"Big mana removed? Is it far from the earth? " Xiao Lingyu asked over dinner.

"You said where the earth is, I don’t know, but even the nearest planet to the flight feather continent is very far away, and it can be moved in such a long distance. It is estimated that the monk’s cultivation is at least around Jin Xian period. You are lucky. If you meet those indifferent monks, you won’t care about your life or death at all. " Jiang Lanyue didn’t eat. Being trapped here, she didn’t have any appetite at all. She just listened to Xiao Lingyu’s words and then helped with the analysis.
"Do you think there are many people who have been removed from the earth by great powers like me? Will it be just me?" Xiao Lingyu asked with great concern.
"This I don’t know much about, it depends on how the monk’s specific repair, however, even if the monk’s repair reaches the limit level allowed by the time and space in the fix true world, it is difficult to move all the life on a planet for a long distance in an instant. It is estimated that only a few lucky people, including you, have got this chance to avoid death. But even if you are moved, you may not be immortal, because the monk seems to be in a hurry and can only move you aimlessly and arbitrarily. Your position is different. It is estimated that many people directly appear in the mouths of some cruel fierce beasts or monsters. Take you for example, this place where you appear is a dangerous place in Feiyu mainland, surrounded by barren ancient forests, with countless ferocious monster beasts and fierce beasts. If you hadn’t been lucky enough to meet my kind heart, I’m afraid you would have been bitten by monster beasts without even bones left. " Jiang Lanyue calmly explained with some color.
This explanation made Xiao Lingyu, who had had enough to eat, decisively give up his plan to continue eating, and his expression seemed a little anxious. Have your parents been removed from the earth? If everyone is removed, are they safe?
But it’s no use worrying, because he can’t leave here at all, and even he doesn’t know when he can hold on.
"You really can’t go out?" After eating, Xiao Lingyu asked.
"If there is, do you think I will chat with you here?" Jiang Lanyue hands holding the cheeks, asked.
"I don’t know. Maybe you think I’m handsome and want to spend more time with me." Xiao Lingyu joking tunnel.
"You are so handsome, mortals really have no knowledge!" Jiang Lanyue gave Xiao Lingyu a white look and said dismissively.
What Xiao Lingyu didn’t think was that this trap was five years. Of course, he had no sense of time here, and Jiang Lanyue reminded him of the specific time.
The food suitable for ordinary people in Jiang Lanyue’s storage ring has long been solved. Xiao Lingyu was able to live for so long without eating because of Jiang Lanyue. Every time Jiang Lanyue growled at Xiao Lingyu’s stomach, he just blew a breath at Xiao Lingyu, and Xiao Lingyu’s hunger would be swept away and refreshed. Xiao Lingyu was very surprised at first, but later it was normal.
In these five years, Jiang Lanyue didn’t make efforts, but forced breakthrough has always been futile, and sometimes she made herself totally embarassed, but she arranged a circle that Xiao Lingyu couldn’t understand at all in the hall, saying that it might attract the strong to rescue.
Idle is idle, Jiang Lanyue also told Xiao Lingyu about the situation of the fix-up world, which made Xiao Lingyu have a very comprehensive understanding of the fix-up world. Even Jiang Lanyue told Xiao Lingyu some secrets of hidden treasures when he traveled to the fix-up world, but he didn’t say anything about her own origin, and didn’t give Xiao Lingyu advice on practice. He just simply said some of the monks’ practice.
In fact, it’s not that Jiang Lanyue doesn’t want to teach Xiao Lingyu some methods, but she knows some very advanced stuff, which can’t be cultivated in Xiao Lingyu’s situation, and there is nothing suitable for Xiao Lingyu in her collection of materials, even the top strong in the fix true world can’t enjoy the benefits brought by those materials.
Of course, the more important reason is that Jiang Lanyue shouldn’t appear in the fix true world. She doesn’t want to change the fate of anything in the fix true world, just thinking that she is a passer-by who leaves at a glance.
They have been chatting together for five years, and the relationship is getting better and better naturally. Sometimes they even go to bed back to back inadvertently. There have also been times when Jiang Lanyue remembered some unhappy things and cried in Xiao Lingyu’s arms, while Xiao Lingyu comforted her like a big brother, although her actual age was much older than Xiao Lingyu.
Xiao Lingyu likes Jiang Lanyue’s mischievousness and quirkiness, while Jiang Lanyue likes Xiao Lingyu’s directness and humor. They are so honest with each other, confide in each other, and occasionally frolic in a ball, and their lives are very harmonious.
Jiang Lan Yue is strong, but she is still a child’s mind. It should be that she has not experienced much of the world. When traveling in the fix-true world, because she doesn’t want to interfere and intervene, she is very dull about everything, but being trapped here will reveal her nature, and she can’t be completely indifferent to a person who gets along with each other day and night.
Maybe it’s because Xianfan has a different way, or maybe it’s because he still has his girlfriend in college, so even in the face of Jiang Lanyue’s beauty, Xiao Lingyu is only moved occasionally, but he won’t have any bad thoughts and dare not. He was very honest with Jiang Lanyue, and basically didn’t hide anything, because in his view, he and the girl who looks like a fairy are afraid to be trapped here forever until they die.
Five years, for a strong person like Jiang Lanyue, is simply a flash, but that was when she was practicing, and it was really rare for her to spend five years like this. Like Xiao Lingyu, she inevitably got used to chatting with each other.
