The white house bodhi old zu walked out of the shop from north to south along the road and came across an office building.

The sign "Zhengqi City Management Center" is hung in the square here.
Obviously, this should be a place similar to the outside city management office.
He nodded and went in after some people.
He wants to see how the knight-errant A manages him. Is this city shared by everyone?
He will know the truth if he takes a look at this management center.
So the short, thin old man walked in with others and was stopped at the entrance of the office building.
A worker wearing a green helmet said politely, "I’m sorry, but you’re not a citizen of Zhengqi, are you?"
"No, I’m here to find a job." White House bodhi old zu light way
"Since you can come in here in a golden car, there should be a unit that gave you a letter of introduction. Please show it to us." The green helmet worker said politely.
"Is this the one?" White house bodhi old zu stretched out his hand and took out a green envelope.
Since he is here to see the nature fair and square, all procedures will be handled neatly.
He can’t learn from the devil’s wisdom and use magic to disguise the fare evasion car.
This letter of introduction was bought by Bai Shixin from an old man with skills.
The other party was selected by a unit in Zhengqi City for his special skills and sent him a letter of introduction to the city. You can book a car with a letter.
The worker immediately stood in awe after reading it. "Liu Hua, who used to be good at growing flowers, please come with me. I will guide you to register and have a physical examination …"
"Wait, I haven’t said I want to work here. I want to see your office first …" The White House bodhi old zu interrupted each other.
"Hey … well, I’ll show you around. Don’t worry, we are absolutely fair here. You know, this is a real dragon’s nose. Someone will make mistakes, but no one will deliberately make mistakes." The worker said proudly
"Seeing the real ears and listening to the worthless old man, this generation has heard too many beautiful words …" The White House bodhi old zu light way
"Oh, I’m sorry, old man, please come with me. I’ll introduce you to the main composition of this office." The green helmet worker said politely
"Excuse me, young man," White House bodhi old zu nodded.
At this time, the worker has walked to a ladder and pressed the button.
The bodhi old zu of Baijia walked into the ladder worker and then followed up.
"You can just call me Xiao Zhang. The second floor is for routine matters and identity registration for residents."
"The third floor is where some important things like urban construction, public security, planning, governance and other institutions are …"
"How is the management here? Is it Xia … Oh, the Great Xia’s designated candidate? " White house bodhi old zu interrupted him.
When Zhang’s workers heard the news, they suddenly said proudly, "All the workers here are strictly trained, and the public competition posts are determined according to the advantages and disadvantages of the trial period. It is absolutely fair to see through the dragon’s eyes and never dare to cheat."
"Oh, in the final analysis, do you still rely on the strong to make order?" White house bodhi old zu light way
"Hey, old man, you’re not listening to this. The Dragon Warrior has never appointed anyone who can weed out those hooligans because he is strong, leaving it to us to arrange and never interfere with our management." The worker quickly explained.
"Really? It’s really rare. Is he an addict? " The white house bodhi old zu pointed to ask.
"This is probably not? His old man’s house, however, should be very few when people are practicing in a fast pace, "said the worker doubtfully."

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