Nine Xuan motioned for him not to worry about nine Xuan’s robbery of scattered fairy by appearing before the wind. There is really nothing to be afraid of. Even if the bodhi old zu of Xuan Yin is a six-robbery scattered fairy, he can’t effectively resist the robbery of nine Xuan.

Now, of course, the bodhi old zu has let the mysterious ghost day get nothing. Don’t worry. He is bent on letting the mysterious ghost day go and chasing the mysterious ghost place, but it took him a long time to give up.
However, he didn’t expect to meet the powerful Nine Xuans who robbed scattered immortals here. This can also be regarded as the bad luck of the bodhi old zu Xuan Yin. Besides, he didn’t look at where Dan Yizong was. Even if there is no Nine Xuans now, there are several powerful scattered immortals. Even if the big elders don’t come out, there are still seven and six scattered immortals. It’s not that he will be able to resist these scattered immortals. Although the elders generally don’t come out, can they not come out? Xuanyin bodhi old zu is too anxious and eager. After all, he has been looking forward to it for a hundred years, and soon he will usher in his seventh robbery. He didn’t have the confidence to get this Xuanyin something congenial.
"Jie Jie really don’t know who will come out to meet me? I’m the bodhi old zu Xuan Yin, but I haven’t come out for some years." But the bodhi old zu Xuan Yin Yinxiao heard a sound in his ear.
"I’ll meet you and give you noodles."
Beggar fairy nine Xuan suddenly appeared in front of Xuanyin bodhi old zu and cried, scaring Xuanyin bodhi old zu to death. This tattered old beggar was robbing scattered immortals, but he didn’t have the courage to let him meet him.
But I just let it go, so I can’t get through it.
"Ah, ha ha, I’m joking. I’m joking. You have nothing to do. I have to go first. I have work." The old beggar in Xuanyin bodhi old zu’s heart is dark and sweaty, but it’s hard to fool himself. That’s a problem. As he spoke, Xuanyin bodhi old zu motioned for his hands to get ready to leave Jiuxuan, an old guy. If you still want to make Xuanyin something congenial, you have to hang it here before the scattered fairy comes. Although there are many people on your side, it’s just a little while to kill more for Jiu
"It’s really bad luck for MD". The bodhi old zu Xuan Yin secretly Pei a pair of nine Xuans, but respectfully said, "I left first." He turned to the bodhi old zu Xuan Yin and planned to leave.
Nine Xuan looked at the mysterious bodhi old zu and couldn’t help laughing. This mysterious bodhi old zu is also notorious, but looking at himself is as timid as a mouse seeing a cat.
But nine Xuan didn’t intend to just let him go, the bodhi old zu Xuan Yin.
"What are you going to do? It’s hard to see you coming. Of course, you’re going to be a guest inside. Are you looking down on me?" Nine Xuan’s figure appeared in front of him as the bodhi old zu moved. The bodhi old zu was very fast, but nine Xuan’s view was so general. It’s not like six robberies of scattered immortals. Even if there is a powerful magic weapon, it may not be able to beat nine Xuan.
Xuanyin bodhi old zu is depressed, but what can I do? Who told him to come to Danyizong at this time? If he didn’t choose this day, Jiuxuan wouldn’t be here like that, so he was hard to say that he still had the chance to get Xuanyin something congenial.
But now the bodhi old zu Xuan Yin has to give up even if he doesn’t want to. Who told me that there was a nine-xuan here? I really didn’t show the bodhi old zu Xuan Yin …
"That’s not what the elder meant. I really have something." Xuanyin bodhi old zu smiled apologetically, while his younger generation looked at his bodhi old zu and smiled at an old man who called Hua for a while. They didn’t understand it, but they also knew that this flower was strong and powerful enough for Xuanyin bodhi old zu to fear.
"Now that you call me a senior, I think you’d better give me this face, or I’ll suffer if my senior is angry." Nine Xuan Gherardini looked at the bodhi old zu Xuan Yin, but she was in distress situation.
"The bodhi old zu told him what a big deal it is to call flowers polite. Let’s destroy him." Finally, the arrogant tone shouted that he was very dismissive of Nine Xuan, but this time he was miserable.
"Yo, who’s such a big breath?" Nine Xuan’s body moves, and it’s just that Yuan Ying’s middle-aged man’s neck falls into the hands of Nine Xuan.
The man looked at Jiu Xuan with horror and horror. He didn’t understand how this man got to his face so quickly and he had no resistance ability. His body was locked.
"I said the bodhi old zu xuan Yin is this person you belong to? He’s really out of his mind. He doesn’t even give you face. It seems that you belong to the wrong education and I have to help you teach a lesson. "Nine Xuan said that the real yuan output man’s body burst."
