Ye Feng didn’t expect you to be so capable, and I won’t talk nonsense. It’s either you or I who can live here today. A middle-aged white-faced man opposite Ye Feng looked calm and said to Ye Feng

Night maple, with his hands on his back, looks proud and has a white face in his eyes. The middle-aged man said, You think you can destroy me today with dozens of rubbish behind you. That’s a big joke. I know better than you what you are going to destroy me today.
With strength, the white-faced middle-aged man said, his hands turned into two strange white fires, and a strange cold air was burning, which instantly filled this area. The temperature dropped to MINUS 100 degrees and the gas seemed to stop moving.
Very good. Xuan Bing palm, you can use it to scare the mainland care teacher, but you can also be black to me. That’s far from black. Hey, hey, smile and turn into a black smoke, which is light but extremely fast, drifting towards the white-faced middle-aged man.
When the black smoke is still two feet away from the white-faced middle-aged man, more than 100 thin, small black and sharp energy flies to match the white-faced middle-aged man.
Mental energy flashing white face Middle-aged men, as soon as they felt that more than 100 channels of energy were conscious, quickly ordered the people behind them to dodge. In fact, when the energy was emitted in the dark, they knew it and were ready to fight back, but the energy came too fast to fight back and avoid walking.
Spiritual energy is a kind of conscious energy that one’s own consciousness melts into the body. Its biggest feature is to chase after the enemy. Once hit by spiritual energy, his nerve line will be controlled by the energy owner’s consciousness. If you want to break this energy, you must have very high energy to force it to the body. Even if you force it, it will take more than a month to recover. It can be said that this is a very abnormal attack method.
Let’s get them up, too. Master, attack the right flame, attack the left fiber and attack the front. Later, Yaqi, you two attack the rear and I attack the black center. At any time, your side should leave before it is too late. The tone of the night maple is full of unquestionable flavor. Several people have followed it and teleported to their own places to release energy. The energy of the other three parties has been connected. It has really become an energy wall that even mosquitoes dare not fly in.
Haha, it’s fun to beat dogs in a circle. My children chase me. Black floats in the crowd and controls spiritual energy to attack dozens of people who are fleeing everywhere.
Night maple looks calmly at the battle with her hands on her shoulders. The protoss battle has been fought since the first world war. If Xiaosheng will not die in the future, he may live like this in the future. If this life is over, Xiaosheng must die.
Night maple thought that the fighting momentum was stronger here, and once again the highest point was reached. The powerful energy was discharged from the body layer by layer like waves, and the purple halo floated around layer by layer, which looked weird and beautiful.
Night maple gently calls Zizhu, stroking the blade and saying, Zizhu hasn’t seen you for so long. It’s been a long time.
Master, I can feel your strong energy. Let me try it. Sword spirit gives consciousness to Ye Feng.
This time, we’re going to get together, one sword at a time, and I’m going to destroy the noodles, so I have no confidence to do it.
Don’t say face to face, even if three or several hundred people come again, it won’t be a problem if the owner is strong enough.
Night maple finished holding the energy of purple bamboo with one hand, and the purple bamboo poured from the body. In the powerful energy irrigation of night maple, the purple light and night maple input more and more energy, and the surrounding energy of purple bamboo has almost been materialized.
At the moment, night maple is purple bamboo, purple bamboo is night maple, and one person has become the strongest and the most powerful weapon regardless of each other.
Black felt the change of night maple and got a fright. He flew far away and shouted crazy. It’s crazy. A consciousness is actually integrated with the sword spirit consciousness. You are the craziest I have ever seen.
You called me crazy for so long, and I’m really sorry that I can’t do a crazy thing. Crazy is known as night maple. She looked up and looked far away. She stretched out a finger in front of her and waved a sword. I’ll drop the garbage with one sword.
Huada Beauty, Pretty Girl, Flaming Beauty, Later Yaqi, you all come and let your good disciples, husbands and bosses give us a vision of what a real battle is. The black figure flashed into the battle circle and shouted like a cucumber.
Several people heard the black sound and looked at the night maple, first surprised and then smiling. Five people scattered the energy wall in four directions and teleported to the black side, looking forward to the night maple sword.
Raise a sword
Qi stops moving.
Qi rotates.
The white-faced middle-aged man looked at the halo and turned to be more desperate than the beautiful Zizhu eyes.
I can’t solve everything today. After listening to Ye Feng’s words, everyone wants to disband. Just after leaving the house, there comes a sound outside.
Night maple in the house and so on all shook their heads after casting a glance at each other. We are not leaving. It seems that maple is speaking to the outside. It is the top ten thugs of several big families Xiao Sheng who want to destroy us this time.
Then it depends on them. The fighting momentum of the night maple has reached the highest point in an instant. The shawl, long hair, wind, cold and violent murderous look. The purple energy is wrapped around you and looks like an inviolable death.
Violet light flashed across the night maple, and they followed the teleport to Yaqi. Later, the two men cast a glance at each other and teleport.

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