Yang day without hesitation way

Ok, but we have to go further this time.
Sang Furan is experienced enough to take Yang Tian directly to the north to escape in the past.
The name of this mountain, Xiaomingshan, is small and beautiful, not to mention it is not a famous mountain, but it is full of vitality and attracts the Black League to build a magic temple here.
Looking at the foot slightly depressed mountain Sanfu introduced
Yang Tian suddenly felt familiar when he stopped at half overlooking Xiaoming Mountain.
Isn’t this the mountain near Xia Laoba’s house?
When I thought about it, Yang Tian immediately remembered and looked at the foot of the mountain. However, a cottage has passed for more than a hundred years, and Xia Laoba’s house has already changed its owner and appearance.
This gold vein in the mountainside is pregnant with the golden dragon. Is the golden dragon still there? What has it grown into?
Yang Tian, who was shocked, went straight to the mountainside and wanted to see the golden dragon fetus.
Boss, where are we going?
Sanfu immediately wondered when he found that the direction was wrong
Wait a minute. I have something to do.
Yang Tian casually said, directly again Sangfu.
Turning a light straight into the mountainside makes Yang Tianxin a gold vein, but it is still in the seven-yuan escape method. The gold vein is also useless and cannot stop Yang Tianxin.
Because the temple of the face demon was not exposed, Yang Tian did not explore the spirit, and the search was based on the location in memory and went straight to the location of the golden dragon fetus
Yang Tian soon came to the small place hidden in the depths of the mountainside. I don’t know if it was an illusion or too excited, so Yang Tianxin suddenly felt a faint induction, and something inside called for himself.
Doubt to dive in, but suddenly I heard someone talking and stopped with horror.
Hehe, the last drop of Jingxue in the temple is just 7749 drops. If the owner stays in this little dragon body, his will will will be completely replaced by yours, but it will hurt the little golden dragon.
A rather flattering tone way
For forty-nine years, every year today, I have to feed it a drop of Jingxue, and now I feel that this little guy is as kind as my child
This person must be the temple master. There is a sense of relief in his exclamation.
What’s going on? Listen to them. It seems that this little golden dragon will become the personal property of the temple master. It’s the last drop of JingXie today.
No, this little golden dragon seems to have lost its owner before them.
Have two groups of people discovered the golden dragon sacred fetus after me?
Yang, as in doubt feel unlikely.
Suddenly, Yang Tian’s mind flashed and thought of the faint induction just now, thinking that they said that the master was probably himself.
Yang Tian remembered that the true God of Purple Clouds had been refined, but he was so fascinated that he jumped into the holy pool and took a bath. It is likely that he left a trace of spiritual wisdom and was sucked by the golden dragon.
More think more likely Yang Tian has almost concluded that speculation in my heart.
No, these two people must be stopped from taking back the little golden dragon.
Yang Tian was ready to raid when he made up his mind.
One of these two people is the temple master, and the other must be the guardian or the little monty.
If you let go of the first world war outside, Yang Tian is not afraid of two people at all, but at the moment, you must live them instantly, or you will attract people to seal the prison immediately if you want them to send a distress message.
Presumably, I’m in a hurry to find Yang Gui at this time.
If it’s not sealed, it’s likely that even Li Xiao has been alarmed. Ten years ago, the killing order was probably started again.
A middle monty and a small monty instantly hold it. Yang Tian didn’t even grasp it half a silk.
But at this time, there was no time to hesitate because the temple master was ready to feed Xiao Jinlong the last drop of Jingxue.
Chapter four hundred and thirty Little White Dragon
Brother Tian, I entangled the little monty, and you killed the monty.
As Yang Tianyu began, the little black suddenly volunteered to say
Blackie, are you sure?
Yang, as a surprised some worry.
Don’t worry, he can’t hurt me.
Xiaohei proudly said
Okay, just stay here and wait for your chance.
Yang Tian is a little surprised. Since Blackie dares to say this, its strength is less than that of the little monty.
After letting Blackie stay, Yang Tianqian went to the opposite side, which is slightly closer to the two men and is the back-to-back place of the monty.

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