"Whatever you want," Wu Liang said with a crooked head. "People who appreciate me will naturally appreciate my value. When you understand my song, you will naturally come back and reward me."

"I rely on the anchor to be confident that your bragging is exactly the same as when I was young!"
"Anchor, if you don’t pretend to force us to be good friends!"
"The theory of forcing me to anchor this wave forced me to give more than 11 points, not afraid of your pride!"
"Anchor, I understand you. Let me give you a monkey!"
"anchor, I know you, too. I have hundreds of millions of people who want to reward you!"
"Explain hundreds of millions of what?"
"Fuck you!"
Everyone is used to this noisy atmosphere, and no one is really angry at this time, but everyone is chatting happily.
So the happy day passed.
The next day, as usual, Wu Liang spent an afternoon in the gym to exercise, to receive the eye-catching and training of muscle women, and then practiced musical instruments in the afternoon and played live broadcast on time.
Knowing that he was going to extend his stay by one hour today, many viewers came to the live broadcast early and waited for Wu Liang to come in. When he came in, he found that this group of people were also chatting happily.
After reading it, I found that they were still talking about Ouyang Mi’s concert. It seems that the diva concert is a great attraction for everyone.
It’s a pity that Ouyang Mi gave three tickets this time, and it’s not good for him to find someone else to take it, so he can’t give more feedback to the audience.
When I think about it, Wu Liang suddenly feels it necessary to expand his contacts in the music world. Anyway, he is a professional singer now, but he doesn’t know any of his singers except Ouyang Mi. It’s not right to say that he knows people but they don’t know him.
Wouldn’t it be embarrassing to go to any activities in the future but people don’t even know their own names?
After thinking for a while, the audience urged him to broadcast live today soon.
The singing session is not very chatty with the audience’s interaction, but because of the singing session, everyone thinks that time passes too slowly.
Plus, today is the live broadcast for three hours and the last half hour to grab the wheat, which makes it even slower.
Finally, when the song was ordered, the number of people in the live broadcast suddenly exploded, and many viewers put their fingers on the mouse face early.
"It’s terrible that I haven’t been robbed once for a month!" Some people sell the tragic ratio.
"You have me miserable? I grabbed it from the day the anchor announced that I was robbing wheat. It’s not a time that I didn’t grab it. It’s much worse than you! " Someone said no
"You dare to compare with me? I have two computers and a note at home, but I haven’t grabbed you idiots. Who dares to be worse than me? "
"Ha ha joke you this is miserable? When I grab the wheat every day, I mobilize the whole Internet cafe to help me grab the results. Is it sad that you didn’t grab it? "
"Dude, I think you may have a network cable problem."
"The network cable indicates that I have this pot on my back!"
"Brother, go home to the Internet cafe. I think you can save a …"
Wu Liang ignored this group of people, and they can directly call out the flowers and stupid goods.
It was a blink of an eye again, and the dust settled
An ID called "Grass Mud Horse Anchor" grabbed this opportunity.
Wu Liang saw that the audience’s ID corner of his mouth was out of control, and thought that this guy was either a newly registered ID or had a grudge against himself. Is this ya coming to face?
However, the "grass mud horse anchor" seems very happy and not difficult. Wu Liang means not too embarrassed to say, "I’m sorry, anchor, I like that grass mud horse song so much. You won’t blame me for the name, will you?"
"Well," Wu Liang looked serious and said nothing strange or strange. He always wanted to curb this guy from the momentum first.
This "grass mud horse anchor" didn’t think much about it. He should be an old audience. It’s very white. So Ma asked himself, "Well, the anchor likes singing very much, but I always sing out of tune. Every time I go to KV, everyone likes to laugh at me and say that I am an out-of-tune anchor. Can you write a song that will not be out of tune?"
"I depend!" Wu Liang’s eyes are popping out, man. You’re not coming to play with me, are you?
Do you think it’s possible to write a song that doesn’t go out of tune?
What’s wrong with singing out of tune? It’s your own voice that is out of tune, you know?
If you are sick, go and treat the doctor next door. Dr. Hou Huaqiang can not only treat your physical trauma but also your mental trauma. Do you want his phone number? I’ll give you one right away.
How can I satisfy you when you make such a request on the live broadcast?
I’ve never heard that hard practice can improve singing out of tune. I’ve never heard that one song can keep people in tune. Dude, are you here to find fault today?
Wu Liang’s cheeks are shaking uncontrollably on both sides. It seems that he has been stunned by the request of this "grass mud horse anchor" and the audience can’t stand it.
"This buddy can be the first time I have heard this request!"
"You can’t sing out of tune. Is there such a song? How is that possible?"
"It’s your own problem to sing out of tune. Isn’t this guy a pain in the neck?"
"It is the anchor who often walks in the dark at night. Today, he finally bumped into a ghost and loved it!"
"Brothers have a way. I’ve never heard of such a request!"
"Wanshan Hao is gone."
"dragon day is full of enthusiasm!"
"Laugh at the anchor’s face!"

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