Only through food can the true qi be transformed without the influence of external vitality, and its martial arts power will remain the same without external interference.

At present, the master-level "Hualong Tactic" can eat food for one year at a time, which means that it needs to eat continuously in the war and can have a steady stream of nutrients to transform into human essence, and then turn it into qi through its own unique multi-thread operation method.
Uncle Tong can still force his opponent to spend mana to fix true spells with the help of the basic increase based on the infuriating mortal martial arts.
Only a special opponent can be evenly matched with powerful magic weapons and natural defense skills.
However, mana supplement is not so cheap and convenient, which is also the reason why Uncle Tong is always confident when facing opponents at the same level.
Fang Ning doesn’t know anything about dragon martial arts. His practice is simply "Dragon Tactics".
Now I’m majoring in frost wyrm’s form, and I’ve just made a small achievement. I can give full play to frost wyrm’s own tricks and vomit a frozen person. Now he wants to continue to practice and strive to make progress, so as to reach the tragic evaluation first …
As soon as you practice, it will be fast, and it will be time for the "Ding Ding" class.
He woke up from the practice and stretched himself. "It’s 5 o’clock, and he has made great progress. Finally, he can play games with peace of mind."
It’s a pity that his abacus didn’t start. Uncle seems to be pinching the same point. At this time, he said, "Strange equipment has now been refined into a rich man. Come and have a look."
Fang Ning smell speech ten points is to let yourself work overtime … But he is too lazy to dispute with this guy because he is also looking forward to that strange equipment.
Then he heard the general statement (the total consumption of 10 million experience values makes the elite nightmare demon soul make Obsidian mysterious door consume additional materials to refine the "bracelet" attributes, such as
First, hidden in the virtual reality. The current size is 1 meter long, 1 meter wide and 1 meter high. Remarks warn that the equipment OAU may be destroyed if it is invaded by an enemy who is too powerful. Remarks: At present, it can resist the power limit to the pond-level peak.
Second, the yuan valve has a mysterious door, which can be placed for him to absorb energy and serve as an entrance.
Third, the powerful guard of the mysterious door of the spirit has been transformed into a manager’s protection and management remarks.
Fang Ning saw the second function and suddenly had an idea. This time, the magic seems to be finally able to send a field.
If you don’t need to hide your younger brother, you can put that meta-valve somewhere and release the news. It’s a secret place, but it’s limited to pond-level pond-level experts.
However, if you want to stop the lake-level experts from entering, you still have to consider it.
Thought of here, Fang Ning wanted to go in and have a look.
It’s a pity that he didn’t see the bracelet when he looked left and right. He wondered, "Where are your equipment, uncle?" How do I get in? "
The equipment I wear is as hidden as my attributes. If you want to go in there, just tell me, or you can go in by yourself through the valve.
Fang Ning is very depressed "are you always hiding anything interesting? Send me in now. "
Then he found himself in a different place.
As soon as I came in here, Fang Ning was blind and couldn’t see anything, just as people couldn’t see the night …
After a little induction, he found that it was really different from the system. It was really energetic here. At least he was also a double C+ level vitality qualification, and he could be induced as soon as he was excited.
But the vitality is very thin, not to mention the ratio of bearing to the ground, which is far from the real world, about one percent of the concentration in the real world.
Once again, I feel that there is still air here, and from time to time, some subtle airflow blows head-on
"The big ye give some light line not? I can’t see anything without your night vision collar "
Fang Ning roll their eyes way
"I’m not here to give you light, but it will consume my own strength. Go find that spirit and let it cast spells; Or I’ll give you a candle. "
It’s really inconvenient, but it’s also true. After all, the quality here is a difference, which is not much different from the real world.
This is different from uncle Tong’s own system. Uncle Tong can’t do what he wants here.
He thought for a moment and asked, "So you can’t just upgrade and expand this place, let alone build a flat …"
It’s natural to upgrade this place. There is a way to redo the bracelet and add new materials to upgrade it, just like that game.
"But it’s different from other equipment. It’s still connected with this change, which means that if you want to move this change, you need to clear everything in it before you can re-expand it, otherwise those things will be damaged in fluctuations."
Fang Ning thought that there were so many restrictions, and sure enough, it was impossible to replace the unified office here, where it was his foundation.
After he asked Bai, he knew quite well that he shouted, "Spirit comes out … The seat is the warrior who saved you."
At this moment, a white light lights up, and the whole thing lights up slightly.
The brightness is not high, which is far better than that without lighting, everything is bright.
With the light, Fang Ning saw an obsidian door floating, and other places were swinging, which made the door even more eye-catching, so he was moved here by Uncle Tong.
Hearing Fang Ning calling, a lifelike white face appeared on a door, and a ghost came from the door not long after.
This ghost should have been a masculine, powerful, strong and perfect man before his death.
It floats to Fang Ning with a very strong momentum, and there is probably a pond-level strength in Fang Ning induction.

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