to say something. Master Jade Qing turned to Song Chang Gung and Qin Ziling and said, "You left and made everyone worried. Now you are lucky to be back. Let’s go to Bijun Temple together."
Then I looked at the four men and swept away the dust. A golden light flashed through her coldly and said, "I am a Buddhist. I can’t kill anything. I hope you won’t do evil again or you will die."
Song Chang Gung looked at Master Yu Qing and arranged things in an orderly way there, thinking simply and neatly,’ It’s a wonder that he was born in the magic religion and made such a decisive war. Do you have a chance to fight for it?’
After arranging things, everyone will walk to Bijun Temple. Fortunately, not far away, everyone has time. The man named Qiu Lin, the eye of God, is a sinner of Emei Sect. Because of his injury, Master Jade Qing made him run and promote blood circulation.
Immediately after arriving at Bijun ‘an, I asked someone to treat him. After everyone was busy, I sat in the lobby. There were Zhu Mei, Bai Guyi, Master Jade Qing, Drunk Taoist, Master Stone, and Li Yuanhua, a young player. He and Qin Ziling and Zhou Qingyun looked at these masters, and Song Changgeng couldn’t help feeling a little nervous.
He is not afraid to fight alone, but these guys have bad habits of fighting, which makes him feel troublesome. At this time, he is sitting in the mouth of Zhu Mei and asked Song Changgeng
"SiTuPing you three what’s the matter? Why did you run away without saying a word? Don’t you know how worried we are? And what happened to you? How can there be such a high skill and such a good flying sword? "
Before Song Changgeng’s mouth, Qin Ziling laughed first. "We didn’t leave because the wonderful fairy has been searching nearby. We went to the East China Sea and got a Xuanwu egg in Xianxialing, Zhejiang."
"What? Xuanwu egg? " Chaucer Zhu Mei suddenly interrupted and asked the others to sit up straight and look at them intently. Chaucer Zhu Mei continued, "Where are the eggs? Are you sure it’s Xuanwu egg? "
Song Chang-geng was disgusted with his domineering tone and said stiffly, "How do we know if it’s Xuanwu egg?"
Our magic weapon, the flying sword, and the formula of Dan medicine are all things that she gave me, that is, Dan medicine rose. We are eggs and she exchanged these things for nothing. "
"How can you give the egg to someone, you …" Zhu Mei, who is short of breath, has been drinking so loudly that people know that this egg is not in Xuanwu, and they are very angry with him.
In their view, it’s picking up sesame seeds and throwing watermelons, although if this is true, watermelons should be as valuable as stones to newcomers like Song Changgeng, but sesame seeds are gold.
However, these seniors automatically ignored this problem. They thought that if the egg was brought back, what good would it be? What a pity, young people know.
Fortunately, these people are all seniors, and their mentality is not bad. Zhu Mei said calmly, "If you forget it, you will get it. Take out all the magic tricks and magic weapons that Lu’s predecessors gave you. Let’s see if they are suitable for you."
After three people living together for several months, Qin Ziling now feels more and more that their husband and wife are one, so the consequences are hard to say if they take out the formula. She said in a cold voice, "No, we have been refined and it is very suitable."
Chapter 50 Blissful Children
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Qin Ziling’s cold words made me understand this method immediately after sitting in one leng. It must be terrible to see that this girl has already achieved the method of alchemy before she was twenty years old.
Everyone knows that such a good thing is not related. Why should we show it to others? These two little guys get carried away when they get the treasure. It’s time to knock and knock when talking to their predecessors.
At this time, another short cloud-chasing Bai Guyi smiled and said happily, "Ziling, how can you talk to Zhu’s predecessors like this?" He is also worried about you. Please apologize and don’t do this. "
"Who is so disobedient and dares to provoke Xiao Zhu?" At this time, a crisp sound flashed a golden light, and a boy dressed as a child appeared in the lobby.
Seeing this child, everyone hurried up and saluted respectfully and called his predecessor, Song Changgeng, only to know that this was the famous’ Blissful Reality’ Li Jingxiu.
Because he has succinctly named Yuan Ying’ Blissful Child’ as a real person, he fell behind and gave everyone a reply one by one and took a meaningful look at Song Changgeng.
Why is this man looking at me so weird just now?’ While he was still thinking, Qin Ziling had pulled him up and knelt down before he left, saying, "Granddaughter Qin Ziling has met grandmaster."
Blissful boy glanced at it and proudly said to Qin Ziling with a light smile, "Get up, you child. How can you be polite to your predecessors without your parents around?" Don’t do this again. "
Song Chang Gung saw that he had made a gift by making an understatement. It is estimated that he came early because he didn’t want to let his disciples suffer, so he jumped out and stirred up at this time.
He bowed down and said, "I’ve met my predecessors, and my husband and wife are young enough to offend them." As he spoke, he swept the people around him and saw that their expressions were different.
At this time, the short Zhu Mei suddenly cried, "How dare you, Situping, meet your grandmaster?"
"grandmaster? Who? " Song Changgeng pretended to be puzzled and said, "Isn’t my master Wan Miao Xiangu him?"
At this time, Qin Ziling pulled his clothes and motioned for him not to do this. Her eyes were already anxious and very pleading. It was obvious that Song Changgeng could not help but feel a soft heart.
He was just about to say something when he heard "Blissful Boy" chuckle. "Hehe, it seems that you believe in’ gold in men’s knees’. Young people have a little backbone, so it’s not troublesome for a family to worship."
It should be ridiculous for a ten-year-old child to learn from adults in the middle of the room, but no one can laugh because they all know what a child is like a real person.

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