"Are you? Well, yes! Ok! " The serious sequela caused by the barren demon king’s four elephant demon bodies has not been exhausted, and from time to time, his head cramps and nerves are talking to himself.

"Life and death are upside down!" Xiao Fan once again put this weird and peerless power to good use!
In an instant, the whole world seems to have been turned over by him. Thirty thousand deaths are exchanged for thirty thousand repairs, which is not as good as the vitality of his brother Dong Haoxian. This business is absolutely cost-effective!
In an instant, 30,000 Dong Haoxian’s younger brother let out a scream, and his physical vitality was suddenly forced out by violent death force!
And these vitality are manipulated by Xiao Fan, and the number of light spots are drilled into the fairy brothers and magic fairy masters!
"Ahhh … this … this energy! We’ve just been seriously injured … and it’s all right? " A few was beaten to the ground dying magic fairy suddenly alive jumped up and looked at his hands ecstatic way
"No … this is not to treat your injuries. Your injuries are still the same, but the pain caused by those injuries has disappeared with the infusion of too much vitality!" Just also injured lost power Ceng Xiong waved the neck faint ground to say
"No, the vitality of the 30,000 Dong Hao Xian Dian Di will not be so good!" Wang Haoran frowned suddenly said.
"That’s right. Come to meet our upcoming victory. I just let a few experts participate in the war. I guess they are already impatient!" Xiao Fan pale panting like cattle said
As his voice fell, four figures galloped from the direction of Taichang Courtyard!
"aha! I’m finally back to normal and able to show my strength. It’s really killing me to be an audience before! " The thunder fills the air, Zhuge Lei grabs the bandage torn from the body in one hand and holds a ball of thunder made up of fairy force in the other hand, and laughs
"Yes, to tell the truth, I don’t like being an audience because I don’t have enough patience!" Ice and snow fills the air. Wu Tian’s face is cold and suspended in half. A frost wyrm fills the air back and forth.
"I feel the same way! It’s good to feel the wind again! " Tian Zongjiu behind gives birth to the wind wing with a pike in his hand and said with a smile.
"ah! I am glad … I won’t talk nonsense. This is better than anything! " The barren prince is very low-key, sitting on a big stone with four elephants in his heart, which brings great unhappiness.
"Even they can be cured? Then you didn’t treat them before? " Tiehong extremely puzzled asked.
"Ha, how can it be so easy to treat them well?" Xiao Fan gasped, "They were injured and lost their vitality, and the wind was taken from other places and handed over to them. You know, it takes a thousand immortals to make them appear as alive as they are now!"
"This trouble this … what is this magic work? It actually killed our 30,000 brothers! " The guys in Donghao Xiandian are all afraid of it.
"Brothers, let these guys disappear forever!" And the overall combat power here in Asgard has recovered to almost the initial level and culled towards Donghao Xiandian!
"I really have your life-and-death power … it’s amazing!" Xu Liang couldn’t help admiring and saying that he also got some benefits, at least a lot of physical loss and a little recovery.
"Yes, but this evil means is still less wonderful for me. Unless it is like this … I am not a murderer?" Xiao Fan shrugged his shoulders and sat on one side.
The upside-down root method of life and death will forcibly deprive those vitality to themselves, which is also the biggest weakness of this tactic
The situation was completely subverted.
Instead, the people in Donghao Xiandian fell into the Jedi of death.
However, at this moment, a crack was suddenly torn in the sky, and then several people stepped out of it!
The first person is the master of the Shura protoss gods-the ghost wolf!
And behind him, a few people wrapped in black cloaks are all threatening than terror!
These breath moments enveloped Asgard unexpectedly let the whole Asgard all people except Xiao Fan, the strongest, and some friends and enemies were suppressed, and the body seemed to be fixed and moved!
"Ghost Wolf! It’s you again! " Xiao Fan bit his teeth and stood up.
"Aha, don’t look at me. I’m not here to fight. I just accept these entrustment and ask them to come here, but I have nothing to do with them!" Ghost Wolf shrugged his shoulders stand palm a koo appearance said
"Oh, yes, if you are lucky enough to live to the end, maybe your honor will come to you to catch up! Don’t die! " Ghost Wolf smiled and turned and walked back to the crack!
"Yan Hong?" Xiao Fan frowned.
"This is troublesome!" While Xu Liang suddenly breath in a gasp way
"You mean these people?" Xiao Fan looked up and took one look at the black people hanging in the sky, a total of seven!
"Well, it seems that they should come here at the same time … we are really going to die!" Xu Liang’s forehead slowly shed sweat, and his eyes sparkled with fear.
"Are they from Donghao Xiandian?" Xiao Fan puzzled asked.
"That’s right, among the old guys in Donghao Xiandian … the most powerful ones dominate the Seven Saints, and every repair is no less than Wang Xianwu!" Xu Liang nodded and said, "Besides, the six of him just arrived. Did you see the biggest man?"
"Well, that person gives me the greatest sense of coercion!" Xiao Fan mind shock said
"He is the master of the seven sacred heads and the founder of Donghao Xiandian, and the king of Dongshengxian, Xian Yixiu, used to be quite scary for our master!" Xu Liang bite a tooth way
Chapter 724 Extremely high level
Thousand Cold Peaks at the Peak of Jiuyin Mountain in Zhongxing Prefecture
Jiuyang Xianjun slowly raised his head to look at the direction of Los Angeles.
"What’s the matter, Jiuyang old ghost?" Nine Yin Xianjun looked up and asked.
"Hum, that guy actually went out in person. Interesting!" The corner of Jiuyang Xianjun’s mouth said, "He is still that short-tempered after so many years!"
"oh? Is the old guy Dongsheng out of the mountain? " Nine Yin fairy gentleman slightly one leng "Dong Hao fairy temple won’t be nobody? He actually went out in person? "
"It can be said that … YanHong that guy has a way!" "It’s exactly how many years … we haven’t seen each other again. Since he showed up, wouldn’t it be rude if I didn’t show up?"
"Haha, that’s true. Anyway, the old man will come with you!" Nine Yin Xianjun twisted his long eyebrows and laughed
"I hope he can make some progress. If he is still just Wang Xianyi, it will disappoint the old lady!" There was a cold light in the eyes of Jiuyang Xianjun …
Wang Xianyi!
How horrible is this?
But in the mouth of Jiuyang Xianjun, it seems worthless!
However, Haoran Fairy Palace, when the Seven Saints appeared in the sky, Xiao Fan and others felt a heavy heart at that time. Did this expert come here in person?
"Hum, a group of losers with a hundred thousand troops can’t even take one to the fairy palace!" The first person of the Seven Saints was called the East Sage Fairy King, and he said coldly with horror
"What’s the boss? Give me all these people to clean up? " Another master beside him said, rubbing his hands
"There is no need to look at these ants and we will appear. Will your old guy watch his precious apprentice be killed by us?" The East Sage Fairy King said that he tore up his face in a black cloak.
It’s an old face that looks like a knife, and it’s as thick as quiet water.
However, his face made Xiao Fan’s eyes suddenly wrinkle!
"This … this face … he actually …" Xiao Fan rubbed his eyes and said in shock.
"Very similar, right?" Xu Liang nods
"Yes, it’s very similar. It’s not so long except for the breath. The hair is nothing but a flower … the root is a person!" Xiao Fan wondered that the East Sage Xianjun looks exactly like Jiuyang Xianjun!
"Hehe, they are twin brothers, but … they are brothers who hate each other!" Xu Liang corners of the mouth a young way

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