It’s said that Naisuo fled into the foreign battlefield because he was killed by a powerful saint.

"Zhou Xianzun, why don’t you talk? Not to say that you received a genius alchemist. Why didn’t you see him this time! ?” The man with a long beard looked at Zhou Xianzun and laughed
Zhou Xianzun looked embarrassed.
"no! This time, we came to the man to refine the teacher’s way, so we won’t let him make a fool of himself. "Looking at Zhou Xianzun’s expression, the man leng one.
Zhou Xianzun certainly didn’t want to lose face and deliberately spread false news when he was recognized.
Have experience nodded his head.
Chapter 122 Essence fusion way
Aside, Wang Gang saw a sudden sneer on his face here and immediately said directly in the previous step, "I want to challenge your ethereal brother."
Attract many people’s eyes in the past.
Especially the elder Zhou’s eyebrows are not tightly wrinkled.
"Who do you want to challenge! ?”
"I challenge him!" Wang Gang pointed his finger at a corner, which attracted many people’s attention.
I saw a lazy man sitting in the back row, absent-minded, and suddenly I found that all eyes were on him.
The whole person is not one leng.
"How my face has flowers! ?” Jiang Fengkou inquired
Wang Gang dismissed it and immediately angrily said bluntly, "You just insulted Zong Xianzun. I will never let you go. Let me see what’s the matter with you today!"
Zhou Xianzun was very anxious when he heard the news. Others didn’t know Jiang Feng’s strength. Zhou Xianzun’s heart could clearly display the seal so subtly.
Jiang Feng refining teacher way is definitely higher than him.
Once Jiang Feng shows that he is unusual, he is likely to be valued by the Great Immortal, and the consequences will be unimaginable.
"It’s not a joke for the alchemist to say that challenge is a challenge!" Zhou Xianzun immediately retorted.
But this word falls into the surplus population.
But I have a different idea. Everyone thinks that Zhou Xianzun will try his best to stop it for fear of being humiliated.
His performance not only did not dispel everyone’s thoughts.
On the contrary, they are more persistent and more powerful than the ethereal palace. They are not only better than the trial teacher, but they will not refuse the ethereal palace.
"no!" Zhou Xianzun is still firmly determined
"Young people, what is the need to stop us elders? Let me see your ethereal palace genius." The bearded elder smiled.
"You …" Zhou Xianzun was furious in his heart, and at this time, the Great Immortal waved to them not to continue quarreling. "Young people should be a little energetic. I can’t let the old man make a trip in vain if I look at this competition."
Even Zhou Xianzun was speechless when the Great Immortal spoke.
Silent for a long time didn’t continue to say anything.
"Are you sure you want to challenge me! ?” Jiang Feng came out at this time
Zhou Xianzun seems to have found a lifeline and tried to wink at Jiang Feng to signal him not to promise, but the fact is just the opposite.
"I can promise you a challenge and I’m afraid you won’t be able to close the game for a while!" Jiang Feng tone with contempt.
Wang Gang burst out laughing as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.
Isn’t this little guy able to beat himself? ?
Very funny.
"Cowhide is not blown out. Let’s have a look if something happens!" Wang gang said bluntly
Zhou Xianzun was anxious.
There is no place where Jiang Feng smiled and kept saying, "No problem!"
"But I can’t challenge you, and I only have materials to defeat you." Jiang Feng got up lazily and didn’t want to mind his own business, but the other party bit on it.
Even if Jiang Feng has a good temper, he can’t pretend that he didn’t hear anything.

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