"I caught it! Veronica! I didn’t expect it to escape to this place! "

Lin Veronica and Bilu have also come to this rooftop and been caught by Bilu. This small creature is … the combination of peace and faith.
It used to be a college … because it was Walsh who personally’ recommended’ it to enter the college, and the college quickly promised to let it join the special forces of the college
And it has been doing well. This army worker is going around to solve some strange creatures or deal with … some criminals or something.
Qianlin contacted it and said that it had something to do, and then it suddenly ran away.
Its former teammates, that is, the people who just jumped off the building, are going to chase it back …
Although they are all enhanced, it should be okay to jump from the height of this building … but the combination seems to have infected these people’s beliefs.
"What are you going to do?" Lin went to the front of the fit and asked it
"I have to do this," said Heyi. "This is a good opportunity … I … I can’t give them up!"
"Can’t give up?"
Lin asked carefully and found this fit … Sure enough, it was similar to Lin’s previous thoughts.
The actual fit doesn’t like Ershi people.
The only thing it likes … the only thing it loves is the residents who have the only bridge before.
Although the college has recently made various observations on the people of Ershi, it feels that the people of Ershi are quite like bridge residents.
But … After all, they are not the people of Ershi.
It still wants the residents of the original only bridge … to recover.
But … it’s impossible. After all, there is no such place as a bridge creature.
So it has been very upset about it.
It was recently that its distress was answered, and it was suddenly connected by …
It is a creature claiming to come from solidification virtual reality. This creature tells it … it has many unique bridge biological data.
To fit in and help it do something, it can create a bridge creature.
So fit hesitated for a while and then did as the creature said.
What the creature wants it to do is to be near here … to a certain place and inject special energy into that place.
The body has the ability to spread its special energy … and it just happened that someone was going to be here recently, so he came here and took action immediately.
The result … That’s it.
It is willing to tell Lynn that the main reason is because … Lynn is it who saves life.
Lin found that this integrated thinking has many’ good’ parts, such as its heavy’ friendship’ and very’ love’
And it has almost no personality, and the’ bad’ part of it has little emotion, which is not shown at present.
Of course, its most emotional expression is its love for the only bridge creature.
It means that it doesn’t know what harm it will do … it just wants to bring the only bridge creature back to life too much.
Even if Lynn stops it, it will want to do it, but it will not hide things from Lynn.
Bilu was very moved when she heard it say this, so she decided to tie it tighter to prevent it from escaping.
Then I took it to the big hole.
Lin also decided to investigate the creature it said.
But it means that it doesn’t know where the creature sent the message to it … so there is no way to find it.
Lynn is going to investigate several guess locations. Of course, at present, we still have to get … it to the pothole first.
Lynn and Bilu took it aboard the Academy Aircraft, which was specially made by the Academy … It looks like a fighter plane and flies very fast.
Lin soon flew to the location of the big pothole in this aircraft.
What will hinder Lynn in this process … but nothing special happens.

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