What’s the tiger Hou’s aggressive slapping on the table and suddenly getting up? However, Wang Fengfan is not angry, but he scares an old fox to cramp his legs and stomach. He can wave his hand and say nothing.

I can’t help but shake my head, and then the cunning fox will be frightened out of my wits in the face of the king’s anger.
What, what, what, are you trying to deny it? It’s new, but you don’t buy it. Of course, it’s very elegant to drag two people together. Ask the Wang Dongfeng Palace of Pigs. They were there at the time.
Ah, I looked at each other at the pig king, and suddenly I was in distress situation. I knew it would be so new. This girl has always jumped into the river and never forgot to pull others’ water.
Really? The tiger turned to look at us. The tiger’s eyes are really eyeing up. Look at me. The pig king is sweating.
Hum, King Pig, forget the Dongfeng Temple. You are a man of indomitable spirit. Xinxin has let go of King Pig and wiped his sweat with a wry smile, but his heart has relaxed a lot of schadenfreude. Looking at me with Xinxin’s super worship eyes, I know you will definitely tell the truth, right?
The spring breeze blows and the drums beat. I am the king. Who am I afraid of? I put my heart up and said, yes, Princess Xinxin said that everything is true, and I have met it myself.
Oh, the tiger Hou saw me suddenly smash the momentum and turned a few times flexibly, but he was also outraged. How could this happen? The ancients once said that Linda’s growth was caused by the lack of training in our training department. These evils were also recruited by the human resources department. When we go back, we must teach them a good lesson.
It’s a very flattering sentence to train new people.
Well, An Lushan decided to put pressure on the mountains by making new troubles to reduce taxes. I didn’t expect two Cheng Yaojin to stop halfway and hold their fuels. Old Hou Hu came here to visit, but he didn’t expect such an unpleasant thing to happen. He must go there as soon as possible and offend more. This is a long way to go.
Chapter DiYiQiSi Fox dinner
Ah, I’m leaving now. I won’t sit any longer. The old fox can’t wait for An Lushan to get out of here with his tail between his legs, but he makes a sorry expression.
Say goodbye to you don’t send stay tiger Hou An Lushan striding out while back polite way.
Don’t worry, I’ll help you with the tax. Take your time, Lord Tiger. The mountain grinned and moved with two feet, but you didn’t leave the hall. When the tall figure of Tiger disappeared, you were still sitting in place.
I sighed softly in my mind. I had heard that the orcs were the most simple race in the mainland. I didn’t expect that now with the reform, the spring breeze has blown to the northwest desert, and even the orcs are quite comfortable with the officialdom.
The two temples and mountains watched the tiger Hou’s back disappear and smiled and said to us that it’s time to have dinner in this sky. We have nothing to entertain in this hinterland. We don’t dislike our poor food and stay for dinner.
Yes, yes, yes, I, the king of pigs, nodded at the same time. We were hungry and had a full meal all the way. Don’t say that a handsome guy like me is already a face of dishes. Even the pigs have lost weight. I can’t help but promise more. Dashan is such a big tribal leader. Simple tea and plain rice must be modest words. Hey, hey, chicken, duck and fish should be indispensable. Thinking about thinking about me, pigs are happy.
I, the pig king, stared at the table with two dishes in a daze, and they were all in the kitchen. It is said that it was because the two temples came together and didn’t dare to neglect their meals.
I was so angry that I grabbed the pig’s ear and pressed him three centimeters from the dish plate. It’s too real for the pig to be a man. It’s too much for him to say that he is a poor man.
Calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down. King Pig grabbed my hand with both hands trembling, and begged Big Brother to hold steady, so as not to hurt impulsively.
Hold me steady. Look at what the fuck is this. I’m so angry that I want to put a pig’s head into a dish. Look at two dishes, one cold and one hot. One plate of shallots is fried and one plate of leeks is mixed with shallots. If his mother doesn’t come to a dish of meat, believe it or not, I’ll cut your pig’s head in.
Brother, please don’t be ridiculous. King Pig kept trying to give me a break. I’m outraged about this, too. Can’t I tell them that meat dishes are not enough later?
I threw him off the ground with a pig king’s neck collar. You said that if it weren’t for meat dishes, you would be dead.
Brother, the man behind you, Pig King, took a sniff and pointed to my back.
Come on, uncle, I broke this trick when I was wearing crotch pants. I kept poking the pig’s chest with my other hand. You are a king at least, right? Mom, can you do something that will make me look up to you?
Big brother is really real. The pig king’s eyes reveal 100% sincerity.
Oh, I also feel as if someone is looking at me behind me. It seems that my back is cold and I look back suspiciously and see Xinxin blinking with confused eyes.
Hey, hey, I put the pig king with a smile
What are you two doing? The new princess looked at the pig king and looked at me strangely.
Well, I put my elbow on my head, and the pig king winked at him to cover it up. Who knew that damn pig put his big head up as if it were nothing?
Sweat, I secretly cursed the pig ancestors and then pretended to be a smiling face. The new princess was so greedy that she thought she was too short and asked me to pull it out for him.
The pig king suddenly got angry and grabbed me by the neck. I didn’t get up, but I didn’t give up again. Finally, I didn’t succeed. The discouraged knot dropped by a degree. I told you not to call me a pig head in front of others.
Who told you to play koo just now? I was arrogant and rolled my eyes.
Are you going to hit the pig king? His eyes are full of anger.
I’m afraid you’re not party member. I waved my fist during the demonstration.
Don’t be so violent. Xinxin hurriedly persuaded you that you are all status people. Why do you always have to dance with knives and guns? You Xinli wiped your sweat and you just fought like this.
34567 Xiaoshun
1JQKA, wow, haha, capped
You are awesome. Go on
Please, can you stop breathing and look nervously at the side door leading to the kitchen so that my father can see that he will be fainted by you two?
It’s okay, it’s okay, haha, I was so engrossed in the cards that I drew a sentence. Don’t worry, I’ll soon kill this little one with three eights and one three.
That’s right. Believe me, the strength of the pig king’s mouth is not willing to lose. He said three 9′ s and one.
I said you’re an amateur, didn’t I? I brought everything
I can’t help it. The pig king is bitter. This is the only card I have.
The new spirit crossed her waist and couldn’t speak. At this moment, a burst of footsteps came.

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