Shi Biao was very satisfied with the performance of the generals. As soon as he coughed, he was about to say something to encourage the generals. At this moment, the tent was opened. A messenger appeared in front of everyone. The man gasped and said, "Wei Gongdong County has an urgent report!"

Shi biao slightly one leng east county urgent report? What’s the emergency in Dongjun? He asked doubtfully, "Did Wang Shichong attack Sui Jun?"
"Wei Gong Sui captured Li Jing along Tongji Canal all the way north and then bypassed Fengqiu to capture Lingqiu, Baima, Puyang and other places for one day!" Messenger took a deep breath and said
"What?" Shi Biao was surprised, and all the generals also lost their voices. Everyone had incredible expressions on their faces.
"Wei Gong Wang Shichong got the news that he had withdrawn his troops from Huangxian County, and now he is stationed in Weixian County and Liyang area. At present, there is no movement in Wang Shichong and he doesn’t know his next move." The messenger continued.
Shi Biao shook the messenger to bring the news too suddenly, and a quarter of an hour ago, he vowed in front of the generals that it was not a dream to defeat Sui Jun and capture Yang You alive, but the news brought back by the messenger made all his confidence be defeated in an instant.
"Wagang is finished!" Shi Biao lamented in his heart that it was dark at the moment and he almost fell down. Niu Jinda quickly stretched out his powerful arms to hold Shi Biao.
"Wei Gong, are you all right?" Niu Jinda said that the generals have also surrounded the afterlife for fear that Shi Biao, the backbone of Wagang, would have an accident.
When Shi Biao’s teeth bit the tip of his tongue, his spirit gave him a slight vibration. He took a deep breath and said, "Don’t panic!" Although Shi Biao said not to panic, his heart was beating violently. He was afraid that Sui Jun had taken Dongjun along the canal, which made him feel incredible.
The fall of the girder exposed the position of Wang Shichong as a girder in front of the Sui army. How can we not be heavily stationed? Damn it, damn it! –265226
Chapter 91 Angry Shi Biao
After hearing the news of Li Jing’s successful attack on Dongjun, all the generals in Wagang camp were surprised. Shi Biao stabilized the army and remained calm, but in fact, he also knew very well that Wagang had reached the most difficult moment to decide his fate.
Wagang has been surrounded by the Sui Legion, and Shi Biao can already imagine that Li Jingzheng is actively preparing to block Wang Shichong from the south bank of the river. Although Wang Shichong is an alliance, it is already certain that he is unreliable and his fate must be controlled by himself! Shi Biao made up his mind.
Shi Biao immediately made the deployment of high incentives for the generals to polish their weapons and challenge the sunrise camp. Yang You drove Yang You out of Wagang, Dongping County in one fell swoop. After receiving the order, the generals took out the bowstring and wiped their weapons to prepare for Sui Jun’s final struggle. The day passed quickly and it was dusk in an instant.
As it gets dark, Shi Biao’s heart becomes more and more nervous to deliver rations, saying that he will be able to get back to the camp today, but the sun is going down and he hasn’t seen a figure yet. Does he want to go home at night? Shi Biao thought it impossible, so he sent scouts to explore a wick incense and then the scouts reported that they didn’t see Li Tianyu along the way.
Shi Biao became more and more suspicious. He immediately went to Yuncheng with more than 500 cavalry with confidants. This more than 500 cavalry was his only cavalry general. It was Luo Shixin and Qin Shubao. Shi Biao rushed all the way and soon arrived at Yuncheng. Seeing that Chengtou occasionally lit a torch.
Shi Biao approached the city gate and shouted, "I’m Shi Biao. Open the city quickly!"
"Are you shi biao? What evidence is there? " A soldier in Chengtou heard Shi Mi’s big inquiry.
"Look at my face again!" Shi Biao shouted again
The soldier opened his eyes wide and looked at it carefully before saying, "You look like Duke Wei!" "
"This is natural! I am naturally Wei Gong and Shi Mi! " Shi Biao was suddenly excited. He shouted excitedly, "Open the gate quickly!"
