Musang shut his eyes and his face was a bitter smile.

Musang checked his body to the heart pulse, and I wrinkled my forehead.
Musang’s heart has been shattered, and it is a miracle that he can persist after being injured.
Urgently call Dan Tai Li to come over here. I’ll tell Dan Tai about Li Mushang’s heart pulse.
Dan Tai glass speed palm leads out the life-limiting machine to wrap the heart vein of Musang, and then let me teleport Yinbao out of the ring.
Mulberry opened his eyes again at this time and said to Dan Tai Li that Dan Tai Li should save some energy to treat another one.
Dan Tai Li said that it is no wonder that I would shut Musang up and shut Musang up. Up to now, there is still no good word in my mouth.
I followed my words and handed the black beads to Dan Tai Glass Dan Tai Glass. My left hand took the beads and my right hand made a tedious hand decision at the beads.
As Dan Tai glass moves, black beads burst out with a strong black light with limited vitality, which wrapped Mulberry’s body in the whole package.
Mulberry was surprised by the black light, and his expression was filled with hope.
I don’t feel sorry that the black beads can still shoot out the vitality-limiting force. I will go to Dan Tai to treat Mu Sang and then treat him seriously.
Even if I worry about Mulberry, Mulberry’s life is life, and the life of the demon catcher is also life.
After some treatment, it’s already bright, and Mulberry is still alive.
Killed demon hunters came from all over the world. All the bodies were buried first in the small village of Zi Shan and then in the hills. Wooden boards were erected in front of each grave, and the names of the people in the graves were simply remembered.
When we buried the body of the demon catcher, Luo Shu was still in the grave of Luo Guotou’s mother in the back mountain and still maintained his front posture.
After burying all the dead demon hunters, I said goodbye to Dan Tai Lihuo to catch the demon hunters.
Musang said when he left that Xiaoqiang would remind me and Xie Yiming in front of him from time to time.
If I have the address he gave me, I will take Dan Tai Li and Xie Yiming for a walk together, and he will surely be delicious and entertaining.
I should be told by Musang that when all the demon hunters left, I went to Luo Shu and squatted in front of him.
I told Luo Shu that staying in the back is not good for your health. Luo Shu looked at me with a dull look and asked me which one I was.
Luo Shu’s reaction made my heart unspeakable. I told Luo Shu that my name was Lu Xiaoran and I was going to move to a small village in Zi Shan to ask Luo Shuhuan if he was not welcome.
Luo Shu hesitated and nodded and said, I don’t know why. There are many houses in this small village in Zi Shan, but no one lives in them.
I pulled Luo Shu up from the ground and took Luo Shu’s hand back to his house. I said that the room was just right, and I was worried that there was no place to live.
Uncle Luo went back to his house with me and asked me why I moved here. I said I would move here after I finished some things. I hope I can see Uncle Luo again when I come here next time.
Luo Shu said with a wooden expression that he would always stay in the small village of Zi Shan and not go anywhere. I said that if he wants to stay in the small village of Zi Shan for a long time, he must take care of his health first.
Luo Shu’s family told Luo Shu that I would say goodbye to Dan Tai Li Luo Shu later. I collected the ghost Dan Tai Li who came out of Yin Zhu and returned to the ghost market together.
After returning to the ghost market, Goo Zi and I will practice the double bead merger method immediately.
Except that I need to have a rest, practice and eat once every half month, both Goo Tsai and I are in a state of practice. Grandma will tell me about the current situation every half month when I eat with Goo Tsai.
From grandma’s story, I know that ghosts were forced to enter and leave the sewer through the merger of the seven ghosts in the Weihe River.
From time to time, the ghost of Yin was forcibly pulled out of that passage, and then it was instantly stunned by our line.
Because of the nine-headed bird breaking into the Yin, the Yin adopted a policy of defending against attack when the Yin ghost was forcibly pulled out of that passage.
If we don’t fight in this line again, we will repeatedly close the entrance and exit of ghosts hit by the seven ghosts of Qinhe River.
Zuo Si and Zuo Si’s father stayed in Zuo Si’s mansion for a long time and never came out. No one knows how Zuo Si and Zuo Si’s father recovered physically.
Chapter one hundred Two World Wars
Getting information from grandma sometimes sounds like our temporary advantage, but Goo Zi and I still dare not relax our practice of the double-bead merger method.
I clearly know that the so-called quiet period before the storm comes refers to the period before Zuo Si and Zuo Si’s father come out of Zuo Si’s mansion again.
Goose and I will try our best to get Zuo Si and Zuo Si’s father out of Zuo Si’s mansion and raise the double-bead merger method to the tenth floor.
With such a storm coming, our side is more capable of meeting the challenge of the storm.
I haven’t been in touch with Wang Haowen, and I’ll stop practicing sports every half month. I contacted him to ask him about the situation. If he said everything was fine, I needed to worry.
