Wei Yi Yang Yin ghost Dao realm is in the middle stage of Dan Cheng, so Mu Hongfei is in the mature stage of Dan Cheng and has stepped into the realm with one foot!

It’s amazing!
And the fact that MuHongFei didn’t play that skill is enough to make all the ghosts horror!
This is really better than people’s dead goods!
This is Mu Hongfei, the Lord of Liancheng!
"Old three, let’s go!" Wei Yiyang drinks a lot.
Wei Yiang stopped talking and shrank to the ground.
Mu Hongfei sneered, "Can you really go?"
In a sneer, Mu Hongfei gently lifted his right hand and suddenly held it in his mouth to drink "Lotus, peanut, lotus and lotus bunch!"
See you in the drink, and you’ve already got into the ground. Wei Yiang suddenly appeared at an extremely fast speed!
He struggled to move, but he seemed to be unable to move at all. He looked funny and terrible.
When his feet came out of the ground, I saw a huge lotus with leaves and petals growing out of the ground!
Wei Yi’s feet are in the petals!
However, the petals are closed in the direction of the petals, and Wei Yiang’s feet are shackled!
"Dad, you are amazing!"
Mu Hongfei stood with both hands and a cold expression, as if to see through the vicissitudes of the world, and all sentient beings should be independent and feathered, while the immortal Mu Qianqian rushed forward to jump into Mu Hongfei’s arms and shouted!
MuHongFei cried "ahem" two mouth a wide eye a narrow smile like an old cat a no majesty sound way "Sandy, how about your dad I appearance image is not bad? This skill is not bad, is it? "
I "…"
Wang Shuzi "…"
"It’s okay. I didn’t lose my face!" Muqianqian’s hands hooked Muhongfei’s neck and floated around like a swing, which was very naughty and lovely.
"Dad, these three evil spirits bullied me and took me away. They almost injured the old Zhong Shu. You see, they ruined the sedan chair you sent me! Even the bearers who gave me sedan chair injured them and called you an apple polisher. You knew there was nothing true about hooking up with Cui Panguan … "
MuQian whining while coquetry MuHong fly face is more and more gloomy Wei Yiyang, black two and Wei Yi proud face is more and more wonderful, the original pale face suddenly had a little bit of black line.
"Hum! Looking for death! " After hearing Mu Qianqian’s words, Mu Hongfei shouted and pointed to Wei Yiyang and Wei Yi. "You two ugly ghosts are dead to the old lady!"
"Old man, who are you calling ugly? !” Wei Yiyang seems to be very jealous that others say that he is an ugly ghost. When Mu Hongfei said this, he cried out, and even Mu Hongfei’s amazing strength ignored the direct export of "old man".
MuHongFei face upwards dozen "ha ha" way "blunt you what you should be gone! The sentence you just scolded is even more to fall into a nasal hell forever and not to be super-living! "
In the speech, that MuHongFei face slowly showed a malicious look, and it disappeared in a flash, and it seemed that a different person wanted to come. It’s not surprising that he could sneak into the middle of the city and be a good generation.
"Hey!" Mu Qianqian said, "You can take this Chen Gongshen with a stone first."
"Oh?" MuHongFei glanced at me suddenly look is zheng startled way "his face …"
"Very familiar, right?" Muqian laughed. "My daughter was shocked when she saw it."
"His family name is Chen?" Muhongfei stared at me and said
"Yes, it’s a pity that the surname is Chen," Muqian pursed her lips and said.
"It’s really a pity …" Muttered MuHongFei opposing staring at my mouth.
With a wave of his robe sleeve, he flew out a small lotus flower, and suddenly the petals burst out, and all the pieces were shot into the boulder that pressed me. Listen to the sound of "bang", the boulder broke into tens of millions of pieces and became dust!
The same petals Mu Hongfei and Mu Qianqian make different effects!
"Get up."
Muhongfei waved at me, and a gentle breath wrapped my whole body and helped me get up.
In an instant, my abdomen, waist and wrist injuries seemed to be all right!
It doesn’t hurt at all!
This really surprised and delighted me!
"Thank you, Lord Mu!" I fuels hand deeply yi way
Mu Hongfei nodded and said, "You’re welcome. Is your real name Chen?"
In my heart, I saw Mu Qianqian looking at me faintly, and there was no meaning, and Zhong Long, Lan Zhu and other ghosts were staring at me. I really wondered what kind of portrait made their father and daughter look like this with a bunch of domestic servants.
Lanzhu molested me before, and then came to my rescue for this reason.

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