Ten thousand kilometers …

Nine thousand kilometers …
Just as the whole fleet was in a state of extreme excitement, the alarm system suddenly heard a hurried voice: "Super alarm! There is a mecha moving rapidly in the direction of our fleet at a speed of 80,000 kilometers per hour. According to the speed calculation, it may be an eight-star mecha, but the body shape is too small to confirm the inference result. "
The image fed back by the photon pulse radar was instantly displayed on the big screen of the flagship core control room, and more than ten people standing in front of the screen frowned.
Chapter 250 Killing machine
Seven meters!
This mecha height is only seven meters, but the speed has reached the amazing eight-star mecha level, which simply violates their common sense.
At most, a six-star engine can’t fit into such a small body unless it gives up all hot weapons and ammunition assembly. However, lost the ammunition assembly mecha, can only use cold weapons can’t play the fighting capacity, and even so it can only load the engine of six-star mecha at most, how can it have the speed of eight-star mecha?
"Maybe …"
As a young man with a dirty look on his head, he sneered and said, "It is probably loaded with a six-star engine, or at most a seven-star engine. Don’t forget that its body has been reduced to a two-star level. It is not impossible to use a six-star or seven-star engine as the power source to propel such a small body to fly at full speed and reach the eight-star level. However, without hot weapons, it is simply putting the cart before the horse. What is the use of speed alone? "
"Second young master, will this mecha really come for us?"
"So what if it is, so what if it isn’t?"
The young man waved his hand disdainfully and issued an order: "Send a friendly signal, all open the energy defense cover, if the enemy mecha directly destroy it with naval guns!" "
That is the real king of individual soldiers, but it is by no means the strongest weapon in the world, and it is still vulnerable in front of warships. Even with speed or skill, it can avoid the pursuit of low-level warships. However, the defense system known as the air fortress with warships cannot be broken by individual mecha.
The friendly message was instantly transmitted to 8,000 kilometers away. At the same time, the entire fleet turned on the defense system, and the alarm sounded in the flagship core control room: "The other party has no language reply, only one gesture."
"Gestures? Send it! "
YinZhi young man leng leng, looking at a handsome young man with evil spirits on the screen, just smiled and put up a middle finger at the screen. He frowned and said, "Who is he?" What does this gesture mean? Don’t … Damn it! Is it the three bastards who suddenly appeared in Dahe District, and the legendary guy who is comparable to the nine planets Mecha Division? "
Three days ago, the subordinates who fled back reported the whole battle process and attached the battle video, which is also the reason why Jianke Group sent a large team to come over.
Nine planets mecha division!
There are no more than 100 people in the whole country, which is a terrorist existence that really stands at the top of the pyramid and is called the individual warrior emperor. Once driving the corresponding nine planets mecha, have enough fighting capacity to conan the destroyer, they are vulnerable to this small fleet.
The purpose of this trip is not only to complete the land acquisition of the group, but also to win over the three people as much as possible, and if they are unappreciative, they will immediately kill them with superior forces.
After all, according to the data, the three men were a little unfamiliar with the initial control of the mecha, and soon entered an extremely perfect driving state. There are other details that can be seen. They didn’t seem to know much about the mecha before, and they completely belonged to the category of natural wizards.
They have the ability of nine planets mecha division, but they are not certified by the state, and there is no higher-order mecha of their own.
This kind of people, since they have a past feud, must be killed in the cradle!
"The distance between the two sides is 5 thousand kilometers!" The alarm continued to come.
"Give the last warning and let him fly around, otherwise it will be destroyed as an enemy!" The young man finally made a decision.
"The warning message is sent, and the other party sends a call request."
"Put it through."
"HI, everyone, I’m here to fuck your ancestors. Remember my name-Chen Han!"
A group of people in the flagship core control room only heard a word from Chen Han on the big screen, and cut off the message before they could react.
"damn it! Destroy him! "
"After two minutes, it will enter the range, and it will be ready in 120 seconds. The shipborne laser gun will be fully charged."
The electronic synthesized sound has just finished reporting and has not yet entered the countdown. When the alarm bell is sounded again, it becomes very urgent: "Super alarm, the enemy mecha speeds up again, and the speed rises to more than 100,000 kilometers per hour, fully entering the eight-star mecha level, and the speed is still rising."