From the message of tracking Wang Haowen’s invisible paper man, I know that Baiyun has personally contacted Wang Hao from time to time
Taking control of the whole evil faction, Wang Haowen pretended to be a snake in the white clouds, and at the same time quietly looking for traces in the white clouds, but he has never seen where in the white clouds.
I kept practicing with Goo Zi, and I found that when Goo Zi and I raised the double-bead combination method to the first level for further training, the level of double-bead combination method rose very slowly.
After the double-bead merger method rose to the ninth floor, the double-bead merger method was even more difficult.
In this case, I gave up my grandmother’s appointment to have dinner once every half month, and I continued to practice the double-bead merger method with Goo Zi.
I don’t know when we will practice together without eating once every half month. Takuya can’t remember how many times he has experienced cone-hearted hardships when he practiced again.
I occasionally go in and out of my room. Grandma, Jiang Yan, Dan Tai Li, Xie Yiming and Wang Dalang will stay in their room for a while, and no one will come to disturb me and Goo Tsai to practice.
Since I entered the cultivation state again, I no longer know what the outside situation is like. If I can guess what the outside situation is like by the expression of people coming in and out of the room.
People who come in and out of the room have a relaxed expression at first, and then they have a heavy expression, and then they can’t hide their fatigue.
It is speculated that the situation outside should be increasingly severe, and I am even more anxious to raise the double-bead merger method to the tenth floor quickly.
However, if Goo Zi and I try hard again, I will be impatient again. Although the level of the double-bead merger method is further advanced, it is very slow.
Once again, I was exhausted and urged the sixth level of bamboo slips to recover my physical strength. When I recovered my body, I contacted and said that we should pause for a while.
I asked Goo Zi that there would be such a discussion. Goo Zi cocked his little head and looked at me, saying that he thought that if we went to show the merger of the two beads, it might improve the slow increase in grade.
I said that Goo Tsai’s proposal was groundless. Maybe Goo Tsai said that we would know the result after giving it a try. In case his proposal works, it will help us to achieve the double-bead merger method early.
Considering one, I should also discuss that Goo Tsai’s body should be restored to a state of full blood, and continue to urge the bamboo slips. After the sixth floor is moved, I will remove the streamer cover and recover the Yin and Yang beads hanging from Goo Tsai’s head.
Put the Yang Zhu Gu Zi’s neck. I put on the Yin Zhu and take Gu Zi’s little hand out of the room.
After seeing people swinging on the first floor of the clubhouse, I took Goo Tsai out to the ghost market and led to the clubhouse passage.
After seeing people swinging in the ghost market, Goo Tsai and I looked at each other and were ready to rush to the ghost market and lead to the sewer.
Wang Dalang rushed out of the tunnel at this time, and when he saw me and Goo Tsai, he called me and Goo Tsai to help him.
As soon as I entered the ghost market behind Wang Dalang and led to the sewer, I heard a confrontation sound.
In this case, Goo Tsai and I accelerated towards the end of the passage and left Wang Dalang behind.
Arriving at the end of the passage, Goo Zi and I immediately plunged into battle. As soon as the effect of the merger of the two beads appeared, we gathered around the people at the end of the passage near the deep pit.
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Immediately dispersed.
The reason why they dispersed is no, don’t. Just because Goo Zi and I have combined the two beads, we have enough absolute advantage to force many ghosts to rush out of the pit.
Dan Tai Li and Xie Yiming were not seen at the edge of the white pit, and Goo Zi and I continued to derive the merging force of double beads to strongly counter the harassment of Yin ghosts.
After deriving the merging power of the two beads, I know that the merging power of the two beads has tended to be the power when the ghost power of my body is aroused.
This discovery surprised me and made me look forward to Dacheng Shuangzhu merger method.
Goo Tsai and I have been in the war for less than ten minutes, and then the ghost wants to rush out of the pit.
Stop urging the double beads to move. I went to the side of the vertical pit and asked my grandmother and Jiang Yan why she didn’t see Dan Tai Li and Xie Yiming, and my brother, Nong Gang.
Grandma told me that Dan Tai Glass was sitting in the ghost market during this period, and Xie Yiming led the seven ghosts of Qinhe River to arrange a large array against the enemy.
The large array of the seven ghosts against the enemy in the Qinhe River has been decorated. Today, it is just to leave the ghost market. Once again, make sure that there are any flaws in the large array.
Just after Dan Tai Glass left the ghost market, Yin attacked the ghost market again.
When Dan Tai Glass left the ghost market, she took half of the people from the underworld to the large array test site, and then faced the difficult situation when the Yin-to-ghost market attacked. That’s why Wang Dalang came to me and Gu Zi to help.
After listening to grandma’s answer, I nodded and said to the remaining sects at the edge of the pit that it was hard to start surrounding the pit.

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