I don’t know if it’s just right for rushing into the blood sea or if I have a chance to enter the second pulse. Anyway, it’s the golden dragon transformed by Ao Ba, which crashed into the coffin and disappeared.

I went in. I actually went in
It seems that Aoba has found his chance, so he has to refuel himself.
There is a way to enter the tunnel. It is necessary to be fast after entering. Maybe you can grab the chance of others.
Strange changes have taken place in the dragon king’s pulse when he entered the sea of blood. The whole galaxy water seems to be as calm as a long white ribbon, and there is no sign of rushing, but it shows that his brother can’t get in.
No, the king of death shook his bronze tusk mask for a few times, and his body rose and charged at a galaxy.
We are all monks, and naturally we have studied the odd meridians. Without reference, we can’t tell which one is the Du-Er pulse, but after locating the pulse, we found the Du-Er pulse according to the orientation and characteristics of the odd meridians.
The Du meridian represents the heaven and the earth, but the Du meridian is the earth and the sky.
In the friar’s cognition, the Du Meridian is the strongest, and the governor of Du Meridian is called "Yang Meridian Sea" because he is covered with Yang Meridian, which is also called Tianmai.
It is recognized that Wang Fei, the strongest undead, went to the governor’s pulse, and everyone didn’t intercept it. Otherwise, the strength of everyone would not be much different, and then the pulse qualification might be able to compete.
No, the god of death Wang Hua, a black streamer crashed into the Du Meridian Galaxy.
Everyone also thinks that it is natural that the King of Death is probably the best monk to enter the Du Meridian Tianhe.
But to everyone’s surprise, it was less than a cup of tea, and the milky way in Tiandu Meridian crashed with a loud noise. The King of Death was shaken out like a projectile and fell straight away from everyone.
On-site Godsworn Qi Qi was surprised.
No, the king of death is not qualified to enter the Du Meridian Tianhe.
Then who has it?
Two monks from the real demon family?
Unconsciously, several monks moved slightly and stopped the Du Meridian Tianhe road, but they were not going to let the two true magic survivors rush away.
Fang Bu, the king of death, burst into bursts of unwilling roar and roared, "Can I go in to see which of you can go in? Who can be qualified if the king is not qualified?"
While speaking, the deathless king rushed out to Luoer and Luohe on the opposite side, and the powerful and fierce spirit blew the magic fog of the two true magic survivors to be swaying endlessly.
Lorraine said softly, "The God King should be calm and not afraid to tell the God King that the true demon monk is not qualified to enter the second vein of heaven and earth. We may enter the four veins, that is, the Yinwei pulse, the Yangqiao pulse or one of the Yinwei pulse and the Yangwei pulse, and the palace can usually enter the Yinwei pulse."
No, the king of death is so powerful that he suddenly solidifies, and he doesn’t know who to feel at.
Luo Er said at this time, "God King, you are the immortal body, and the yin and yang body is the pure yin attribute. You enter the best vein, but it is the ground vein, that is, the pulse. Don’t forget that the pulse is always covered with yin meridians, so it is the most suitable for God King, but it is best not to supervise the pulse."
No, the king of death looked up at the sky and looked at the pulse Tianhe
Luo Er said that it makes sense that the pulse is really the most suitable for his undead clan, and although the governor pulse is slightly higher than the pulse, the difference between them is only a little different, so it is acceptable for the king of death to enter the pulse
But the key to the problem is not whether you should enter the meridian or the du meridian, but how you can’t qualify to enter the du meridian. This is a hundred times. No, the king of death wants to see who can enter the du meridian
So no, the king of death stopped and said, "You all have a try. I’d like to see who can get into the heavenly vein."
If it is not the death of the king, everyone takes it for granted and feels unstoppable, but if it is not the death of the king, who will have a chance?
Jordan has confirmed that he can’t get in. The two true demon survivors said that it’s not like lying if they can’t get in. Then there are only three witch kings, Qiao Ri and Xie Xiaoshan at the scene. There is no doubt that the most likely one here is the witch king and Qiao Ri.
Vaguely, King Gexu and Qiao Ri also confronted each other.
If Qiao Dan can’t get in, neither can the king of death. Perhaps there is another mystery about the conditions for entering the Du Meridian. Qiao Ri and the witch king feel that they have a chance to confront each other.
Luo Er said at this time, "On the theory of repair, it may be that Xiao Shan has the worst performance and is the least likely to go in, so let him try and rule it out first."
At the scene, the monk looked at Sun Hao in his heart.
Sun Hao’s face is simple and honest, but his heart is slightly awe-inspiring. Think about his experience in all saints’ palace. Sun Hao feels that single theory will even surpass these mighty monks.
If Sun Hao’s guess is good, the governor may be himself. Are you afraid that you can’t get in? However, as everyone guesses, Sun Hao also thinks that Du Meridian may be the biggest chance. Since there is a chance, it is more dangerous, so let’s go for a break.
Sun Hao thought and flew up.
It is Corleone’s body that has just risen. Two flying men have stopped Corleone’s way with one left and one right.
Qiao Dan said in a hoarse and deep voice, "I suggest that Xie Xiaoshan don’t try it. He should go directly to the four veins and wait for him to go to the witch king and Qiao Ri first."
The performance of the two flying men made the king’s eyes slightly narrow.
Don’t they suspect that the heavenly vein will be a small hill? If it is really a small hill, doesn’t it mean that the small hill will be driven into a Tianhe River? Then according to the so-called exchange principle, a Tianhe monk can enter the heavenly vein?
Qiao Ri said simply, "If I am not mistaken, Xiao Shan is the first monk to enter the hanging water coffin, so it is very likely that Xiao Shan will be in front of everyone. In this case, it is better to let him go to the four veins first so that everyone will have a chance to enter the sky vein."

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