In addition to filial piety in July next year, the grandchildren of Xiaobo House will be married on the 20th after the weather turns cool in September in February.

The white lantern hung for a year has finally been replaced by the jubilant red lantern, and red silk is also arranged everywhere in the house, which is full of festive colors.
The mistress is so busy with this marriage that she has reached marriageable age. The second girl, Tao Hongzhu, is now behind the first mother, Wei Shi, to help the rest of the girls, but it is because of this marriage that they have a holiday and leisure time.
Today’s wedding day, several girls are talking with the bride Tao Lanyu, but now several girls in Bofu are getting more and more divided.
Tao Ruzhen and Tao Jinshan, a group of Tao Baoqiong, befriended Tao Zhuo. The second girl, Tao Hongzhu, has always been a taciturn person, but she also tends to Tao Zhuo’s side, not to mention her eldest sister, Tao Lanyu. Even with Tao Ruzhen and Tao Jinshan, she is closer to Tao Zhuo.
Tao Hongzhu also followed Wei’s busy Tao Jinshan today and looked at Tao Lanyu, Tao Baoqiong and Tao Zhuo. They talked happily and happily, and found an excuse to pull Tao Ruzhen out of Tao Lanyu’s boudoir.
Tao Ruzhen also wanted to come out early. At this time, when he saw the people around him, he complained that "the big sister is also eccentric, and the sisters are biased towards Tao Baoqiong. Isn’t it just to see that she is a strong woman?"
Both of them, Tao Ruzhen, hate Tao Baoqiong and Tao Jinshan, but they don’t like Tao Burning. They are not necessarily good sisters. Like Tao Jinshan, when she looks at her, she can see that she is jealous of Tao Baoqiong, but her mouth says, "You didn’t know that elder sister has always been closer to them."
Just say that finish, a few busy people came from the side, and they didn’t go on to say that.
However, after they left, Tao Zhuo still didn’t like it. Just now, Tao Jinshan and Tao Ruzhen also hung their faces on this big day, which was not festive at all. It was better for them to leave. Anyway, she talked with her third sister and accompanied her big sister.
She won’t like to hide it in her heart, but she doesn’t say that Tao Lanyu is gentle, but she died young, and she was an ordinary woman and an elder sister. She was very cautious, but she was a transparent person and didn’t care if Tao Jinshan and Tao Ruzhen didn’t treat her sincerely.
The atmosphere in the new house is still festive and happy, and it has not been affected at all. Soon, relatives and women come to add makeup to congratulate them. Who cares if one or two are not gratifying?
By the end of the day, Tao Lanyu couldn’t even walk around the house, sitting quietly on the couch waiting for the wedding reception. With a burst of firecrackers and the sound of "the groom coming to the wedding reception", Tao Lanyu couldn’t help but get nervous.
Tao Zhuo is still happy to see Big Sister’s beauty today, but now she can’t help crying. Big Sister is really going to get married and leave this home.
At this time, it is not as long as you want to go back to your mother’s house after you get married in your previous life, that is, you can live in your mother’s house directly. It is a guest for a woman here to go back to her mother’s house after she gets married, and it is not easy to let her go back to her mother’s house except for the festival. A generation of married women can’t go back to her mother’s house several times.
So, when I think about being gentle, my big sister will become someone else’s home. When I shed tears, I was wiped with a handkerchief by Tao Baoqiong. "Why are you crying? Today is the big sister’s wedding day. Don’t cry!"
Tao gave her a tearful look. Don’t bring yourself into tears when you say this. "I can’t bear to part with my big sister?"
Tao Baoqiong actually loathe to give up. Although she is not as good as Tao Lanyu, Tao Lanyu is a gentle and kind person. Although she is not a mother, she is a hundred times better than Tao Ruzhen.
Seeing Tao Zhuo’s little round face wronged Baba, "Big Sister will come back in three days and miss her. Since I went to Cai’s house to see her, I just want to see you."
"I’m so sad that my third sister is still fierce and I’m looking for a big sister." The word "complain" paused when touching Tao Lanyu’s wedding clothes. She always does this when she is playing, and she will jump into the big sister’s arms and coquetry, but this benefit will be gone in the future, which is even more sad.
"All right, crying into a cat is ugly." Tao Baoqiong abandoned her tears at the same time.
Tao Lanyu’s gentle voice sounded "burning" from the couch.
Tao Zhuo knows that this is the big sister’s wedding day, even if she is sad and tears behind her back, but Tao Lanyu will pay attention to where they can’t see that the little girl is sad. In fact, she is reluctant to leave Bo Fu to live in her husband’s family when she is married.
The bride’s tears are unlucky when she gets married. These are all the things that the elders have taught Tao Lanyu to bear the heart to be sour and smile and pull her head down. Little cousin "If you want to be obedient at home in the future, go to Cai’s house to find me to play."
"Well," Tao Zhuo just couldn’t help but slow down and look up and show a smile. "Big sister will have a good life in the future. If anyone bullies you, I’ll beat him." This is self-evident.
