The six-middle-level symbol of pure heart and great compassion has become

The number of uniting the face was dull.
Is this speed really a six-charm?
Can pick up FuJie but let them have to believe their eyes, after all, the ferocious Armageddon sends out a new threat to do not Chapter six hundred and four Strive for the top three.
Meng Fei beckoned to the six-position blessed heart and great compassion charm to fall in his hand. The charm is still warm and he easily held it in his hand. At this moment, he raised his eyebrows slightly and sneered. Well, the charm has been refined and you can do it.
The scene of falling population was awkward.
A moment later, a man in front of the science of uniting the color red hurriedly turned around and drove away from the light.
After a few moments, the rest of the practice has retreated in succession, and more than a thousand challenges have dispersed.
Meng Fei conveniently turned and returned the pure heart and great compassion to the master of Lian Fu Association.
Guang Han’s face is still calm. After all, his heart has long guessed that this Mr. Meng is an extraordinary layman
But the East China Sea rudder practice is dumbfounded. At the moment, eyes are full of shock.
It wasn’t until Meng Fei returned that he reacted by bending down in succession and looking very disguised.
Ice moon is cold and wrinkled, and it looks good. Is this your true strength?
But looking at Meng Fei’s calm face, she was not sure at all.
The East China Sea left the rudder, but at the moment, many uniting eyes have gathered, but they have despised and ridiculed at all.
Joke: In addition to the wide cold, people come to one casually, that is, six refined operators are less. This means is enough to make the East China Sea rudder and eye-protection ranking rise again, which is also very likely.
The bodhi old zu in Guanlitai was in a rage.
Well, it’s no wonder that the poor Johnson dared to make a bet on this letter. I didn’t expect that there was such a killer hidden in the East China Sea. The poor Johnson definitely knew about it beforehand. It was a set-up for him.
It’s good to be poor and old-fashioned. If you can hide from the old gods, you must be hiding your breath. You must be here. What’s the matter with you? Do you really think that my bodhi old zu is a man who slaughtered the suckers? This bet doesn’t count
Poor Johnson smell speech to turn over their anger way bodhi old zu you don’t talk nonsense, when the old set this bet for you, you have promised to come to the old didn’t force you?
Now, you want to tear up the agreement when you see somebody else’s rudder in the East China Sea, which is such a good thing in this world?
The bodhi old zu looked a little gloomy and sneered at the bet, but it can’t be counted. Even if you tear up the agreement, it’s nothing. Don’t say anything, otherwise the old man will definitely find you unlucky afterwards.
Poor eyes flashed to see if he was afraid of this person. He was afraid, but now he has other ideas in his heart
Hey, hey, bodhi old zu, if we don’t revise an agreement, I bet that the helmsman in the East China Sea is small enough to advance to the top three. If I lose, I’ll pay you two Qifufang plus two bottles of monkey wine.
The bodhi old zu raised his eyebrows.
It’s not easy. Although Johnson can’t do it, the alchemist sent by the door is not good at it. It’s even more difficult to get into the top three with the two hidden temple hands and three real brothers from the headquarters.
The bodhi old zu thought twice and clapped his hands and gambled.
He didn’t retreat. It’s ridiculous that Meng Fei’s role can really be killed in the top three.
He is bound to win the bet.
Hey, hey, smile if you are poor.
That small pair of Hua Fu is determined to win the bet. He has made room for reservation when he enters the top three poor countries. Even if he loses the bet, the old ghost will never return some losses from Meng Fei.
Well, it must be enough for him to change a lot of wine after a year and a half to refine the charm.

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