"Iron eggs you don’t pull me! I said let two dog have a look! "

"Qiao qiao elder sister you are not white? This is a pit. First, I’ll trick you into it, and then he … can take advantage of you, understand? "
"Iron egg, you don’t know. He is seeing a doctor!"
"Look at me saying that your brain is short-circuited. That’s how he tricked you into into the pit! Sister Qiao Qiao, you are not married yet, but you can’t be a thief! " The nangongshan iron egg is full of a harrowing experience expression way
A few words from the Nangong Iron Egg really brought Wen Qiao Qiao into the ditch. She was a little skeptical. Looking at Pi two dog, she said, "two dog, you don’t want money to see a doctor, so what do you want?"
"Do you believe me when I say that I have accumulated virtue and done good deeds?" Pi two dog replied lightly, to be honest, although he is not a good man, it is really out of kindness for the poor to see a doctor. Before Pi two dog got the Tianshi artifact, he was a serious man. His parents had no brothers and sisters, and his family was so poor that he even had three meals a day. I don’t know how much he suffered!
Another one, his parents died early because they couldn’t afford expensive, and his girlfriend Ling Yao had to follow Zhao Tu because of medical treatment of 100,000 yuan! Later, although Lingyao helped to return Zhao Tu with 100,000 yuan, Lingyao is not what it used to be. It is true that he can’t blame Lingyao too much, but Lingyao has passed Zhao Tu’s hand, and two dog has no emotional base for her.
Now that he has a wonderful hand to rejuvenate, he has the ability to make a fortune. He doesn’t need to rely on medical practice to eat. He simply promotes medical treatment. It can’t be said that he can help heaven and man, but he can do his best to save one, right?
"Then you show me gynecological diseases and need you to check them yourself?" Wen Qiao Qiao body nerve tense up way
"Wen Qiao Qiao doesn’t see a doctor and doesn’t check it. Is that still a look?"
This a the nangongshan iron eggs immediately like a dog being stepped on the tail to the way "see if I said right? The ultimate goal of this small is to take advantage! Qiaoqiao elder sister, wake up! Don’t jump into the fire pit! "
Pi two dog came to be the Nangong Iron Egg Dog Barking and didn’t want to pay attention to it. I didn’t expect this ya to speak ill of him. He couldn’t help it. "Nangong Iron Egg, you are also a doctor, right? Dare to bet? "
"Hum bet you fall in price!"
"If you don’t dare to gamble, roll away. What are you talking about? Don’t look like a girl!" He this goods a sarcastic way.
"Hey you! I’m afraid of you? How to gamble? "
"If I can’t cure Wen Qiaoqiao’s disease, I will quit the medical profession!"
"Yes!" The nangongshan iron egg said to make a bet that one less person on the ground in nine planets could cheat by practicing medicine. That’s a good deed!
"What if I am cured?"
"Is that possible? If you are really cured, then I quit the medical profession! " The nangongshan iron egg eloquent way
Chapter 233 Wong Tai Sin is angry
"That’s good wen qiao qiao and pear fragrance you two do a witness! It’s agreed that I can’t cure Wen Qiaoqiao’s gynecological diseases. I will quit the medical profession and will no longer treat people. If it is cured, Nangong Iron Egg will quit the medical profession and will no longer be listed for practice! "
"The boss knows!"
It’s like forcing people to change careers and lose their jobs, which will determine the fate of a lifetime! One of these two is her important partner, and the other is her good friend. No one loses their jobs. She would like to see it. Thought of this, she just made a sweat for Pi two dog. "two dog, do you have such a big chance of winning?" If you really quit the medical profession, how can you accumulate virtue and do good? I don’t agree with this gambling method! "
"Qiao Qiao elder sister I didn’t take back my words! That’s it, you come into the room with me! " Pi two dog just brought Wen Qiao Qiao into the room.
The Nangong Iron Egg saw Wen Qiaoqiao go in and called her out. "Sister Qiaoqiao, why did he let you into the room?"