I didn’t go to the boudoir door until I was brewing a makeup poem. Cai Saburo and Cai Qicheng inexplicably felt that the neck was cold. Where did I know that my aunt was thinking about cleaning up Dajiefu and would have prepared the makeup poem to read out?
The clear sound entered the room through the window lattice, and the rouge powder became more and more red.
Such a beautiful woman will be cheaper in the future, and she will become a Cai family wife. Tao Zhuo envied Cai Tian for a while and turned to think about it. Yes, she can find a big sister by playing with funny face.
Such a thought took Tao Baoqiong’s hand in my heart. "Third sister, let’s go out and have a look at the outside. It’s so lively."
Tao Baoqiong thought that she was almost pulled down by a change at the moment. "You are a mixed girl, slow down." She shouted at her ladylike charm in her heart.
Tao Zhuo can ignore her third sister’s confidant because she thinks that her third sister is not a lady but a noble and beautiful girl.
Nature is very lively outside. Tao Zhuo relied on her young age to pull Tao Baoqiong to the crowd of onlookers. She was not tall enough. As soon as her eyes turned, she saw Tao Yiqing’s cool breeze in a group of young doctors, and she couldn’t help but wave her chubby hands.
Tao Yiqing raised his lips and smiled, and people were coming this way.
"There are so many big brothers that we can’t even see what’s inside. Are the big sisters and big brothers in prostration?" Tao Zhuo, listen, just now, Big Sister has gone out of the boudoir with the groom, saying goodbye to her elders. It’s a pity that she was blocked from seeing it.
"Yes, but I can’t see it?" It’s also a little difficult to see Tao Yiqing like this. If she is younger, she can pick her up by herself. Now that she is older, her brother has to avoid it. But after looking at her chubby little face, she still reached out and picked her up. Wen asked, "Can you see this?"
"Ah!" Tao Zhuo didn’t want her big brother to really hold her up. After all, her mother said that when she grew up, she couldn’t let her brothers hold her up and play high. She couldn’t help but exclaim a little and then put her arms around his neck with a big smile. "I can see hee hee."
Sure enough, to grow tall is to look at how broad this vision is.
"It’s really hard for me to hold you up when you grow taller," Tao Yiqing said, looking at Tao Baoqiong beside him. "Can Third Sister also need brother’s help?"
Tao Baoqiong refused with a straight face, "I don’t see a short figure like a small six or five", but there was a flash of envy in his eyes.
Tao Yiqing knew that her character was the most stubborn, but she didn’t say anything.
Tao Zhuocai ignored her third sister’s claim that she was short. She grinned and whispered close to Tao Yiqing’s ear. "Big brother, when you lift your third sister, she will be taller than me, so she will definitely not see it."
Such a festive day Tao Yiqing rarely played a narrow mind and nodded his head gently.
Therefore, after Tao Zhuo looked into the crowd for a while, he took Tao Yiqing’s sign to put her away, pulling her unguarded and pushing her to Tao Yiqing’s hand. With this strength, Tao Yiqing easily picked up this cousin, who is supposed to be closer to her half-sister.
Actually, Tao Baoqiong is taller than Tao Zhuo, but both of them are thin of the same age and weigh a lot less than Tao Zhuo. Tao Yiqing saves effort than before, but Tao Zhuo’s weight makes Tao Yiqing feel that if this sister develops like this again, she is really afraid that she will not be able to lift her.
Tao Yiqing has always been a gentleman, especially in front of people. Tao Baoqiong didn’t expect him to do this. If it weren’t for the hustle and bustle of people here, people would pay attention to her exclamation.
Soon her face turned red and she was stiff and uncomfortable.
Because she grew up beside Wei’s family, Tao Yiqing moved to the outer court at the age of six, and Wei’s family followed her. All the women born to Tao Guangqi were treated according to the etiquette of the first mother, so Tao Yiqing really embraced Tao Baoqiong for the first time.
Tao Baoqiong was held and played by his uncle Tao Yulang before he was six years old, but his father Tao Guangqi never held her in his memory. Because of Wei’s indifference, it is not good. Her father is also light. Of course, Tao Guangqi’s other women are not as close as Tao Yulang.
So Tao Baoqiong got used to it and didn’t feel anything. Anyway, she still has her own mother who loves her.
But Tao Yulang hugged her fashionable and young, and was picked up by her brother. Tao Baoqiong’s cheeks were red.
When I was uncomfortable twisting my body to ask Tao Yiqing to let her come, a clear voice came to my ear. "Third sister, don’t touch and be careful."
Then you let me come, but I don’t know if Tao Baoqiong can’t say it when it comes to the mouth.
She quietly looked at people who were lower than herself and an idea came to her mind.
Maybe she doesn’t care so much about this brother as she thought. It’s pride that has always felt that she was born in the second room. She should tell outsiders that the original girl should be natural and not close.

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