Princess Tina was stunned when she saw Princess Ling Xue in Uttar Pradesh. I didn’t expect the world to be so beautiful. It’s really beautiful. She saw many women like her, and all of them saw her blindsided, black and white, and her eyes showed pure light, showing her mind without reservation.

Guan Ling Xue couldn’t help but smile when she saw her expression. She must be Princess Liao at night. Look at her. She’s wearing a pink skirt. She’s cute and cute. She has a white melon face with big watery eyes. She can talk. Her eyes are clear and her mind is in it. It’s very exciting to react.
The two princesses are fond of each other, but they don’t know that their purpose is the same. They are all the same. They will be their husbands and men.
Guan Ling Xue’s eyes first turned to the high night in Xuanyuan, which is as handsome as the emperor of Tianyao Dynasty. The momentum is extraordinary and she doesn’t look like her brother. But looking at the position around him, she twisted her eyebrows strangely. Didn’t she say that Tianyao Dynasty Queen was a nine-year-old girl? Why didn’t she see anyone?
Looking away, his eyes are fixed on the crescent-shaped young man with gold. He is very handsome, but his handsome is different from Xuanyuan Night. He is a kind of elegant and beautiful hair. The hair is hanging over his shoulders, and he is shrouded in fog. A closer look reveals that his facial features are somewhat similar to Xuanyuan Night. Is he Xuanyuan Day?
The moth eyebrows puckered up. Didn’t the Prime Minister say that Xuanyuan Zhou’s martial arts were not gentle? Why didn’t she feel that she saw a weak man who seemed to be hiding his mind? Was he really Xuanyuan Zhou?
Some people think suspiciously that the purple pupil man with a golden mask flashed in my mind, saying that XuanYuanZhou is the Xia Wang, so she believes that the masked man is the real Wulin Shaoxia.
Prime Minister Liao got up at night and handed over to Xuanyuan Night. When I left, I told my emperor that I must greet him and send me precious birds at night. May the friendship between the two countries last forever.
Oh, really? Xuanyuan Yelang laughed. I heard that this hundred birds are slightly larger than ordinary birds, with colorful wings and long tail feathers. It’s more noble than I know but true.
Others smell speech are curious.
It was Du Weihai who nodded sideways and slapped his hands. Two eunuchs came in carrying a big cage covered with black cloth.
Go ahead, Du Weihai said to the eunuch.
The eunuch lifted the black cloth to a beautiful bird. It appeared in front of everyone. Its red lips, black eyes, flaming neck feathers, yellow back, long light green and light yellow tail with beautiful lines, thin wings and blue legs, and its head held high proudly.
But it’s a strange bird
What a beautiful bird
A hundred birds are the first.
As soon as hundreds of birds appeared, everyone was amazed at how beautiful their feathers were, how proud and luxurious they looked. They were really the king of birds.
However, it’s a precious bird. Thank you for me. Xuanyuan, the king of our country, laughed at me at night. His deep eyes also showed his appreciation for the bird’s arrogant appearance. Suddenly, he felt that the bird looked like a curved one, and he didn’t know what it would look like when he saw it.
Slightly tilted his head, he asked Xu Mao to see why the bend hasn’t come yet. It’s not because he borrowed his name to change clothes. Then he laughed low. How can the bend never escape?
I must transfer my words to our emperor Du Weihai, smiling and surrendering.
Chapter ninety-five Phoenix
I cann’t believe the real phoenix is here
After a childish cold sound, the petite figure finally appears.
A gorgeous golden phoenix robe has been replaced by a simple crescent robe, and the cumbersome bun has also been changed into an elegant and simple bun, and the beaded flower has been shaken and inserted with a golden step. However, in this case, her black and white eyes are cold and proud, which will make people dare not treat her lightly.
The empress dowager saw her dressed in a plain robe and left, feeling that her eyes were pumping. What a loss of royal style it was.
Among the officials of the concubines, however, there is a sense of schadenfreude. I hope that her shabby dress will make the emperor furious and reprimand her in public to make her lose face.
Xuanyuan night, however, won’t. They would like to see him smiling, stretching his slender hands, holding his cold and curved hands. This elegant dress is more suitable for her, like an elf. Just that night, when she suddenly appeared in Fengyi Pavilion, it was as hard to move her eyes.
Two people sitting in the temple cold bending identity is self-evident.
One high and one low seem to be very discordant, but the contradiction is not inappropriate. Xuanyuan is proud of the night, cold and curved, and he is noble. She respects this similarity and makes everyone in the foot.
Emperor, where did the phoenix come from?
The cold bend turns a blind eye to everyone’s stinging or inquiring eyes. At this moment, the attention is not attracted by the phoenix in the temple. The phoenix dragon is a fiction, but I didn’t expect to actually see it.
This hundred birds were sent to Xuanyuan by Liao Chen at night, but Wanwan was interested in it, but Wanwan called it Phoenix, but this phoenix was a match for the gorgeous appearance of this hundred birds.
A hundred birds smiled coldly, and the name Phoenix is indeed the first bird, which is also true.
I wonder if the empress calls a hundred birds and a phoenix.

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