Looking at Weichi coloured glaze don’t press the waist for yourself Qin Yu don’t complain.
"What the hell do you want? Tell me what you have to say and fart."
Watching this extremely offensive Qin Yuwei late coloured glaze is a forehead black line language mouth asked.
"Gnome male-"you say how can you be so smart? You can guess what I think. Gnome male-"You see that I have practiced for a day to win Liu Luoluo. It will be tired, hungry and thirsty. I heard that you hung a new pot of cold white last night and I don’t know what taste this pot of cold white is and whether it is sweet or not …"
Qin Yu said that in the end, he even learned to spoil the tone and expression of Weichi Glass on weekdays, and this direct nausea of Weichi Glass repeatedly turned his stomach.
"Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t let’s talk. I said, what kind of woman are you pretending to be? It’s disgusting. Oh, my God, I feel like I’m losing my appetite for lunch."
Weichi coloured glaze vomited Qin Yu with an unbearable expression, and then slowly walked to his room. Then he took out a small teacup from the bamboo stand on the back side of the tea table in the room, and took the tea table. A teapot with wooden structure slowly filled the teacup with clear water.
"Here, drink quickly and don’t make your old man die of thirst."
Then she saw that Weichi coloured glaze filled her hand with water cups and handed them to Qin Yu. She was also worried that Qin Yu was not enough to drink. She also made a special trip to give the small teapot on the coffee table to the homeopathic hand and then sat quietly beside Qin Yu. She held the small teapot in her arms and waited quietly for Qin Yu to pass her the cup after drinking it, and then added water for each other.
"You’d better be the best to me, but you see, I just twisted my waist and I can’t move my arm, or I’ll have to trouble you to feed me."
I’ve never seen shame before. Listening to Qin Yu’s words and looking at Qin Yu’s obscene sample, Weichi coloured glaze suddenly burst into a rage.
"I said that if you don’t go looking for trouble because of so many things in one day, can you suffocate? I love to drink or not, but I haven’t served you. Heartless things hum"
After taking a white look at Qin Yu, I saw that Weichi coloured glaze pursed her mouth and seemed angry. I put the small teapot on Qin Yu’s leg and then pouted and left Qin Yu’s yard alone.
Looking at turning away from Weichi coloured glaze Qin Yu immediately with a smile floating on his face, it is a relaxed smile and a calm commitment.
"Oh, my God, I’m really exhausted these days. If it weren’t for the young master, I still have some real talent and learning. Maybe it really wants me to be a fool, but fortunately, young master, I’m talented and hardworking. I’m finally going to the finals to play Liu Luoluo. I’m going to think about winning Liu Luoluo and going to Zhuang to win a better reward for Liuli. So Xiao Ni won’t be moved immediately. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep in the first year of this small courtyard!"
After a burst of soliloquy, Qin Yu quickly poured himself a few mouthfuls of cool white in a small teapot, and then found a seemingly comfortable posture, closed his eyes and fell asleep.
But Qin Yu didn’t know that as soon as he fell asleep, he longed for the candlestick and had already appeared beside him, staring at him without moving.
Yuer, when you read this letter, I’m afraid I can’t understand my mother’s situation. I’m very clear that I’m afraid it’s already out of oil and light. After coming back from Yanhu Island, I’ve finally seen the world in a few years, and I’ve seen the changes in people’s feelings. All this has made my mother deeply understand that if you want to be unaffected by the surrounding environment, you and Liuli will either live in the environment or try to make yourself stronger and try to change it little by little.
But you and Liuli are both too young, and you still can’t tell the world’s sinister age, and you can’t tell the direction of people’s right and wrong. Looking at you two, daily growing Niang doesn’t say anything, but her heart is always white. Sooner or later, the hatred and pain created by adults will take root in your hearts, and then slowly invade your heart. I hate myself for not being able to go to our home to shelter from the wind and rain, and I hate myself for not having anything to raise you two personally. You are still so young, so you shouldn’t bear the hatred and pain of adults, but this is what we Jianghu children
Yuer, you have to promise me not to try to dig up the history of that year, not to try to find the truth of that year, and not to try to take revenge on your father and risk yourself. You can’t fight those people who killed your father, but the influence and potential behind them are far from what you think. Even if your father is a hero, he is just a chess player in those people’s hands. Blame your parents for not being able to see the situation clearly. Promise me?
