This is beyond Gu Qingshan’s imagination of power.

See light door side deputy armed men also slay the captive Luo Cha in turn.
Armed men directly beheaded prisoners with long knives.
While others carry long guns and shoot at the head.
They are very inefficient because their rifles can be fired and it is very inconvenient to load and unload the shells manually.
As the officer ordered, several agile personnel immediately stepped out.
They took out their ammunition and filled their rifles at the exit of the light door.
Gu Qingshan once again noticed that the rifles in these people’s hands were all very old styles.
-it’s a very crude rifle, and even a bullet can be loaded.
Suddenly a rifle asked in a low voice, "Sir, what should I do with it later? Do I need to kill it directly?"
The officer said, "No, you can’t do it. I need to catch it alive."
Another rifle said, "Catch alive? It is very difficult for indigenous people in this world to live when we shoot. "
The chief explained patiently, "At least we have to figure out what this door is about-it is supposed that Luo Cha will not send people out during the Armageddon in our world."
This is indeed a strange thing that must be clarified.
"Well," replied several rifles together.
They made a rattling sound and got ready for the final shooting.
Gu Qingshan looked at the enemy who kept the light door.
He was completely shocked.
I never thought that the power of the white fox would fall like this.
The strength of the white fox surpassed the Xuanling period and was the strongest Gu Qingshan had ever seen.
White fox is eaten by a woman’s face.
Luo Cha’s forces were overthrown by armed men with ancient guns
This completely subverts Gu Qingshan’s worldview.
"Hundreds of millions of worlds, nine hundred million worlds …"
Gu Qingshan murmured a long sigh.
He suddenly had an enlightenment.
Judging everything from one’s own inherent thinking now.
Common sense is not necessary to count the world and all kinds of strange articles.
Now the white fox world has been killed by an organization with ancient rifles.
-what’s the point of trying hard for a long time?
Gu Qingshan sighed again.
"You delivered something for me and I helped you avoid the danger of life and death." The woman’s face sounded. "Are you satisfied with this transaction?"
"Very satisfied, I want to thank you" Gu Qingshan sincerely said.
"Since it is a transaction, you don’t have to say thank you."
The woman’s face said
"Revenge has been completed and my wish has been ended. From now on, I am a real demon." Her face was sad.
"I will destroy several worlds in the future."
Gu Qingshan listened carefully and mused, "I feel that your heart is not blinded by things. So what if people are demons?"
The woman’s face looked at him unexpectedly and didn’t speak at the moment.
She seem to discern his true attitude.
I never thought that a star world teenager could say such a thing.
It took a long time for a woman’s face to say, "Qian Shan night made me walk a road of no return."
She seems to be lost in memories.
"I hid everything from him in those days to protect him."
"Protect him?"
"It’s because he has the common fault of everyone in this world."
"What common fault?"
"One’s own strength does not match one’s ambition, and he is cruel and cruel to his world."
"These two things will easily destroy him in the world."
"I wanted to teach him slowly after the child was born …"
The woman’s face showed a sad look.
"Things in the past are not worth thinking about," Gu Qingshan advised. "Most people trained by this article are so unworthy of your sadness."
The woman’s face calmed down and said, "It’s all over here, and none of those who hurt me can run away."
She looked at Gu Qingshan slowly opened his mouth.
A stack of scrolls flew out of her mouth and floated over Gu Qingshan’s head.
"These scrolls were my means."
"They will bring you to someone who has been kind to me."
"You go and give a flower to that person for me. This is the last wish of my Terran and a deal between me and you." The woman said with a face.
"No problem" Gu Qingshan should way.
Then he asked, "I want to know in advance how many layers of the world I will cross and how long it will take to get to the place where you said the person was."

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