Shura suddenly understood that her mind didn’t good the spirit to say that she wanted to steal something. Why don’t you be one of your own? When did this woman become so treacherous and die? Let others do crooked things. What’s the matter? It’s time for you chivalrous men to be married. Chapter I Do you understand?

Chapter 1
To be honest, I’ve seen ghosts and shadows, especially when they are good at moving in the dark. I have to admit that the experts in the Royal Pavilion are definitely not as good at it as they are. Anyway, Xiao Xiao gave her a top hat first.
Shura’s eyebrows twitched a few times. I don’t sound like a compliment. I took a hard look at Xiaoxiao before I was reluctant to say forget it. What you said is also true. Anyone who enters my ghost gate will practice a secret course to integrate everything around him, and it is one of the masters. You will find someone.
Xiaoxiao smiled gratefully, and then said, firstly, Guan Li first inquired about the location of the training room of the poisonous spider of Tibetan cherry blossoms, and then Xiaotian sneaked in. The four dharma protectors were guarded in four directions and left immediately after Xiaotian succeeded. If you were found to take away your Xiaotian spirit, you would be able to cope with them. However, it depends on the night work of the four dharma protectors. I will arrange someone to meet you along the way. Don’t worry.
After some arrangement, they sent it straight to Qinglan on the same day.
It’s night Xiaoxiao fidgeting, praying constantly that he must get it.
Don’t worry about shura coming over and giving her a lazy look, saying that the palace can’t resist people’s air defense and mice, especially not ordinary mice. Here, she can’t help but make a cold war. I really don’t know where Lou Xiaoxiao got these strange people.
I hope Xiaoxiao can pass faster when she stares at the sky and the moon at the window. Now it’s really hard for her.
In this way, she waited until the next night when Xiao Tian, the escort officer, returned to the castle. When they gave Xiao Xiao the wooden box in their hands, she was so excited that her eyes were red that she found it and saved it.
Shura quietly looked at her corners of the mouth slightly tilted with a warm smile. At first glance, she was stunned. Surprisingly, it was more beautiful for her to be quiet and not swear.
Guan Li wiped away his forehead sweat and said that we were so easy to get it because Duan Xiaoqi never dreamed that we would steal this thing, but I think he will definitely investigate the fact that Duan Fei was in Tianshan Mountain after tonight, even if it won’t be hidden for long.
Yes, Xiaotian said that it is urgent to prepare the antidote quickly.
I gave it to Xiao Bu, patting my chest and promising four days. If I don’t get the antidote, I’ll let it be repaired for a generation. No, I’ll be fine.
Shura stared at him. What’s wrong with me? But she told me for the first time that you must be an antidote or I’ll make you look good.
Everybody take your positions and wait for four days to go to Tianshan to save the cabinet master.
On the other side, after the theft of the ghost gate in Qinglan Palace, Xiao Qi thoroughly investigated from the beginning and finally found out that the imperial guards were in charge. He had to stay in the official glass section. Xiao Qi was furious with the ghost gate official warehouse. It was all his hostility. Today, they turned him into the backyard and ignited him. Where can he stand it? He can’t help wondering what they stole a poisonous spider this week.
He must have overlooked something.
One day, the antidote will become Xiaoxiao’s face, anxious and excited. Everyone around her is infected with her complex emotions, but she is desperately suppressing it until the day comes.
Xiaoxiao vomited wildly after eating a few mouthfuls at lunch.
Girl, Shuishuang quickly ordered someone to call Se Xiaoxiao and waved his hand. It’s okay. I’m okay.
Shura is a face of disapproval staring at Xiaoxiao. Don’t do anything well in bed these days.
Xiaoxiao shook his head, but he didn’t sleep well last night.
Shura laughs at you for a while, and you won’t sleep well until you come back.
The speaker came to report the girl’s position and Migong asked for an audience outside the castle.
Xiaoxiao suddenly remembered Duan Yishen’s glance, and Guan Li, who was sitting quietly together, said to let him wait for me in the lobby.
Guan Li’s drooping eyes covered the bottom of his eyes with a little strangeness.
When I walked into the front hall, Duan Yi sank her long and narrow eyes and noticed her pale face, I twisted my brow. What’s wrong with it?
Didn’t Xiaoxiao cheer up and ask me something? I’m surprised you came here.
The palace was stolen a few days ago, right? It’s not a question, it’s a certainty.
Xiaoxiao shrugged and generously admitted that I did it.
Duan Yishen approached a few steps, and the evil beauty was confusing. It is unpredictable to steal the cherry blossom spider because someone planted poison.
That’s my business.
Yingying, no one can get a bargain from Brother Four. Duan Yishen will stop talking.
I know Xiaoxiao doesn’t care about a smile.
Duan Yi’s lips are deep and his eyes are dark. Do you know that you can’t compete with him without Jun Gegen?
Duan Yishen your kindness, my heart Bai Xiaoxiao turned and sat down and rubbed his temples. He said lightly that we don’t talk in such a roundabout way. I think you already know a lot of things, and you should know why I did that.
That’s right. I know Duan Yishen’s bullet won’t let his chest suppress him. You don’t care about anything, but don’t forget Xiaowen Xiaowu is still pregnant.
Hehe, Xiaoxiao stirred up her eyebrows and looked at him with a smile. Hey, are you afraid I’ll die?
Damn it, you’re still laughing. Duan Yishen is angry. He stepped over and grabbed her hand. Can you take care of yourself and stop doing such a dangerous thing?
Xiao Xiao was shocked by his sudden anger. He gradually bent down on one knee and grabbed her hand tightly. I can’t stay with you at any time and protect you all the time. Can you solve the feeling of watching from a distance?
The night gradually fell deep into his eyes and slowly became soft. Xiaoxiao held him backhand. This small movement made Duan Yishen suddenly shake. He raised his long narrow handsome face and was flattered. Chapter 1 This night is destined to be long.
Xiaoxiao smiled gently at him and let go. You see, letting go is actually not that difficult.
Duan Yishen suddenly grabbed the evil eyes and swayed with affection. What should I do if I don’t want to let go?
I know Duan Yishen, the sixth prince. He is not a person who can afford to let go. Xiao Xiao quietly stares at him. You can stay with me for six years. For me, you have already surpassed the average person. Unfortunately, my position in my heart has been occupied. No one else will change even if it is ten years, but I don’t want you to continue in the distance like this, because I know that feeling.
Once she just looked at him from a distance.
Duan Yi closed his eyes, and the bitterness remained at the corners of his mouth. You hated me then, didn’t you?
Xiaoxiao shook his head. I never regret paying my feelings to myself. I used to be unruly, chic and arrogant. Duan Yishen, but when that feeling no longer belongs to me, I won’t miss it. I hope you can be happy and let go.

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