The Jianghu is sinister, and people are not ancient. Although this Sword Casting Villa is stable, it is not the place where my Qin family lives after all. Although I was born as the second young lady of Sword Casting Villa, I am also the daughter-in-law of Xihoufu in our town. The emperor of the dynasty personally sealed the marquise, but even so, what can I do? Your father can be humiliated by this group of hypocritical gentlemen without our mother? Mother doesn’t understand, and she can’t understand.
Yuer, if one day you think that you have grown up and have a new understanding of the world, promise me to leave Zhujian Mountain Villa with glass. Your world shouldn’t be like this. You should live a life without barriers. You should live your dignity and be like you. You should follow freedom, follow dreams and follow courage like that blue sky Dapeng.
The package contains some old clothes worn by your father when he was young, and Niang. You have accumulated some money over the years in those three iron barrels, which are filled with your father’s weapon in batches. The symbol of our town Xihou House is that your father entered the clouds when he was wandering in the rivers and lakes. This weapon was unfortunately left behind in that year, and it took a lot of energy to find it. Yu Er, you remember that this thing is the treasure of our town Xihou House. Since you have chosen to be ambitious, you must promise Niang to take care of it. Zhou is not only. It’s a weapon, and it’s an object that can prove your identity. You remember that the man who came out of Xihou House in our town must be the indomitable spirit and the warrior of justice. I love you.
Write an autograph for your heart.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Make track for soul killing knock
This sleep makes Qin Yu sleep comfortably, stretch and yawn.
"You’re awake."
Even Qin Yu was groggy, half asleep, but suddenly came out, longing for a greeting from him.
"Ah, I didn’t expect my brother to be too sleepy just now, so I took a short rest. My brother Mo Guai went back to the hospital to practice."
Listen to mu candlestick. There is no temperature greeting. Qin Yu was scared and immediately bounced from the ground. Then he wanted to leave here as he spoke.
"Come on, you can’t take good care of yourself today. Although you don’t practise today, the teacher still wants to say a few words about you. One is that a few days ago, you competed with Mumiao. You behaved too much. How many times has the teacher warned you? Did you fall on deaf ears? Our Zhuang is not at ease. You and Liuli have a special status. You should learn to deceive others. Unless it is a last resort, you must not do your own thing. Besides, Mu Miao is your distant cousin in terms of relatives. He is even worse. How old are you? You don’t know how to be a polite teacher. This is to make it clear to you that your cousin’s talent is not worse than yours. It is certain that he will become the key training object of Zhujian Villa in the future. Maybe the future will be a generation of householders of Zhujian Villa. You must remember that it must not be. You can go against him again, because it’s not good for you, but the teacher can also see that you have a little thought. Isn’t that what you are trying to show yourself is to pay off the humiliation he has inflicted on you and Liuli in recent years? If you say so, I don’t blame you, but I still need to wake up. You should think twice before you do anything rash. I can see that yesterday’s flutter and diarrhea should also be your card at this time. It’s no wonder that you will feel so tired at the moment. You and Liuli have been cultivated in the past few days. You and Liu Luoluo have abandoned it for you. "
Mu said as he spoke, he slowly pulled out a seemingly simple wooden box from behind.
"This was when your mother entrusted me to keep it, which made me find that when you had enough courage and perseverance to choose your own destiny face to face, you should hand it over to your former teacher, thinking that you are still young and give it to you in a few years, but now it seems that you may be able to deliver it to you before, but you’d better have some psychological preparation before you decide to hit it, so once you hit it, you can never cover it again, and once you take it over, you will never be able to turn back in your life. It’s up to you."
Say Qin Yu then see mu candlestick slowly got up from his chair, so he came to his face with a big wooden box in his hands, and then after a slight sigh, he gently placed the wooden box in his arms on Qin Yu’s hand.
Looking at this wooden box, listening to the desire for candlestick is heavier than words unconsciously. Qin Yu suddenly felt his heart beating faster and faster. A strange throb stirred his chest for a moment.
This is what mother left?
Leave it to me?
Qin Yu became more and more excited when he thought of this. When he reached out to touch the wooden box, his arm actually oozed a layer of goose bumps, and his hand trembled slightly because of too much excitement.
"Are you sure you want to hit it?"
Mu asked him again, but this time Qin Yu could hear that his tone contained encouragement, determination and too much, and he still couldn’t understand the feelings.

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