"Nonsense not to check how I party? Also said that you are a family of Chinese medicine practitioners? "
A qiangbai Nangong iron egg blushed, "Wen Qiao Qiao is a gynecological disease. How can you let a man check if you are a man?" Mental derangement! "
"Yes, Iron Egg is right. Can’t you check it?" Wen Qiao Qiao hesitate to look at Pi two dog way
Pi two dog saw the Nangong Iron Egg telling me that he didn’t want to listen to this cargo. Suddenly, he blew his hair. "How many years have you been practicing medicine, Nangong doctor? Haven’t you checked the privacy parts for girls? "
"I’m a regular doctor. What’s the problem with my examination? There are male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology? " The nangongshan iron egg sophistry way
"That you are a male doctor, you can how I can’t? Xu Zhou officials set fire to forbid people to light lamps. What’s the reason? Besides, is Wen Qiaoqiao your girlfriend or relative? Do you want to take care of her? " Pi two dog budged back to choke.
"yo-ho, this man’s mouth is quite slippery. I’m a professional doctor. It’s just an organ that won’t think of men and women! You are not pure if you are an amateur! "
"Why am I impure? You said you wouldn’t think of men and women, but I would think of men and women being funny. What is the logic? Get out of this virgin watch! " Pi two dog ordered Tian Huili Xiang to immediately pull the Nangong Iron Egg out of the room.
As soon as the door is locked, Wen Qiao Qiao’s nerves are tense up like a victim. "two dog, do you really want to check? I’m a little scared! "
"I’m afraid of what I don’t eat people. What symptoms have I checked so that I can take the right medicine!"
"The problem is that I have never been examined by a male doctor!"
"If you are afraid, why don’t you go to the big hospital in the city and ask the female doctor to have a face-to-face examination and come to me to get the medicine?" Pi two dog knows that there are girls who are very interested in this place, and he is not forced.
"Ouch, it hurts!" Just talking, Wen Qiao Qiao was sweating with pain. She felt very bad and gritted her teeth. "two dog doesn’t run to the hospital, just come and check!"
"Why aren’t you afraid that I am a male doctor?"
"Doctor’s parents, I believe you won’t do bad things!"
A few minutes later, Pi two dog gave a prescription to Tian Huili Xiang after careful inspection. "Pear Xiang, you give the bill to Xiang Hehua and let her cook the medicine according to the bill!"
Tian Huili saw how many grams of plantain and how many grams of peach leaves were written on her face. She didn’t know how to treat a doctor, so she gave the prescription to Xiang Lotus and asked Xiang Lotus to go to the warehouse to get medicine.
Because it takes an hour or two to boil the medicine, Pi two dog sees that Wen Qiao Qiao’s pain is unbearable, so he puts the pain on hold first, and when Wen Qiao Qiao’s pain is relieved, this guy goes out of the room and plans to let Li Chunzhu come and get the lock-up pill.
I never wanted to talk, but I didn’t go out to see a motorcade coming from outside my home. I saw Ding Qing bouncing before running. "Brother Dog, look at several luxury sports cars! At first glance, it is a big man! "
Pi two dog saw clearly that although he didn’t understand what brand it was, it was very tall at first glance. Then look at the car. Three or four big men in black came first. These big men walked and pulled the door to meet two bosses. Middle-aged uncles were all paunchy and fat. Finally, a man and two women came out. The man left his bald head and his eyes were not tall, but five big, three thick and two hidden.
This person is none other than Wong Tai Sin, the super boss of nine planets City!
It’s Wong Tai Sin, the star-rated hotel controlled by two dog. Tian Huili Xiang, his personal valet, was rescued from Wong Tai Sin’s jaws.
My first thought when I suddenly saw Wong Tai Sin Pi two dog was that I was not dazzled, right? What’s Big Brother Huang doing in this backcountry?
I was in a trance when I saw Wong Tai Sin picking the thick gold chains with a neck and throwing them to the bodyguards behind him, laughing at Pi two dog. "Haha, Boss Pi, I can’t believe that you are such a big boss living in such a shabby house. It’s outrageous!"
Wong Tai Sin followed suit, and the two pot-bellied men sang together, "Is it true that it is said everywhere in Daxian City that Boss Pi borrows money to install big money, borrows money to install bigger money, and then borrows more money?"

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