When I saw Goo Tsai move, I quickly stopped pronouncing.

Although it won’t matter if Goo Tsai and I touch that narrow advertisement, it is a kind of head-dropping technique in Thailand after all, which makes me feel bad. Should I not touch it directly or not?
My pronunciation is that I have come to stop Goo Tsai from moving. Goo Tsai’s little hand can’t avoid touching the narrow advertisement and tearing it up directly.
After doing this, Goo Zi explained to me that the small advertisement on the doorknob must be disposed of, and it will harm people sooner or later because of the veneer.
Goo Zi said that when I touch a small advertisement with a small jade gourd, I will hit the ghost who wants to invade the body and escape, which is too cheap. There are ghosts hidden in the small advertisement, but he is different.
Ghosts and spirits, he will not be hurt when he touches such objects, but also prevent ghosts from escaping.
I couldn’t help but be surprised to ask Gu Zi why he can prevent ghosts from escaping if he can do it with his hands.
Goose-goo stood on tiptoe and seemed to want to overlook me, but it was because he was really small that he could get what he wanted and waved me to lower my height, saying that this would solve my doubts.
I took a blank look at Goo Tsai and squatted down to let Goo Tsai enjoy overlooking me and give me a solution.
Goose boy smiled and bent his eyes to tell me that he relied on the deterrent of ghosts and spirits.
Everything in heaven and earth is divided into high and low, and it is impossible not to admit it, especially in the ghost world and the demon world, which pay more attention to grading.
The low-level encounter with the high-level is nothing but taking risks.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-two Great Mercy Curse Water
Gu Zi said that high-order deterrence is inherent to low-order deterrence.
When he emerged from the Yinzhu, he caught a glimpse of the ghost hidden in the narrow advertisement. When he saw him, he was scared and rustling.
At this point, Goo Tsai crumpled up the narrow advertisement in his hand and motioned me to give him the key.
I handed the key to Goo-goo-goo, and told him to wait in situ, when the key opened the door.
I watched Goo Tsai walk into the dark living room and looked around for a while before turning on the light, saying that I didn’t find any objects such as small advertisements in the room for the time being, so I could go in safely.
After I entered the room, Goo Zi asked me which one I had offended before calling this curse.
I was so depressed that I vomited blood when I heard another word in Goo Zi’s inquiry.
The last time I fought against Wu Yueer’s ghost, Goo Zi saved me and blocked me. After the placental attack, I was seriously injured and comatose for a long time. He didn’t understand Wu Yuer’s subsequent entanglement with me.
My goo told Goo about Wu Xier, and told Goo that Wu Xier brought a Thai when he returned home this time. The Thai pretended to be a taxi driver and urged me to take his car this evening.
I confess to Goo Tsai that I still don’t understand why the Thai manpower invited me to take a bus.
I pointed to the small advertising paper ball in Goo Tsai’s hand and told Goo Tsai that it was Thai head-dropping, a kind of arresting old ghosts.
I shook my head and felt that Wu Xier was also a real person who was too obsessed with me and insisted that Castle Peak would not relax.
Goo-goo listened to me quietly and told him that his forehead was getting tighter and tighter.
When I finish talking about Goo Tsai, I said that the head-dropping technique in Thailand is completely strange to him. Ask me what is the difference between the head-dropping technique in Thailand and the scenic border technique.
The question of Goose Boy makes me like it in my heart.
Goo Tsai can discover that Thailand’s head-dropping skill, the Miao border skill, is connected with such keen insight that I can’t praise it.
I know that I have knowledge.
I told Goo Tsai that the Miao border technique developed into the Miao border technique, and the Miao border technique was extended to a higher level after it was introduced into Southeast Asia and Thailand, thus forming a unique Thai head technique.
"Sister Ran’s so-called constant change, I want us to take precautions by preventing the scenic border from falling. Even if Thailand’s head-dropping surgery is impossible to prevent, it can be resolved." Goo Tsai listened to me and explained whether his forehead is slightly stretched or a little stretched.
"Goo Tsai, this is easier said than done. I know very little about the scenic cup technique." I sighed lightly.
"Sister Ran, do you know how to make great compassion water?" Goo Zi asked our group Jijuba with a serious expression.
I don’t ask the reason for this question, but I shake my head truthfully.
"I’ll teach Sister Ran how to make a great compassion curse. Sister Ran must listen carefully. There is no mistake." Goo Tsai put his little advertising paper ball into his belt and sat cross-legged on the sofa.
I nodded and motioned for Goo Tsai to start talking.
Goose told me that to make water for the great compassion curse, we should first make preparations, that is, we should first rinse our hands and then prepare a cup of boiled water, whether it is cold or hot, to worship incense and pray for blessings in front of Guanyin Bodhisattva.
Then there is the ritual, which is divided into seven steps.
The first step is confession
Recite in my mouth that all the evil deeds created in the past were born from greed and ignorance, and everything I have now repented of my sins. If my heart is extinguished, my heart will die, and my heart will die. Both are names of true repentance.
The second step is to pray.
Reciting my brother Lu Xiaoran’s head-dropping in Thailand, asking for great compassion and water, and praying for the mercy and blessing of Nanda Mercy and Guanyin Bodhisattva, needs to be recited three times in a row.
The third step is to call the holy name
Recite the South Guanyin Bodhisattva ten times and the South Amitabha ten times.
The fourth step is to recite the great compassion mantra and make a vow.
Step 5: Sincerely recite the great compassion mantra.
Less than five times, seven times or twenty-one, forty-nine times or one hundred times, you can choose as many times as possible to make the water of great compassion more effective.
Step 6: Return
The so-called return is to recite the wish for this merit, solemn Buddha, pure land, four benefits, three pains, and if anyone who knows anything, he will wish that this report will be a paradise for the same life.
Pray for mercy, compassion and avalokitesvara bodhisattva to bless me so that this glass of water can help me resist the harm caused by Thailand’s head drop technique.
Step 7
After all the first six steps are completed, even if it is made, you can recite the Southern Guanyin Bodhisattva once more.
Goose told me that it was a simple Dabei Temple hydration method.
According to different purposes, the emphasis is different. If the water-making process of the great compassion mantra is more complicated and different, it will be more effective in blessing Dabei Temple water.
It is the simplest water-making process that can be adopted when there is an urgent need to avoid complicated waves.
Goose asked me if I would recite the mantra of compassion, the vows and the mantra of compassion. I nodded and said yes. Goose asked me to get ready early rather than late.
It’s almost eleven o’clock late. I listened to Gu Zi’s account. Without hesitation, I directly took Gu Zi’s little hand with my backpack again and left the room to go to Xiangbiao Store.
On the way to Xiangbiaodian, I talked with Goo Zi and asked Goo Zi why he asked me to prepare water for the Great Mercy Curse.
Goo, I’m trying to explain that drinking the water of the Great Mercy Mantra once every half a month can clean up all the dirty food you eat and break your head.
Not only that, the water man who made the great compassion mantra sprinkled water all over every room from the outside to the door and then all around the room.
Sprinkle it all around with a snap of your fingers, and you can imagine that the water of the great compassion mantra will collapse and stand a white everbright vajra.

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