"But you are like but there is no evidence that you are Shi Biao!" The soldier added
Shi Biao suddenly choked. His eyes widened and he was furious. "Call Zhang Debao and Cai Jiande to see me!"
"Funny who are you from? Zhang Taishou, do you want to meet him? ! I tell you that if you are Shi Mi, I am Shi Mi’s father! " The soldier laughed and insulted the soldiers around him, and immediately laughed.
Laughing into Li Mier made him feel very uncomfortable. Did these bastards not know me? And even insulted his father! Shi Biao was furious before riding, but the soldier suddenly drank a city head and shot seven arrow feathers. Shi Biao almost fell off his horse in shock. He hurried back on his horse and two arrow feathers slipped from his ear and scratched his skin, which made him feel dull pain. Shi Biao was in a hurry and rode out for more than a dozen steps. Then he stopped. Shi Biao looked back at Chengtou carefully. He couldn’t see clearly that Chengtou was a person.
"If you advance half a step, don’t blame the sword eye!" The soldier drank again.
"I must kill you!" With murder in his eyes, Shi Biao turned his horse angrily and shouted, "Go!"
Sui Jun camp Yang You is squinting at several big boxes containing a lot of paper in front of him. Yang You picked up a piece of paper and squinted at the face. He couldn’t help but laugh. "Du Aiqing once this letter is sent out, I think Wagang will collapse without a fight."
Du Ruhui laughed. "The tile hill has run out of lights and oil. Even the pick of Jin Xian can save the situation. Shi Biao is a mortal. He must not know that Li Tianyu has been captured!"
"Shi Biao’s mind is not clear. He actually worships Zhai Rang at Wagang, hoping that Zhai Rang Tianling can bless Wagang’s ignorance!" Yang You let go of the paper. He doesn’t believe in a savior. If he can, he can be himself.
"I think Shi Biao will send someone to find Li Tianyu when he sees that Li Tianyu hasn’t returned to camp. He is likely to go to Yuncheng himself. If Shi Biao learns that Li Tianyu has been captured and Dongjun has lost, he will fight to the death to attack dispatch troops!" Yang You analyzed.
"Wagang morale has been low, and the roots are unbearable." Du Ruhui should
"Even so, I’m not in a hurry to go to war with him. Even if his food is less than three days, even if his food is reduced to five days at most, once his food is reduced, Wagangjun will inevitably make trouble. What do you think Shi Biao will choose?" Yang You asked.
"If I were Shi Biao, I would choose to surrender. If I want to be generous, I will save my life!" Du Ruhui said.
"But you’re not Shi Biao," Yang You gave a way. "He will fight back and he will take the initiative in a day or two at the latest." Yang You said.
The words sound just fell and Dugu Qianshan hurried in and said, "Bi Shi Mi rushed to Yuncheng half an hour ago!"
"Oh?" Yang You smiled and Du Ruhui glanced at each other and couldn’t help laughing. "Take it?"
"The soldiers guarding the city drove Shi Biao back!" Dugu Qianshan smiled and described the situation of Chengtou carefully.
Yang You nodded, "Li Mi-ri should go to Yuncheng early in the morning, and I ordered Yuncheng Chengtou to change the big Sui crimson flag immediately!"
"hey!" Dugu Qianshan retreated.
"Shi Biao might attack the city with great anger!" Du Ruhui Road
"Shi Biao’s anger is inevitable, but I’m afraid all the generals in Wagang will go to work and not contribute. Du Aiqing will wait and see!" Yang You said.
The next morning, Shi Biao took 500 cavalry and 3,000 soldiers and ran angrily towards Yuncheng County to prevent Sui Jun from attacking him. He sent scouts to explore around, which made Shi Biao feel lucky that Sui Jun had never taken the initiative to attack. Soon he saw Yuncheng City Head.
