But he didn’t like Shu Xingyue today, and he didn’t care what she did.

Situ Haofei turned into a snow-white cat in a corner of a person after flying to the beauty dormitory.
After the illusion, Situ Hao looked back at himself, and he was white and chubby, not to mention those female brothers, but he was confused by himself and said no.
It’s definitely a beautiful cat. It’s definitely a hot commodity.
Situhao stretched a cat and jumped directly into the beauty dormitory.
Meow SiTuHao sent a loud cry.
This kind of sound is absolutely no different from a cat’s call for sex in Situ Hao’s ears.
A cat called brother and sat up from the bed again.
The cat’s eyesight is unusually sharp. Although there is no light, the environment in the room is the same as that in the daytime.
Sitting up, my daughter-in-law was half-veiled, giving people a limited daydream. Situhao didn’t think of himself. Now he is a cat and should show some fear. It has definitely jumped at this time.
Since it’s an animal behavior, you have to be an animal. You can’t jump on beautiful women like Brother Pig.
The room lights were lit with a flash of fire.
Situhao transformed the snow-white cat into a table in the dormitory and a pair of beautiful eyes looked around at everyone in the female brother’s dormitory.
The cat’s eyes are radiant and it looks smart, but I don’t know that it is full of color.
Wow, it’s so beautiful
Damn it, it’s so big. Be careful to scare it away
Cat cat
Situhao saw a group of female brothers, and this enthusiasm can’t be ignored.
Meow, he gave a affectionate cry to his female brother.
This is an impulsive call to send a message to the beautiful brother that he needs their comfort. Although he can’t do anything for them now, he is still full of yearning for their bodies.
Anyway, Situ Hao has grown into a 19-year-old boy’s secret book of animal cultivation. Although it is inhuman taboo, it is a law to imprison a 19-year-old boy’s heart.
The cat came to me.
A beautiful female brother shouted at Situhao.
Situhao knows this woman. He just once asked Shu Xingyue if she was married by him. Her name is Liu Yi.
She is very provocative, coquettish and beautiful. Compared with Shu Xingyue, she is more direct. Situ Hao is very fond of her.
The most important thing is that she is the most plump and full of mature charm, and the twin peaks are the biggest. Situ Hao has dreamed of this place for a long time.
The cat looked at him with a pair of confused eyes and called on Liu Yi to move his limbs lightly from the table and slowly came to Liu Yi’s bed
Willow smiled and gently picked up Situhao’s imaginary cat from the ground. That’s a good boy. Say that finish and kiss the cat directly on the head.
It’s better for Stuart to be a beast for nothing than a man.
He didn’t get a kiss from a woman when he was nineteen. Today he turned into a cat and got a kiss from a woman.
Elder martial sister, give me the cat to play with, okay? One of the female brothers said imploringly.
Liu Yi gave her a white look, and I managed to catch it. How can I give it to you? If a sister cat comes into our dormitory, whoever catches it will play.
Sister, the cat is beautiful and cute, but be careful that it has fleas. Another female brother wakes up.
Don’t worry, Mrs. Wu is a very clean person. She will never have fleas and sleep well. Liu Yi fell down and hugged the cat and got into bed. Chapter 6 Violation
Although Situ Hao is a cat at this time and it also has cat characteristics, his consciousness is completely Situ Hao.
In other words, although Liu Yi is sleeping in the bed with her arms around Situhao, she is sleeping with her arms around Situhao from a spiritual point of view.
Situhao is a cat’s illusion at this time. Although he can’t do anything, he can feel the fatal temptation.
The body fragrance in the bed permeates the human body fragrance, which makes Situhao’s male hormones explode rapidly.
He is not a cat’s unreal form at this time, and he will definitely be desperate to press Liu Yi in his body for the most violent venting.
It’s because he is a cat’s unreal form, but he finally keeps Stuart clear-headed and can’t mess around, otherwise he will lose his qualification for life forever.
It’s animal nature that dragons, dragons, phoenixes and mice can make holes when they have babies. If he really becomes an animal forever, isn’t he going to find an animal to vent his impulses?
Think about it. This is a disgusting thing. Situ Hao can’t help shivering. He must keep his mind clear.
Situhao was covered in the bed by Liu Yi, and the female body gave off breath to directly stimulate his sexuality. Although he can’t do anything, he can’t give up this excellent opportunity and do nothing.

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