The war horse is foaming at the mouth, and it is exhausted. It can also be seen that the messenger has reached the point of urgency.

When I came to a hill, I rode a horse suddenly, but a string of crossbows screamed from the Woods next to the hill. The messenger and his horse were flying out of the Woods and the arrows were shot over. The messenger’s right chest was pierced by an arrow and fell to the ground, and his mouth was full of blood.
Several people in the Woods strode out with crossbows on their backs. One of them, the messenger, who hit the key, obviously could not live. When he pulled out the dagger and stabbed the other side, he ended it.
Immediately behind the messenger, pillar box fell into the hands of a few burly men who took a look at pillar box CITIC and sneered, "It’s a pity that it’s too late for Elegant Xian to ask Ming State for help."
After that, several people buried the dead body of the courier post horse with blood and sand, which seemed as if nothing had happened.
Elegant Xian asked Su Dingfang, "Has the messenger who asked for help from Mingzhou gone?"
"Yes, we’ve already gone to the third wave. We all go in different ways."
Elegant xian nodded and said "very good"
Say that finish elegant xian looked to the city Zhao fluttering banner that impressively with a word xu.
Elegant xian know each other is the battle of xiao gave Xia Jun a fatal blow, zhao general xu shiji.
Su Dingfang stuck out his tongue and licked his lips and said, "Li Jiujiu’s main army is estimated to have just left Beijing, Xu Shi’s performance, but twenty thousand horses and children want to fight for a loss and a loss of prosthodontic spirit."
At Su Dingfang, Elegant Xian affirmed, "It’s good that Xu Shi’s performance is a famous soldier, so it is expected that our army will be trapped in a lonely city guarding the city because of his scruples. It is also good for you to kill a frustrated Zhao Jun’s momentum."
"Make it!"
Su Dingfang ha ha a smile when led three hundred confidant cavalry came to the urn to wait patiently.
Suddenly, as soon as the gate in the urn opened, Su Dingfang led three hundred riders to fight out the horses, Mercedes-Benz and Zhao Jun’s camp, and several teams were responsible for warning the Qingqi, all of which were retreating and repairing the guards around the camp.
Su Dingfang waved an iron gun and told the cavalry to raise their bows and arrows and shoot a wave of arrows at the Zhao camp.
Zhao foot soldiers ran to avoid the camp, which was somewhat chaotic. When the crossbowman fought back, Su Dingfang was already leading the Qingqi to escape.
Xu Zi Shuai Qi fluttered impressively in the hills beside Gaoyangcheng.
Xu Shiji silently looked at the city and suddenly asked, "Is this enemy general?"
People all don’t know, but when they see this Qingqi rushing about outside their own camp, the Zhao guard cavalry wants to expel it, but it is often avoided or defeated by counterattack.
Xu Shijiji said, "Beat the drum and order the foot soldiers to retreat to Zuohouying."
The left and right generals heard an uproar and said, "Isn’t it a sign of weakness for the enemy to retreat when our army first arrived?"
Xu Shiji glanced at him and said, "Do as I say!"
People dare not break their promises.
Soon Su Dingfang won the victory and returned to the sheep and horse wall outside the city wall. Xia Jun’s foot soldiers cheered and celebrated and raised their spears to pay tribute to Su Dingfang.
Su Dingfang came to Chengtou and said to Elegant Xian, "Father and child didn’t embarrass you!"
Elegant xian nodded and looked cool and said, "Just now, I have ambushed two thousand troops in Dongcheng. If Xu Shi’s performance keeps the camp to the death, I will attack and rob the camp. I didn’t expect him to abandon the camp. It’s really puzzling."
Su Dingfang said, "As far as we are concerned, we still won the first world war."
Elegant sage said, "Wipe your eyes and wait for it. Levin is the northern gate of Xia Guo. It needs our city to stick to it for half a month, and Li Chongjiu will take Mingzhou hundreds of miles south."
Wei Jun Lin Lv Shan Tang Jun Daying
Cui Mingan, deputy envoy of Li Shentong, ambassador of Shandong Province, and two generals of Li Yuan’s pro-sending reinforcements, Li Daozong, imperial clan of Li Tang, and Wang Deren, the secretariat of Li Shenfu Xiangzhou, all had dinner together. Because Li Shentong likes jinyi cuisine, even if he enlisted in the army, he brought his Chang ‘an kitchen class to cook with the army to cook his favorite tastes.
So the five of them enjoyed a rather sumptuous lunch.
However, a military newspaper that followed immediately ruined the mood of Li Shentong’s meal
Weichi Gong Xue Wanjun, a general of the Zhao army, led 10,000 government troops to cross the Taihang Mountain from Jingxing, and Hengshan County appeared. It seems that the posture is to go straight into the capital of the hinterland of Xia, but if Weichi Gong Xue Wanjun attacked Xia Jun, they would just send troops on the way and broke the Zhao Jun Drum City in Li Tang, and all the 2,000 troops stationed in Tang Jun Drum City were annihilated.
This is equal to Li Shentong Hebei has left a few faces and stepped on a foot.
"It’s too presumptuous for Li Chongjiu not to put my Li Shentong in the eye. Isn’t he afraid of two fronts?" Li Shentong suddenly flew into a rage.
What is this act? When Li Chongjiu sent an army to attack Liu Heita and Xia Jun for a decisive battle, he was not afraid of Li Tang’s enmity and attacked Tang Jun, Shandong Province, led by Li Shentong, a major town in Li Tang. Almost everyone could pinch it.
"It’s too presumptuous." Li Shentong’s brother Li Shenfu spoke out and said, "Big brother Li Chongjiu is determined that we have made bad friends in Li Tang, so it’s better for us not to attack Yu Culture and simply fight side by side with North Liu Heita."
When Li Shentong heard this, he hesitated and asked, "Where did Li Chongjiu ride on the grassland?"
Cui Min said, "It must be a follow-up, and Li Chongjiu even sent out Xue Wanjun, who is guarding Taiyuan Weichi Gong, with great determination. I think there will be more than ten people riding Zhao Junnan on the grassland."

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