However, to Shi Biao’s great surprise, the wall of Yuncheng became a crimson sea. Shi Biao narrowed his eyes and galloped on his horse. Soon he saw clearly that the flag of Chengtou was the flag of Sui Army! What’s going on here? Shi Biao shocked the soldiers around him.
Shi Biao rubbed his eyes hard and looked at Chengtou again, but Chengtou was still the flag of the Sui army. He couldn’t believe rubbing his eyes again and then watching it several times until his eyes were rubbed and hurt. Chengtou’s crimson color remained unchanged.
What’s going on here? ! Shi Mi can be sure that it was the flag of Chengtou or Wagang in Yuncheng County yesterday, but how did it turn red overnight? If Sui Jun besieged the city, it is impossible to take Yuncheng overnight! What’s more, if Sui Jun besieged the city, he would never know anything.
Shi Biao’s heart was thinking quickly, and the soldiers around him had already started whispering. Niu Jinda was livid, and he secretly took a glance at Shi Biao’s eyes, which were full of energy.
At this time, a strong figure appeared in Chengtou. He looked at Shi Biao coldly in armor. Suddenly, he shouted, "Wei Gong has been gone for a long time!"
Shi Biao came to his senses. He looked intently at Chengtou with complex emotions in his eyes. This man was impressively experienced in Luo Shixin, Luo Shixin. Shi Biao knew very well that Luo Shixin had taken refuge in Wang Shichong, and Wang Shichong’s nephew took his horse, so he defected to the Sui Dynasty.
Now, the anti-stalwart in Shi Biao’s eyes appears in front of him, which makes him angry, but Luo Shixin is his favorite general, which makes him happy.
"Luo Shixin, aren’t you dead? !” Shi Biao’s words were full of deep resentment. He looked at Luo Shixin and gnashed his teeth. He couldn’t wait to swallow Luo Shixin. At first, he asked himself that he was nice to Luo Shixin, but after Luo Shixin was captured by Wang Shichong, he chose to live instead of righteously, which made Shi Biao very unhappy.
"Wei Gong, how can I dare to die before you die?" Luo Shixin narrowed his eyes and smiled. He came to persuade Shi Biao to surrender and stop struggling. But Shi Biao’s words just now made Luo Shixin’s heart suddenly cold. Now Shi Biao is too extreme.
Shi biao smell speech great anger he pointed to ChengTou way "Luo Shixin when I treat you not thin but you help outsiders to deal with me, you live up to my letter to you? !”
Luo Shixin took a deep breath and said, "Wei Gong, I came to Luo Shixin to be a big Sui soldier. Now the big Sui day works as an outsider? Brothers, you can turn back to your hometown and live a quiet life without Shi Biao. "
Shi Biao sneered, "The tyrant attacked Goguryeo several times, and now it’s also a great success to conquer everywhere. I’m afraid that the tyrant of the Sui Dynasty ruled the people without food and clothing!"
"joke!" Luo Shixin laughed and retorted that his eyes glanced around majestically. "The other day, the rivers were all refugees and the people were starving. What are you doing at this time, Shi Biao? You sent soldiers to guard the granary firmly, but anyone who dared to steal food was brutally killed by you. Do you dare to clap your chest and say that there is no such thing? "
At first, some people took pity on their relatives, stole food and clothing, and stole a few stones of grain. When Shi Biao found out, his family members were immediately put to death. Shi Biao wanted him to use cruel means to stop the stealing of grain. It was because of this that people in various counties in Wagang, Henan Province fled. Although Shi Biao sent troops to guard the main pass, the people fled to Dahebei through various channels.
Many Wagangjun knew that they were dissatisfied with Shi Biao when they heard Luo Shixin’s words at this time. They didn’t know how the man who loved the people like Wei Gong became like this. It’s so important to take a little food, even killing a few lives. Isn’t life more valuable without this food?

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