Well, it seems that she still has things to do now, so she can’t come over for the time being. Luna is a little guilty. After saying this, she even knows how to believe in letting go. The answer is just something. She expected Lolita to believe in this sentence, and the girl’s innocence can be seen.

Really? It’s busy now, so let it meet in Lolita when it’s ready. What does it look like, innocent girl? Go on with your questions.
No, I don’t know. Luna hung her head high and drooped listlessly. I don’t know what it looked like. It didn’t show up when I signed the contract.
So maybe it didn’t come, how could you sign the contract? Even if it was naive, Lolita knew that Luna said something was out of line.
When I came here, I thought that the drop of blood just now produced a strong light. Luna’s spirit was high again and she said brightly, although it didn’t show up, it sent a drop of blood. I signed a contract with this drop of blood. I think it should be busy now and it will only happen when it doesn’t come over.
Wow, it’s amazing. Is a drop of blood so bright? It must be a god beast, Sister Luna. You actually summoned the god beast Lolita and jumped up with excitement. Her huge chest shook as she beat, compared with the surging tide. Luna felt a little sour in her heart.
All right, all right, Lolita, let’s go to rest. This smelly old man hum. Although she doesn’t want to, Luna still needs to keep her promise. This is her body. The second heir of Mara Frank’s family is called promise.
Wizards are often a relaxed group when traveling. They gently waved their wands and chanted magic spells. Then the dirty soil will become hard and smooth stones, and then some clear water will be summoned. Finally, some fireballs will be released to make the water warmer, so that you can comfortably take a hot bath. After the end of the shower, waving the staves again, the hard stones will be crushed into dust, and a gale will leave no trace.
Sister Luna, didn’t you see my pants? Just now, I couldn’t find the innocent girl snuggling in Luna’s arms, blinking with big eyes and holding her little hand gently on her chest.
I don’t know. I looked guiltily at Lolita Luna and replied, maybe some wild animal took it away. What are you doing?
Massage. Mom said that every night, if you knead your chest like this, you will grow up. Lolita blinked and reached out and touched Luna’s slightly barren chest. Oh, Sister Luna, you are so small. Do you want me to press it for you?
Some glanced jealously at the majestic mountain peak on Lolita’s chest. Luna felt itchy in her heart and reached out and touched Lolita’s chest. It felt much better than her own. Suddenly, I felt a little sour in my heart. Why are you rubbing it when you are so old? It looks like a big papaya. It’s ugly. Then help me pinch that one, too.
Lolita said doubtfully, well, it’s ugly there. Didn’t Daxian say it’s beautiful? When she spoke, her hands were touching Luna’s clothes.
Hum that old man, don’t listen to his nonsense. That old man is the best. Every day, he peeks at a girl taking a bath at such an old age. Don’t take him after you. The thought of the old man with a silvery white beard and a kind face is just obscene to the extreme. Luna, a white mouse, gets goose bumps all over his eyes.
Oh, in a daze, I answered Lolita, and then I concentrated on kneading Luna’s chest.
The fourth chapter swamp rhinoceros dragon
Being pinched by others, Luna couldn’t help but feel a strange feeling. She felt that Lolita’s fleshy little hands seemed to have something very special to make her comfortable. Her chest and abdomen were warm and warm, so she couldn’t help but untie Lolita’s pajamas and buried her head in the innocent girl’s chest and opened her mouth to hold the bead like a cherry.
Oh, Sister Luna, what are you doing? Are you sucking milk? But Lori doesn’t have milk for you. And don’t you hate milk? Looking at biting on your chest, you are sucking milk. Luna Lolita stopped, and her little hand came back from Luna’s chest, hugged her head and gently combed her purple length.
When I looked up, I saw a white mouse sneaking into the tent. Two red mung beans were staring at her chest with round eyes. Luna Lolita smiled happily and stretched out a palm to let the white mouse climb up, little one. Why haven’t you slept yet? Are you hungry? Do you want your sister to feed you?
The white mouse shook its slender tail with a quiver of its head and hugged its two small paws to Lolita for a few times. Then it stretched out so straight, but a pair of eyes still kept a close eye on the girl’s chest, not only to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also to add a meal. At this moment, the white mouse finally became white. What kind of benefits does this look like now?
Stretched out his hand and touched a few things in his robe. Lolita took a sapphire about the size of a fingernail and gently put it in the white mouse’s paw. Eat quickly. Does Xian always let you eat? I think you seem to come over every night. Why don’t you sleep with me tonight?
The sapphire fell from the white mouse’s paw, but it seemed as if it didn’t care at all. The little head rubbed against the girl’s face for a few times and then climbed along Lolita’s clothes.
Get out of here, smelly mouse. Luna finally noticed that the white mouse was picking it up and throwing it away.
Poof, the white mouse bumped into the thick curtain of the tent and fell down again. She glanced at the sapphire that had been abandoned by herself, climbed a few steps forward and looked at it again. Luna finally left the tent dejectedly.
Sister Luna, when can we go back? There are so many insects in this forest. I hate it. Lolita looked at Luna pitifully while dialing a branch in front of her with her wand. They have been walking in this forest for three days. After being led by Daxian to a swamp this afternoon, they finally gave up on this reliable old man. He is a road idiot.
Well, I don’t know what the dead old man said in such a pretentious way that he had been gone for ten times. Luna gave the old man a bad look. At this time, the kind and loving old man seemed to be in poor spirits. His head was covered with silver, slightly scattered, and his white beard was tied into two pigtails in a mess. Even the white mouse on his shoulder was a little listless.
It’s those eyes that are hidden in the white head and staring at Lolita’s hips, but they show that this grown-up sage is not depressed because Luna has done something in her life. In his hundred years of life, she has been carrying out her life. Unfortunately, she has already given birth. What we should do is to set our eyes on the bright future.
Forget it, forget it, Luna Daxiange. He is forced to say this because of his face. Don’t complain about the handsome swordsman. His blue eyes are slightly narrowed, and his green and blue magic sword is easy to cut the weeds in front and stop the thorns. It’s a little overqualified to do this kind of road work with a very magical sword.
Hum, Blank, you don’t want this old man to take off. I don’t know when we can finish the trial if we go like this. Luna glared at the old man again, but unexpectedly showed her flashing eyes that were moving with Lolita’s hips twisting. Suddenly, she couldn’t control her magic wand and knocked at the old man.
Uh-huh. After a binge drinking, my old right hand suddenly flashed on my head, and I met Luna perfectly. She suddenly attacked a young girl. You underestimate my greatness. Are you and I as weak as you ordinary magicians? Although I am old, my old man will be as strong as a boy every day. Hahaha
Uh, Blank almost fell when his wrist shook and he gripped the magic sword.
Lolita looked at her brother with a sudden shake. She was puzzled and looked at him again. She was holding Luna’s magic wand and laughing proudly at her brother. What is a pillar of heaven?
The corners of the mouth moved, and Blank opened his mouth. I don’t know how to explain to my sister. Don’t play tricks on them.

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