Most of the masters in Xilan City were almost gathered by the Big Three. Zhao Xiaocai hoped that the big three people would come quickly.

The monster beast is getting closer and closer, and everyone can feel the ground shaking. Some small sand stones beat as if afraid of the monster beast.
"Lord Zhao Cheng, do you think Silan City can be saved?" Kouwen is a six-story infant. He is the head of a mercenary group in Xilan City. His name is Yang Kang.
He led the mercenary group to take refuge in Zhao Xiaocai after Zhao Xiaocai destroyed the iron palm gang.
There are still several yuan infant masters in the field. They all chose to surrender to Zhao Xiaocai. When the Big Three didn’t come forward to sanction the new city owner, they were very white. If they wanted to continue to mix in West Lan City, they had to choose a team.
Even the big three don’t want to take the initiative to take care of this new city. They know that it’s not just three minutes before Sillan City is afraid of having an extra upstart.
Zhao Xiaocai looked calm and said, "I haven’t inferred that there is still a turning point in this monster beast siege."
The flying fox gang leader is sycophantic and asks, "Why don’t they want to stay out of such a big event as the Three sain mumtaz?"
Be sycophantic, she is the only female leader of all the forces in Westland, and all the gang members are women.
Zhao Xiaocai laughed. "It’s only a matter of time before they come."
Even if those old monsters really intend to retreat from Kaohsiung, a few of them will not run away.
Because Zhao Xiaocai scared them into giving them extremely Pei Yuan Dan, he added chronic poison, unless they didn’t want the antidote, the consequences would be at their own risk.
Li Yanran has been hiding in the crowd and dare not come out to see Zhao Xiaocai. She is afraid that Zhao Xiaocai will be unkind to her.
But the monster beast army horse is about to hit West Lancheng, and she couldn’t help it at this moment.
Ran out and grabbed Zhao Xiaocai’s arm and said, "Let’s go. We are still far from Silan City."
Zhao Xiaocai nai shook his head "to go you go first! I am Baoding in Xilan City. "
Looking at Zhao Xiaocai a face of refuse Li Yanran know how to persuade afraid he won’t leave.
Silently retreated behind Zhao Xiaocai, she intends to prove that Zhao Xiaocai will not leave her and will not leave.
Zhao Xiaocai doesn’t care if she is not immersed in love now. I believe this girl must have a card. When Xilan City is breached, she will definitely have the means to leave.
The first chapter is full of surprises
The first chapter is full of surprises
The monster beast is getting closer and closer to Xilan City. The speed of the monster beast does not take a few minutes for the horse to run.
Fighting is imminent. Zhao Xiaocai is in command. He doesn’t have to go out of the city to kill the enemy himself.
What he has to do is to command everyone well and reasonably mobilize their fighting methods.
However, Zhao Xiaocai has never commanded such a large-scale battle. He has fought in a fight, and he is under great pressure to single out a commander in chief.
The three sain mumtaz have not yet appeared. Zhao Xiaocai knows that it must be those old monsters who are in the stage of deification. They want to come out and pick up cheap at last.
Zhao Xiaocai secretly sneers that it is a good abacus to take advantage of it. After this crisis, he must make those old monsters pay the price.
Several yuan infant masters took everyone to resist a wave of contact between the two sides and the battle started immediately.
However, the first wave of monsters is generally second, third and fourth order monsters, and there are only a few.
After killing hundreds of monster beasts, everyone felt a little overwhelmed by the huge consumption.
It is found that these monsters have scarlet eyes and seem to have no intelligence, as if they were stimulated to attack them without fear of death.
Zhao Xiaocai ordered that "everyone retreat into the array and rely on the trapped array to kill the enemy."
He also found out that these monsters are different. According to the truth, they should have some wisdom. The fourth-order monsters can spit people out.
However, even if these monsters are seriously injured, they will charge Xilan City regardless.
Zhao Xiaocai turned to Li Yanran and asked, "Do you know what these monsters look like?"
"Because I ground the taxiing grass and the animal-luring grass into powder and mixed them together," Li Yanran went on to say that the animal-luring grass can make the low-order monsters even the fourth and fifth order monsters will be affected to some extent if they lose their spiritual wisdom, so they will attack the city so crazily.
Zhao Xiaocai felt a big headache. I didn’t expect Yan Huang to be so vicious that he even took out the grass to lure animals. Surely Yan Huang must have paid a great price for getting the grass to lure animals!
Although it was done by Li Yanran, Zhao Xiaocai still blamed everything on Yan Huang because Li Yanran was a koo, and she also acted on her father’s orders.
Although there have been no deaths for the time being, many people have been injured
Their healing pills are limited. Zhao Xiaocai immediately ordered all the Lingcao in Xilan City to be found.
Yes, he is going to blast an alchemist. With his magical alchemy, he can boost everyone’s morale on the one hand and give it to those who are injured on the other.
People who have received orders are puzzled and look at the new duke. Is he going to make an alchemy on the spot?
But this is ridiculous! On-site alchemy, let alone when alchemy is needed, but it is a question whether this situation can become an alchemy.
An alchemist needs a quiet environment, otherwise he will be distracted and immediately wave a furnace of Dan medicine Lingcao.
"What are you waiting for to prepare Lingcao and Dan furnace?" Zhao Xiaocai said, "The more Lingcao, the better, and the less Dan furnace."
Secretly observing the situation of Xilan City, several old monsters in the deification period are also confused. What is Zhao Xiaocai doing?
You are an alchemist at this time! It is better to jump off the wall and kill some monster beasts.
"Do you think this Lord Zhao is out of his mind and still has a mind to make an alchemist at this time?" An old monster said
"Let’s look at it first and say that it’s not simple to look at the posture, even if we are afraid of Silan City, we will lose it."
"Well, there may still be some big killers left, otherwise we wouldn’t want to protect Silan City."

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