Previously, the speed of 80,000 kilometers per hour was just entering the threshold of the eight-star mecha, and once again, the speed really entered the eight-star state, while the performance of the nine planets mecha in terms of speed was the conventional flight speed of 130,000 kilometers per hour.
The young man in the core control room looked more and more ugly. He clenched his fist tightly and stared at the big screen. He snapped, "Fire control, try to keep the remains of the enemy mecha!"
Even if this seven-meter-high mecha, all the body space will be used to install the engine, without keeping any weapons and ammunition inventory, in order to make a breakthrough in speed. After all, where is the volume of the body, the most advanced technology is impossible, so that such a small body has such a horrible power source.
In other words, the technology contained in this mecha has completely surpassed the most advanced science and technology category in the world. What will this mean?
Keep the wreckage as much as possible!
He made this order in order to destroy each other, so that this mecha containing the world’s science and technology can be preserved, and that kind of technology can be stolen from it for his own use.
Of course, this is just his wishful thinking, and it’s not certain whether it can be done.
Three thousand kilometers …
Two thousand kilometers …
A thousand kilometers …
The shipborne laser cannons on the three warships have already been recharged, and one thousand mecha have taken off from the battleship deck, ready to give Chen Han a head-on blow.
"alarm! The enemy mecha suddenly accelerated into the nine planets category, and the performance of the mecha radar locking system dropped by 100%! "
"alarm! The enemy mecha suddenly accelerated into the nine planets category, and the performance of the shipborne radar locking system decreased by 78%! "
Seeing that the mini-mecha, which is only seven meters high, entered the range, the speed broke through to nine planets in an instant, which surprised everyone.
Eight-star and nine planets only belong to the country. No matter warships or mecha, or even the corresponding offensive weapons, the outside world has not sold them. At most, some software facilities, such as radar detection instruments and laser locking instruments, are sold through some channels.
Jianke Group is a relatively large group company in the land of water, so its hardware weapons remain at the highest level of seven stars, but some auxiliary equipment has reached the level of eight stars.
It’s a pity that when they encounter nine-star speed, their mecha software equipment can’t keep up, and even the locking system of warships can’t play its full role.
"Damn … start the trajectory calculation system and calculate the trajectory of the enemy mecha!" The young man was livid and shouted loudly.
"Random star flashing technology, trajectory calculation is invalid."
"Spatial displacement technology, the judgment of the shipborne radar locking system has dropped by 93%."
"Omni-directional shielding technology reduces the effective rate of coverage by 95%."
A series of amazing data floated to all the high-level ears of the flagship with the electronic synthesis sound, and there were also words displayed on the big screen.
It is not only the control technology of nine planets Mecha Division, but also three kinds have appeared continuously, which is obviously beyond the ability of nine planets Mecha Division. These advanced mecha driving technology, even if nine planets mecha division can only be put to good use under the condition of preparation, the other party doesn’t need any preparation for continuous display.
The other side of the mecha driving technology has reached the most perfect level, which is a handy performance, which directly leads to the failure of almost all the software and equipment of the entire fleet.
"Cover the blow! All-round firepower coverage! "
"A bunch of useless waste."
The young man’s driver’s shout just fell, and the sneer from the public address equipment reverberated in the air, followed by the earth-shattering roar of gunfire.
Once the slender body has enough power, it is more flexible than the steel giant of more than ten meters, and it is easier to avoid the enemy’s attack. What’s more, the radar of the entire fleet is almost blind?
The overwhelming attack tilted out, and the mecha who was driven by Chen Han pulled out a handle from his back, with a long and narrow combating Dao with a width of eight meters less than that of a slap. The blade is extremely slender, just like the body itself. The significance of building this combat knife is not only to reduce the load and not hinder the speed of action, but also to be more conducive to close combat.
The 720-degree volley turns over to avoid the attack all over the sky. The laser beam passing below the tip of the knife forcibly pushes the body to pass over the attack coverage area instead of retreating.
No longer a heavy mecha, it is simply a clever swift, which performs the most beautiful dance in the storm.
This, or the strength of the mecha fighting?
It’s not so much a fight as a performance, and every action of killing the gods can rise to the artistic level, which makes people feel strange and pleasing. However, it is an out-and-out killing machine, harvesting life in the most beautiful, simple and direct way-the life of the mecha and the mecha division.

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