Tang Chuan grinned. "So all your strength comes from this thing. No wonder you are so weak when you meet me in the play."

Emperor Lei Zhe has stopped at this moment, and all levels in Tang Chuan have stopped his retreat.
He looked at Tang Chuan calmly. "Now that you know that this thing is powerful, do you dare to chase me?"
Tang Chuan laughed. "You have something, and I have it. Besides, this thing of yours is just a fragment. It seems to me that it is also full of loopholes. Can I tell you when you entered the play just now?"
Emperor Lei Zhe leng leng said, "Do you also have this thing?"
Tang Chuandao: "Why are you surprised? Your fantasy event is calculated very carefully, and its attributes are almost completely inspired, but it is just a foreign object full of loopholes after all."
Fantasy weapon is a powerful messenger’s fantasy ability. From the point of view just now, it is very powerful that Emperor Lei Zhe can associate a low-dimensional state with a high-dimensional state of various rules and support logic.
Emperor Lei Zhe was silent for a while and asked, "Will I die here today?"
Yukawa nodded. "It seems so."
Emperor Lei Zhe added, "Can you spare some of my followers?"
Tangchuan said, "That depends on Azk."
Emperor Lei Zhe was a little unwilling. "But I just let him go. I didn’t make moves until your army advanced here. I paid my master to the maximum."
Tangchuan said, "I will tell Azk about the hidden drama, and everything still depends on him."
Emperor Lei Zhe gnashed his teeth and said, "In that case, just see if I am so easy to handle!"
He said that the scrolls of pictures were projected by the Emperor Lei Zhe like a lantern and pulled Tang Chuan into a different dimension.
Walking in the extremely dangerous and unpredictable picture scroll, we can see that the world that is brewing to the extreme is suppressed by itself, and the rules and laws of cause and effect all form several complex combinations to try to fight against their established fate.
Tang Chuan praised a saying, "Imagination is really rich, but your own realm limits your thinking and lacks some ideas to support it."
In his words, he slowly walked into the unpredictable and dangerous world and said, "Be a monkey again, Xiao An Shao, and you were happy then."
"I would rather die!"
Chapter 661 Where is the morning star?
In the different-dimensional picture, Azk and the monkey hit are inextricably linked, and both sides kill their eyes and swear to cut each other’s hands.
It is reasonable to say that it is impossible for Ann to hit Azk with a weapon at this time, but it is suspected that cunning has strengthened Ann’s strength.
Although the established rule that Azk was killed by a monkey has been broken by Tang Chuan, the future is full of uncertainties, but only the world’s repair is not finished, so that Xiao An can always get out of trouble and fight Azk again.
It didn’t take long for both of them to be black and blue, but the more they killed, the crazier they became, and the sharp knife left a series of gouges where whole pieces were missing.
Finally, Azk caught Ann’s sudden absence and rushed to thrust the monster he hated to the bone into his eyes with a sharp knife.
Gasping violently, Azk sat in a complicated mood and looked at Ann’s lifeless body and didn’t know what to think.
Cheep! !
At this time, Azk was familiar with the monkey sound behind him. He turned around and was about to get up when he saw a tall figure.
Tang Chuan’s hand is holding a metal cage, teasing the animal monkey inside. Isn’t it a small body?
It’s no coincidence that this Ann suddenly lost her mind and was caught by Azk. Tang Chuan confiscated the fantasy weapon of Ann, which made the world rules here suddenly stagnate. Azk had to kill the monster.
Tang Chuan handed the cage to Azk, saying, "He has changed back to his original shape and forgotten himself. I’ll leave it to you what to do with Emperor Lei Zhe."
Azg wait for a while got up and took the metal cage and immediately picked up a sharp knife with blood still wet.
"noting! !”
Ann suddenly hugged Azke through the cage, and his body trembled. It was more than as if Tang Chuan, a stranger, had frightened him just now. Seeing his master was like finding a harbor and hugging him, and he didn’t want to give up. He didn’t see Azke hanging a sharp knife.
Looking at the absence, Azk Tang Chuan suddenly waved his hand and attracted his attention. He saw that the veil of the world was once again lifted.
Azk saw another hidden drama, and there was another scene in the surface drama. Ann rushed at Azk with a sharp knife to see if she wanted to kill Azk, but she was made by her master and taught a good lesson.
In that play, Xiao An accepted Azk’s lesson and flattered Azk to calm his anger and was finally put back in the cage, just like this scene.
Tang Chuan explained, "This is an extremely contradictory monkey. Maybe you are a little weak in his heart, and he is willing to give up everything he has obtained and be willing to please you and be caged."
It’s not that he took it off. After all, I also taught you a good lesson. He confiscated all the power. It’s up to you to choose. "
Azk numb in situ feel that trembling body of the monkey in the cage. He remember that when emperor Lei Zhe first occupied the morning star, he often showed weakness and made a false plea. Even if he knew that it was a disguise, Ann could not help but believe that he would set himself free.
Then the cycle was stopped to kill him, and he was put in a cage, pretending to beg to be released … and so on and so forth.
Azk pondered whether this monster could stop loss and save all this if he was not carried away by hatred as Tang Chuan said.
When a monkey is to be domesticated, he will have a master all his life, even if he finally lets them die. If the master orders, he will usually do it.
All this seems to be an afterthought, but how can you make yourself so moved and burst into tears?
Even in the end, little Anke fantasized about changing his "loyalty gene" with weapons, but he didn’t want to let go of this emotion. Maybe he can give up everything if this emotion can last.
Tang Chuan went on to say, "Before I came here just now, he had several chances to kill you and knew that if he wanted to kill you, the war would be over. Maybe he was waiting for a reason to stop him, like me."
Azk slowly lowered his sharp knife and looked at Xiao An, who was shivering in the cage. "But no matter what, he is the culprit. Those reasons can’t change the result. How can I even hate if I don’t punish him?"
Tang Chuan laughed. "Then what are you doing? Yes, no reason can get rid of what he did, but this is not a court. It’s up to you to make a decision quickly. There is an army waiting for you outside, commander. "
Azk looked at Tangchuan in silence. "Can I deal with him after the battle?"
Tang Chuan nods, "But this is a decision."
Said Tang Chuan is a wave of his hand to uncover all the dramas and liberate the trapped people inside, and everyone has returned to their place. The battleship, the torrent of heaven in the stars is still magnificent

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