Another security guard hasn’t reacted yet. Yu Huifei turned around and grabbed the other side’s neck and pushed it!

Each other’s head directly smashed the solid wood bar, and his eyes fainted.
I arranged a little clothes and pressed the bar with one hand. After looking at the bar coldly, the girl asked, "What floor is Tang Hao?"
The girl looked at Yu Hui in horror and said, "36th floor".
Yu Huifei nodded, turned and walked into the ladder.
At the same time, the girl pressed the alarm
President’s office on the 36th floor
A burst of men’s and women’s eager breathing was interrupted by the alarm sound, and then a man climbed out of the desktop and roared, "Cao! Almost withered! "
Tang Hao climbed out of the bottom of the table regardless of the woman on the table. Check the situation immediately.
After knowing that someone called, Tang Hao was not surprised and smiled back. "It’s true that M is not afraid of death!"
Tang Hao’s brain is connected to the outside monitoring. He just fiddled with it and saw the young people in the main building of the ladder.
"Red? Hehe … What about making a costume film? You really wear a robe to be a martial arts expert? Bah! " Tang Hao scolded 1 and glanced at the corridor came out of it. After hearing the alarm, more than a dozen bodyguard buildings were flocking to nearly one hundred security guards. Tang Hao threw his chair and legs on the table and sneered, "A person came to the security company to play? I don’t know how to live or die. "
But for a moment, he was not so calm
Seeing the red man take the ladder, more than a dozen security guards rushed with sticks.
And the red man calmly shook his wrist and launched an impact!
This person seems weak, but after hands on it, the fierce strength makes Tang Hao stunned …
See the red man head-on rushed to the front of a person, regardless of the root around to hit a stick and raise his fist to the other side of the chest is a punch!
At the same time, his shoulder and head were hit by a stick, and the little brother who was hit by him flew straight out and hit two people! Look at that chest collapse. The ribs are not broken!
"A punch broken ribs? Practice at home! " Tang Hao muttered.
What shocked Tang Hao even more was that the guy was beaten with blood all over his face, and he was not afraid to turn around and kick a person. The man was like a shell and flew out to lie down and couldn’t get up.
When others attack the red man, the red running man doesn’t even hide. He has a hard head!
That brain is beaten with blood all over its face, and it may die at any time.
As the saying goes, being poor is afraid of being horizontal and wait for a while is afraid of death!
These people are poor, horizontal and horizontal, but they are not deadly.
Seeing this guy’s ferocity in front of him, he didn’t take his life seriously. One by one, he was overwhelmed by the momentum of the other party. He was afraid to kill his head again, for fear that it would really kill him and make a big deal.
As a result, the man in red doesn’t think so. His head is covered with blood and he laughs wildly. He punches a child with his arms and fists!
There was an attempt to catch the red-robed man. As a result, after all the wrestling skills were displayed, the red-robed man slipped up with one hand and threw it at the wall with his mouth full of blood, and nothing happened.
Tang Hao knew he had to do something or something would happen.
Tang Hao is preparing to have someone let him in for a chat.
The lights in the building suddenly went out!
The whole building instantly plunged into darkness …
"What’s the situation?" Tang Hao exclaimed.
At this moment, a guy with red-faced fangs in black and a black hat yawned at the gate of the building. "Don’t you want people to see the switch?" How simple … "
At the same time, the girl at the front desk on the first floor looked at the influx of more than 100 strong men excitedly pointing to the stairs and said, "The ladder is broken. Why don’t you climb the stairs?"
More than one hundred people looked at the stairs and swallowed and muttered, "Thirty-sixth floor …"
But I’m finally ready to climb the stairs
A loud noise!
The door behind them was smashed!
Followed by a van rushed in!
More than a hundred people glared at this.
The leader of the team sneered, "I’m really not afraid of death."
Another man laughed. "There are a lot of people, a car, hahaha …"
"How many people can there be in a car? Brothers, please stop scaring each other!" Someone laughed.
Just then the van door hit.
A little bald head came and everyone couldn’t help laughing again at once. "Just a little monk? Ha ha ha … "
Then an old man walked in the car, with a white hair and a good face.
"One child, one old man, is this touching porcelain?" Someone muttered
Before they finished laughing, a strong man came, and everyone finally felt a little oppressive because the other person was too m tall, and even Schwarzenegger looked like a little brother in front of him
Everyone frowned and stopped laughing, but there was one person on the other side after all.
No matter how strong they are, they are not afraid.
Then a young man dressed in white came, wearing a white robe and a white hat. He looked like a white man.
"D …" Someone muttered.
Hearing this, Bai often grinned at them. "Are you ready to be beaten?"
The captain of the security team said, "You want to die …"
I saw a strange guy walking in the car before I finished talking. He had a long shirt, big shorts and sunglasses, but it looked like a man standing up like a dog! But whose dog smokes with sunglasses? Whose dog walks like a human?
Everyone thinks that the light is too dim to have an illusion.
The dog waved like a man and said, "fuck them!" "
The security guard sneered coldly, "Give me a fight if you want to die!"
A group of security guards roared and rushed over.
At this moment, two people came from the trunk of the van. From a distance, there were two huge figures that didn’t look like people at first glance!

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