The word "disadvantages" has a long history. The first time, it is estimated that people can’t remember the disadvantages. However, for thousands of years, the disadvantages have emerged in an endless stream. Although it is a derogatory term, it turns the words of Gan Kun into a strategy. Whether it is a disadvantage or a strategy depends on whether it violates laws, ethics and regulations. Relatively speaking, disadvantages are a way of small risk and big reward.

City companies spread false news, builders cut corners, and even behind the housing prices, there are also government selling land to whitewash the achievements of economic development. Selling the achievements of the country will pass on the people to earn money without giving back to the people. This is also a kind of stealing the column.
The ugly wave reaped the black beard’s life with one sword. A generation of Caribbean pirates, the Royal Navy, did not dare to face the fierce maritime Satan. An China man collapsed with his death. All sailors and crew members disappeared and died. The experience department was divided by the feared people.
The unified broadcast informed the Screw, Chase and Fear to destroy the pirate Edward Teach, nicknamed Heihu, to give 20,000 military awards, which were distributed by people.
"Twenty thousand? Four thousand points of military exploits per ship are divided into more than 500 points per person. "Friends are not satisfied." Not a lot. "
"But it will be more profitable if we increase the war," Langdao said. "Three treasure maps, a fragment of the guild king logo and the gunner king logo … Who wants it?"
The gunner profession is rather awkward, unlike being a captain alone in another profession. Of course, it is not good to give things to Wu Xin or Mei Wu Xin, who generously said, "Mei Shi Jian Bu"
Mei smiled and said, "Good!"
Bai Wenxiao said to the cockroach, "There is a piece of advice. Don’t go boxing with the sheep. My highest record is 30 defeats."
"The theory should be, but I have no proof."
"Rock scissors, cloth!" Wu Xin must have smashed scissors as soon as he released his fist, and then Wu Xin asked generously, "Do you want to win two out of three games?"
Mei waved, "I’m not that stingy, and you’re bigger."
Bai Wen short message Wu Xin shame
"Then I’m welcome." Wu Xin traded the king’s symbol. This is an exquisite small artillery. The front attributes are generally 5%, 1% attack and shooting speed. In addition, there is a small bonus in glove attack power, but like a craftsman, there is always a great ability. The gunner’s king’s symbol has a special ability of precision. He guarantees that the first shot will definitely hit the target if it is not in the opposite direction and help adjust the gunner’s calibrator.
It seems that compared with Wuxin’s ability, it doesn’t seem to be too high, but this attribute is equivalent to announcing that the dread has really become a destroyer. The destroyer was born to expel the torpedo boat. It has always been extremely uncomfortable for the destroyer to bite the torpedo boat. This king’s symbol attribute completely subverts this unified contracting skill and makes all torpedo boats become ghosts and gods.
The wave showed off another piece of video forum. The only fly in the ointment is that it concealed the fragments of the gunner’s king logo and the guild’s king logo. This is a white lie. Otherwise, it would be bad if the five ships fight in case of international disputes. Besides, you choose one-on-one combat, boat picking, group fighting and guessing boxing … After all, no one is Wu Xinhe and Wei’s opponent, so it is better to be bored and rich.
Three treasure maps are relatively private. You have to tell people that you haven’t lost your black beard, and people don’t believe it. Besides, the dread has been playing too much on land recently. This time, there are three treasure maps, and everyone feels that the pressure is too great. The screws are also very interesting. One person in two ships was divided, and the last one was given to the dread. After all, it was the chief hero.
Summing up the meeting, the screw is heroic again. "Our goal is to eliminate the pirate king city. We want all pirates to have no hiding place and let them become street rats …"
"hey!" Wu Xin couldn’t help saying, "Screw, we are pirates, too."
Screws waved inadvertently, "Destroy the Pirate King City first, and then destroy you and me."
Wu Xinyu is a little abnormal, but he doesn’t care about the screw words. After all, you have been shouting the slogan of encirclement and suppression for half a year, but you have never realized it, but you have been ruined by the fear. You are very confident that there is always a way to control the screw.
Such a guiding ideology says, "Some people have calculated that to take the Pirate King City, it needs at least 1,000 four-class ships, sea power and 5,000 people’s land power. Even the Wolf clan can’t gather together most of them to return to China, and it is necessary to consider the line time."
Wu Xin added, "Finally, what are the benefits of taking the Pirate King City? Don’t you think there are not enough people in the Caribbean? If there is no pirate king city, Americans can March straight into and capture a city with no players or a small number of players, and there is still great confidence. "
Screw said, "It’s not good for all of you, but it’s good for the guild bosses. Now many people are blocked by the pirate king city to return to the north channel, so outsiders can’t get in and outsiders can’t get out. I’ve joined some guilds, including ten large guilds of China Wolf clan, and they all expressed their willingness to participate."
