A 167-year-old boy on the roadside caught fire with a worn-out automatic rifle, and the gun was so accurate that he shot three times and killed two officers in the first car on the spot.

Car officers and soldiers rushed back after being stupid.
In this way, there is no way for the two groups of people to communicate effectively in the middle of the road.
Officers and soldiers are all on vacation, and the weapons they carry are daily guns, not wartime equipment. In addition, the people in the old triangle area are extremely tough, although they are not tall weapons and are backward, but they are really desperate, including underage boys.
In dozens of seconds, the warring people were killed here, four officers were killed there, five people were captured and four people were left, and the last car fled back immediately when the situation was wrong.
The local people are poor, how can there be a car? They can chase after them on two legs, but they can’t run after four rounds. After several shots angrily, they can let each other go.
The four prisoners were completely unlucky. When the girls’ family came and learned what had happened, they grabbed guns, crowbars, batons and other weapons and slammed them at the four men.
Four people were beaten to the ground and wailed bitterly, but there were no eggs, and the anger of the people around them also came together to beat them up
Not long after, four people were killed alive and thrown to the side of the road.
At the same time, the officers who fled the car immediately joined the troops and were so angry that they lost their minds that they ordered their own troops to join forces.
Are people in the old triangle still fucking people in their eyes? Isn’t that slaves and lambs to be slaughtered? From the standpoint of the region, the old triangle is attached to a dog next to the fifth region. It is aimed at the cannon fodder troops who have carried out military operations in the three regions. Then their soldiers and races in the fifth region must be of noble blood, which is what the old triangle region wants.
The storm prologue exhibition Menghan town is full of excitement because of the wedding song and dance, and the border accidents continue to ferment.
After the dinner, Xiang Chouhao went back to his room to rest.
Qin Yu’s slow-paced self-government compound turned to Coco and said, "I thought it would be more convenient for Wu Di to communicate with Ling Ye, but considering that women may be more accommodating, you should also join her."
"Shouldn’t you go to Lian?" Cocoa pie mouth replied, "How charming you are!"
"Will you stop being weird?"
"Hey, are you still in contact with that big star in Zone 7?" Cocoa deliberately asked, "I heard that you once wanted to be a cowboy?"
Chapter 1696 Massacre
Qin Yu is also a bitch. Seeing Coco taunting him several times, he immediately replied triumphantly, "You won’t even eat the golden rain and stop vinegar, will you?"
Cocoa zheng qiao face flushed spat scold a way "you who are you? Approved! "
Say that finish cocoa turn round and then walk.
Qin Yu shouted behind his back, "Don’t forget to unite with Ling Ye."
"Roll" Coco shook his ponytail head and didn’t return. "Go charm yourself."
"How can I be anxious when I talk about this joke?" Qin Yu some nai muttered a step into the hq main building.
The frontier reconnaissance battalion near three san belongs to two war links. A company commander and a deputy battalion commander came back from the village of Yahui Life and made a report at the same time.
The battalion commander of the Frontier Reconnaissance Battalion flew into a rage when he learned that five officers were killed and four were captured. He officially ordered the troops to prepare to attack the Budui Living Village and reported this information to the regimental headquarters. Naturally, the regimental headquarters responded by conniving at the troops to go back and rob people, and hinted that if necessary, they could directly shoot the leading gangsters.
More than twelve o’clock in the middle of the night
Two full-company soldiers returned to the Budui Life Village with armed cross-country pickups, but only to see four captured officers being killed and dumped in the wilderness.
This result made the Indian officers who led the team completely lose their minds. They are everyone in the five districts. When did the old triangle suffer such a big loss?
The military vehicle leader officer ordered the soldiers to transport their compatriots’ bodies to armed pickups, and then angrily ordered the official encirclement and suppression of the third factory car.
More than 20 soldiers rushed to the factory car door, kicked the iron gate and waved their hands, then put the armed cross-country and pickup truck team into the compound.
The people on duty in the hospital looked at the scene outside the room and immediately pulled the neck and shouted, "The soldiers from the fifth district came to the military vehicle and entered the hospital."
This voice went to the factory, and the men rushed out with weapons to prepare for the theory of being a soldier. Because it just happened, it didn’t take long for them to deal with the fact that the six girls were violently exploded. Many people didn’t rest. After listening to each other, they also came back with a fire in their hearts and prepared to discuss it.
But will a soldier reason with you? Will I discuss the statement with you?
That’s the confidence in the hand of the gun.
The tragic death of nine officers involved in this camp is not a trivial matter. The soldier is not used to beating everyone at once.
Suddenly the factory was in chaos, and dozens of workers were beaten around by soldiers.
There are still three points in the clay figurine, and the anger is worse. The folk customs in the old triangle area are very tough, and the factory people are also anxious after being beaten continuously.
"Hey, hey!"
Several people took out their guns from the room and shot at the window.
As soon as the gun rang, the contradiction escalated again. Two soldiers were caught off guard against being knocked down by bullets.
"Supid yellw nkey!" The anger of the leading off-road vehicle officer made "the gun shot him!"
At the moment, the mentality of both sides is the same as that of two drunken brawls. At the very beginning, they may all have some restraint, but the emotion will be infected by the scene environment. After the physical conflict between the two sides escalates, both sides will have a real fire. It will be difficult to control the situation if the gun goes off again.
The soldiers were impatient and took automatic rifles, so they suddenly wounded and killed more than a dozen people.
The people who fermented the soil in the tragedy also quit. They took out the soil gun from the house and fought back.
The more noise there is, the bigger the bud will be. The living village will be completely ignited. The surrounding people have rushed over when they heard the noise, and most of them resisted fiercely. Few of them watched the excitement from a distance, and this reaction is a manifestation of nationality.
I still remember that years ago, when the American brothers were in the heyday, they didn’t get any big bargains when they crossed the battlefield. Finally, they were despondently run away. Although the international situation affected them, it can also prove that the people and soldiers in the old triangle region have strong cohesion and resilience
The peripheral people came to the compound with soil guns and soil cannons and inferior incendiary bottles.
The officers and soldiers of the frontier reconnaissance battalion around the factory obviously didn’t expect that their own side would suffer such fierce resistance, and the conflict was getting bigger and bigger. The people outside actually let them play war damage and more than a dozen soldiers were injured and burned.
This made the leading officers even more angry and anxious to run the command car and roared, "The machine guns will kill them all!"

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