Yuan Ying was restrained by Jiu Xuan’s hand when he was going to escape.
Xuanyin bodhi old zu’s face changed greatly, but he didn’t dare to do anything to Jiuxuan.
"Then the elder will be handed over to you, and the younger generation I have left in advance." I would rather give up this person and leave myself. This is the idea that I can’t escape the wolf Xuanyin bodhi old zu.
But nine xuan seems not going to let him go.
"oh? Want to go? As long as you beat me, you can go naturally, or you can visit Danyizong. That person is quite hospitable. "
Chapter 61 Be a guest
Xuan Yin, the bodhi old zu, is a terrible nine Xuan. This means that the root does not intend to let itself go. His previous low spirit has not played a role in seeing that he can be World War I.
Xuanyin bodhi old zu’s dark determination is to rest assured that once he has a definite plan, he will be calm. At the same time, Xuanyin bodhi old zu’s face is pulled up, and he is very angry with this group of cubs. If it weren’t for that man’s disregard of his orders, he will talk and annoy Jiuxuan himself. Now it seems that if he can go back this time, he will teach this group of cubs a good lesson.
"The elder said that you are not going to let me go." The bodhi old zu Yin Yin said that although he was a little afraid of this monastic elder, he could not let people ride on his neck and pull it casually.
"Well, it should be said like this." Nine Xuan is so thick-skinned that he walked over and looked at the bodhi old zu Xuan Yin. He was still holding the man Yuan Ying’s body. This man should have no chance to live. Even if he didn’t kill him, he wouldn’t let him see the sun. Yuan Ying, who fixes the truth, has a good skill. Such a master Yuan Ying Xuan Yin’s bodhi old zu won’t let it go. He will face the once-in-a-thousand fairy robbery.
Listen to the nine Xuan words Xuan Yin bodhi old zu is know nine Xuan to have no plans to let yourself away.
"Then I have to ask you for advice" Xuan Yin bodhi old zu a sullen is secretly picked up the tactic.
"Wait, I just want you to attend a certain pro-banquet. Haha, if you really want to ask me for advice, then it’s hard for me to give you this face." Nine Xuan smiled and said that he was never a serious person and used to hip-hop, but this kind is even more irritating.
Xuanyin bodhi old zu nai can’t do it first according to Jiuxuan. If you do it first, you will give Jiuxuan an excuse.
"How do you come with me?" Nine Xuan said and turned around, but he didn’t wait for Xuanyin bodhi old zu and his descendants to enter Danyi Sect. He also needed Xuanyin bodhi old zu, a soldier, but he was not qualified to enter Danyi Sect.
It’s his hand still holding the monk Yuan Ying whose body he destroyed.
Looking at the Nine Xuans, I really didn’t plan to kill myself again. After thinking about it, I planned to follow the Nine Xuans to go in and see that Dan Yizong’s guardian mountain array was very strong. I had never been here before, and this time I was a little afraid that the guardian mountain array was just shouting outside, but I didn’t have the courage to enter. Of course, it was a matter of time. When the mysterious ghost really appeared, even the Taoist priest Xuan Yin would try it. Of course, the former was the Nine Xuans.
Sign for yourself and your descendants to wait here for the bodhi old zu Xuan Yin to follow the Nine Xuans into the Danyi Sect.
Danyi Zongzhen is much more than Xuanyin bodhi old zu thought, and a lot of Xuanyin bodhi old zu laughed. Now that he has come in, he has a chance to get that Xuanyin something congenial.
Abundant aura of heaven and earth is more than anything I have ever seen.
Xuanyin bodhi old zu secretly runs his own practice method to speed up the absorption of some reiki here, and the more reiki he absorbs, the more his true power will be.
Soon Nine Xuans came to the Danyizong Hall with the bodhi old zu of Xuanyin, that is, the Qingyang Temple is much cleaner now than when Xiao Leng came, and the Qingyang Ding in the temple is no longer here, but it seems to be put somewhere else.
The whole hall was full of people, all of whom were the heads of the various factions in the fix-true world. When the time came, the bodhi old zu Xuan Yin cried and felt that everyone’s eyes were turned to himself, even if he sat in the first place to make up the wind. So his eyes changed. He didn’t expect that Jiu Xuan would invite the infamous bodhi old zu Xuan Yin to the hall for a while, but a ceremony was to be held here.
Doubt at nine xuan only to see nine xuan reassure yourself eyes fill the wind doubt is very believe in yourself this old friend, this person is very powerful.
"Ha ha BuFeng patriarch XuanYin bodhi old zu congratulations here" XuanYin bodhi old zu’s knowledge to BuFeng a fuels at the same time in the hands of a dress.

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