"Since it’s a civil activity, it’s meaningless to talk about it here," Langdao said. "We went to treasure hunt. Goodbye."
"Goodbye!" You are welcome.
Treasure hunting is difficult, but with the first two experiences, it took me half a day to get familiar with the treasure.
Fear has a day off.
On the third day, Wu Xin rarely wears a suit and tie. Today is the day when his lawsuit is pronounced. The plaintiff has no evidence to say that Wu Xin’s company, house and car belong to the Young Group. Wu Xin has hired several accountants through the law firm to sort out the information and will sue the Young Group for compensation for the losses caused this year.
The result is that both sides expected that Yang’s group had money, so it was not necessary to lose a little money. The important thing was that Lang Wuxin lost a year, and the original Wuxin did everything from the natural period. People hoped that Wu Xin would bow their heads and settle the lawsuit, but Wu Xin was tougher than they imagined, preferring to be an otaku and not willing to compromise. On the other hand, if there was no such an excellent game as Da Hai, it was hard to say whether Wu Xin would accept an out-of-court settlement.
One day off is a group aid to Wu Xin. This unscrupulous person knows whether Wu Xin is fighting Taiwan with his old man or encouraging everyone to come to A city, and is responsible for all the people’s air tickets. Most of them are Wu Xin’s relatives and friends group. A city has been mixed up for several years. Wu Xin’s contacts are very good. On the other hand, it is also a lawyer’s request that Wu Xin can prove from the side that he is not a gigolo.
Everything went smoothly. Before the evidence, the judge decided the facts and returned all the seized and frozen assets. Lawyer Wu Xin said in court that he would investigate the economic losses caused by Yang Tuan’s false accusation. This lawsuit still needs to be fought. Wu Xin is glad that he is a rich man, otherwise he can’t afford it with others.
Cockroaches are more handsome than what they think, and they are also different from the game. When they meet, cockroaches show a little ruffian breath, which is more attractive to women. Either the game is low-key or they are bullied by a fearful person in the game and have no temperament.
Friends are in a row. The concave place should not be concave. The concave place should also be concave, but the left and right can be regarded as slender and delicate. A girl has the temperament that a first love lover must have. After all, it is impossible for anyone to hang up the D cover in the first love. Of course, the exception is a sexual enlightenment teacher like Teacher Cang.
Mei’s temperament is very strong. When my eyes are swept away, I know that this is a girl who just came out of court and was caught by Wu Xin, and then shook hands and hugged each other.
The most talked about is that the wave is fat, playing games for a long time and eating garbage. The weight of the wave is soaring. Wu Xin knows that it is about 9-1 kg.
Second, Wu Xin, everyone can’t see that this man in a straight suit has something in his stomach like a cockroach. The demo is hidden deep.
The only regret is that dragonflies are not only afraid of dragonflies and no one is too good, but it is a small regret.
On the second day of the carnival night, everyone helped Wu Xin tidy up the room and bought some new furniture, and then helped to move. After a day of hard work, Evening Wave, Bai Wen, Wu Xin and Hua Yingying sent everyone to the airport for dinner, all of which were night flight tickets.
In a word, my friend turned his head and said, "The screw has really been done. The post of encirclement and suppression of the pirate king city has appeared in forums all over the world."
Everyone will see that the battle will start in the early hours of the day after tomorrow, and players can freely enter and leave the scope of activities. However, patrols are equipped in various sea areas to prevent everyone from cutting each other for military benefits. According to the screw steps, the pirate king’s naval forces will be cleared first, and then a large-scale landing will be carried out.
Wave said, "Let’s go back to the day and have a good rest. I’ll pull out the pirate branch and we’ll brush up the military."
Bai Wen wry smile "reality to eat a meal and discuss the game"
"My new company Zhang also plays games," Wu Xin smiled. "There is no denying that you can really learn a lot from games."
"For example, the gun is more accurate?" Cockroach laughs at Mimi
Friends grabbed the bag and gave the cockroach a serious warning. "If you talk nonsense again, we will vote for the shepherd brother to beat you."
"I’d love to!" Wu Xin hey hey smile.
"A scholar meets a soldier!"
After dinner, students fly to each other to send Wu Xin and others home. What game does this idle person play? It’s not a policy to supervise Wu Xin’s attitude. He just bought himself a private bed in Wu Xin’s room and lived generously.
Go back to Chelang and say to Wu Xin, "My old man asked if you are interested in partnering with me."
"What company?" Wu Xinwen

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