Roaring storm Wan ye beast roars like a majestic quarrelling wave, and soon the blue energy that permeates the sky suddenly entangles with each other, and the moment is that Yuan Ye’s eyes are entangled into a huge dragon shape with a foot of ten feet.

At the moment when the blue dragon was forming, the huge quarrelling storm suddenly collapsed and collapsed. Immediately, a huge quarrelling light beam was directly projected into the huge dragon body, and its majestic energy became more violent.
I’ll show you what I mean by a beastmaster’s quarrelling. The collapse of the storm is also revealed, but when I see a wave of Yin Dajian’s sword, the dragon suddenly shines brightly. The dragon in Long Ming is directly a terrible momentum and a sudden shot, and the first chapter 119 is full of glory and death.
The ego wants you to die. The blue dragon is terrible, and it disappears in Yuan Ye in a flash. This is a famous trick that will only be put into use when other kings fight in Gao Shuo in the Millennium. Looking at the critical shot, the cold and biting sound of Qinglong Yin is also ringing in the sky.
In the face of the rampage of the blue dragon, several golden rays collapsed instantly, and when Yin Lou smiled triumphantly, a position behind the blue dragon exploded faster than the huge coercion, but this time it was not the usual golden quarrelling and then the green energy of the green forest.
Green energy is ribbon-like. When the dragon hits, the green ribbon keeps counting ropes and fishing at different levels. Generally, this blue dragon is bound, and the power of the dragon is gradually weakened, and its strength is constantly weakening.
Yin stunned and looked at this scene. The green energy has condensed, and the blue dragons are intertwined and constantly eroding each other. In the wrong place of the light, even the emptiness has spread a series of tiny dark cracks.
All around were silent. Yin Yuanye’s eyes were staring at the green ribbon. The blue dragon fought against each other. The green ribbon slowly rotated. The green light set it off like green. The crystal-like energy filled the air. Instead, it was difficult to break through the layer of green defense because of the earth of the blue dragon. In this mutual erosion, the strength of the blue dragon gradually became dim. As the confrontation continued, the wave became more and more severe. Finally, the last crazy suction sucked some gravel and wood on the ground and flew into the aperture. Immediately, it was directly shattered into annihilation powder.
This fluctuation lasted for nearly two minutes, and finally it became dim and straight with the faint blue dragon, and finally it all disappeared.
After the beam dissipates, the green ribbon is still spinning slowly, but its bright green color has also become dim. Obviously, many of them have eroded each other in the previous way and consumed a lot of energy of the green ribbon.
Two kinds of horrible big moves are finally won by the strange green energy. At this moment, Yin personally looks a little old. He never thought that his unique skill turned out to be broken by the other party in this way.
What is this move? Yin is unwilling to roar.
It’s also my recent strength to display a trick. The attack power is not strong, but defending or trapping people is definitely a king-level trick. Yuan Ye didn’t hide anything to show his pride to his opponent. It’s also an honor. You can’t threaten each other with your moves. Who has to ask?
Who the hell are you? Gu Yu Da 6 is not as good as you.
I, Yuan Ye Yuan Ye, have a simple answer.
Yuan Ye defeated Yin Zhu Que and advanced to the 93rd place in the honour list. It seems unbelievable that Yuan Ye is the only one who is called Yuan Ye’s master, but even the 93rd place in the honour list is not too big now. Yu Ye knows these things about Red Soul Mountain, and he hasn’t heard of them yet.
Yuan Ye nodded
No way, you can’t be so strong. It must not be that Yuan Yeyin’s face is extremely ugly.
Yuan Ye sneered and laughed. You and I are both here. Do you think it’s meaningful to care about my identity? Even if I’m not Yuan Ye, you can win today or I can let you go today.
Breathe for a long time, and finally his face is slightly slow and strong. Squeeze a smile. Yuan Yexiaoyou today, ri, you and I will stop fighting. I will leave here immediately and will never prevent you from winning the red stone in the third prison again.
No, Yuan Ye’s answer is very simple. Let’s not say whether you are really willing to go, even if you are willing to go. In case there are chanting my three prisons and red stones everywhere outside, it will be uncomfortable. The most important thing is that no one wants a king enemy. I hope it is dead.
Don’t insult me too much. Can I kill you if you block my move? You underestimate the strength of the king. Don’t push me into a hurry. Yin suddenly became angry from embarrassment. The king’s master and other distinguished people are already very low-spirited, but the other party actually won’t give him a way.
I don’t underestimate your strength, but unless you make me unable to kill you, I will kill you today, and Yuan Ye will not move at all.
I’m fighting with you. Yin suddenly has red eyes and at the same time
Yin turned out to be a sword to draw a huge wound in his mouth, and suddenly blood came.
Well, Yuan Ye’s eyebrows are wrinkly and she feels a little weird.
Today, I will kill you even if I tinker backwards for a thousand years. Yin is furious and ye roars like a beast. At the same time, the blood left is not low, but the fog is generally suspended around Yin. Then this red blood gas turns out to be condensed into a tiger form. This tiger is huge and wraps Yin in it.
Blood Sacrifice Beast King has a low voice ye Beast has a low u Generally, Yin’s body is shocked by blood gas, and at the same time, its breath is also instantaneous and soaring. In the blink of an eye, Yin has reached the level of the first master of the earth Yuan Zun Guan Honglie. Of course, there is no King’s Cup, which has reached the level of the King’s Cup. Then Yuan Ye won’t fight in this battle. Even if he doesn’t reach that height, this short-term means of soaring strength will make Yuan Ye stunned.
Yes, the challenging Yuan Ye’s fighting spirit has soared to the extreme, and the green wood spirit force is also the golden gold spirit force. At the same time, in the palm of your hand, you are ready to pick up the other party’s attack.
See the same surge in momentum Yuan Yeyin’s arrival in Tianyi class. Look coldly at the past. See that the illusory blood-gas tiger behind Yin is still alive. Generally, a shock in the sky roars. Soon, the huge body vibrates with a huge bloody light with a few feet. With a very terrorist force, it is hard to pounce on Yuan Ye. Chapter DiYiYi Jin Mu fuses with four watches.

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