But such a day is doomed to be unsustainable, and they are also eager to leave here in their hearts.
Just as they have been trapped in this ancient cave for more than five and a half years, Jiang Lanyue seems to be really impatient, and seems to have lost confidence in the rescue of the strong. She said to Xiao Lingyu: "I want to try again, I don’t believe that if I can get in, I really can’t get out!"
"Well, well, I support you mentally!" Xiao Lingyu seems to seriously nodded and said.
"The walls on all four sides are very strong, and there are some very powerful ancient magical powers protecting them. I can only start from that book, and maybe I will burst the mask, and it will automatically give us a way out." Jiang Lanyue pointed to the Zhang Yushi table and said.
"You’ve tried countless times, haven’t you been unable to open it?" Xiao Lingyu didn’t look too interested.
"It’s not that I can’t open it, but I have to pay a high price. I won’t do that easily, but now it seems that I have to do that."
Jiang Lanyue said, while walking towards the Zhang Yushi table, the short knife called silver moon appeared in her hand again.
"What’s the price? If you want to die, don’t, maybe someone will come to save us soon! " Xiao Lingyu hurriedly followed Jiang Lanyue and said with concern.
"Lose your life? It may really kill me, but I’ll try anyway. Even if I die, at least I can let you out alive. " Jiang Lanyue said with great friendship, in fact, that’s what she was thinking.
"Don’t, we are trapped in this way, and the days are not good. I still have many good stories to tell. Why don’t you listen to my story before you start?" Xiao Lingyu said with a pleading look, in essence, he is also a man of friendship. He has long regarded Jiang Lanyue as his good friend, and naturally he will not ignore his good friend to take risks.
"Do you care about me?" Jiang Lanyue stopped, turned around and stared at Xiao Lingyu and asked.
"Er … of course I care. If you die because of an adventure, I’m afraid I’ll starve to death in the future!" Xiao Lingyu vaguely saw a trace of affection in Jiang Lanyue’s starry eyes, which made him a little afraid to face it, so he said in a joking tone.
I don’t know why, I heard Xiao Lingyu say that she cared about herself, and Jiang Lanyue felt a little warm in her heart. For many years, since the moment she was born, she has actually received very little care. Her relatives are all crazy practitioners. They spend almost all their time practicing and fighting, and their concern for themselves is mostly manifested in material things, while others regard her as a princess on high, and dare not approach her at all, let alone treat her like Xiao Lingyu. It is precisely because her original life was boring that she secretly ran out to travel to relieve boredom.
"Ha ha, don’t worry, I was just scaring you. I’m not that stupid. If I’m in danger of losing my life, I might as well listen to those stories you never tire of telling every day." Jiang Lanyue said with a smile. At this moment, she suddenly felt that it would be a great blessing to have such a frank, funny and considerate person by her side.
"It’s really not dangerous?" Xiao Lingyu asked.
"Don’t you believe me?" Jiang Lanyue replied in a rhetorical tone.
"Then do it." Xiao Lingyu was relieved to see Jiang Lanyue look relaxed.
Jiang Lanyue confidently rushed Xiao Lingyu and waved his fist, then blew out a colorful light to protect Xiao Lingyu, and then looked at the Zhang Yushi table with awe.
"silver moon yao empty, extinction. Dead! "
Jiang Lanyue stood silently on the edge of the jade table for a long time, then threw the knife in his hand to his head, then folded his hands, and the peach mouth began to slowly make an ancient spell sound.
Chapter 5 Worm
? Chapter 5 Worm
Xiao Lingyu was wrapped in thick colorful light. He couldn’t see the outside, but he was still a little worried. He knew it was definitely not that simple, but he also knew Jiang Lanyue’s character, and she decided to do it, so he didn’t advise him any more.
After waiting for less than a minute, Xiao Lingyu heard the explosion again, and then one share of very strong gas rushed over and pushed him away with the colorful light group.
The colorful light mass hit the wall, and then it broke up. Xiao Lingyu had a big fall.
But he didn’t care too much about whether he was injured, so he got up directly and ran to Jiang Lanyue.
Jiang Lanyue looked a little weak, her charming body was still trembling, and her face was as white as paper. When Xiao Lingyu came to her, she bent over and bowed her head and spit out one mouthful blood.
"Are you … are you all right?" Xiao Lingyu held Jiang Lanyue’s crumbling body and asked with concern.
"Nothing." Jiang Lanyue stood up straight again, and reached out to touch the ancient books on the jade table. Xiao Lingyu did not find that silver moon’s dagger, which was originally held by Jiang Lanyue, had broken into two pieces and lay quietly and dimly on the ground.
Without a gray mask to block it, Jiang Lanyue’s jade-like fingers easily touched the cover of the book, but unexpectedly it rose steeply at this time.
One share of gray air gushed out from the book and rushed towards Jiang Lanyue’s body.
Jiang Lanyue thought it was dangerous. Now, as a general reflex, he poured out a circle of colorful brilliance and wrapped his body. In desperation, he forgot to protect it together with Xiao Lingyu.
That one share of dusty airflow can’t seem to stay outside for long, and he is eager to find sustenance. After hitting a wall with Jiang Lanyue, he turned around and rushed into Xiao Lingyu’s body in lightning speed.

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