The minefield is most afraid of being distracted. Second, he is worried. His foot has taken a little more than three points. By the time he realizes this terrible mistake, it is too late.

A ball of fire flashed shrapnel, gravel and minced meat. Captain Qi Fei was thrown up more than one meter high by the explosion shock wave and fell heavily, but miraculously he didn’t hit the mine. It seems to be a mine. Waiting for him here, he stepped on his foot and howled like a wolf. He looked down at his foot, his right ankle had been blown to pieces, and the muscles were intertwined like a mess. The leg bones split and the mushy bone marrow dyed the muscles crystal clear. After a while, the blood gushed out. Several forward players stopped to look at him. The last one sent out.
"Don’t come here! Do you also want to be blown into disability! " Captain Li said, "The Huajun patrol has heard the movement, and their horses will come and throw my sniper rifle. I will stay here to cover you and move on. Don’t stop, don’t look back and don’t cry! The members of the signal flag special forces have no such superfluous things as tears! "
A gleam of water in her eyes was abruptly suppressed. The team members picked up the svds sniper rifle that fell when the captain was blown up and checked that it was intact and undamaged. The Soviet weapon was incredibly strong. The vice captain threw the sniper rifle and a first-aid kit to the captain, and his lips trembled slightly and said, "Captain, let’s continue to fight side by side."
The captain smiled a little hard, and the blood was fading from his face and lips. The whole face was so pale that it was frightening. "My good brother, don’t come to me too early. Go on doing what you should do. Before I fell, no one could eject it at your back and move on. Great Soviet Union!"
The vice captain trembled and said, "Great Red League!" I made a gesture to move on, jumped into a stone as sharp as a dog’s teeth, and the star jumped into the pill. There were many big stones to rest on a winding road that was 60 to 70 meters long. They could speed up and watch the players disappear. The squadron leader in the chaotic stone gave a miserable smile, pulled out a tourniquet and tied it to the knee to stop the blood circulation, and then took out a morphine injection into the vein of the injured leg. The morphine took effect quickly, and in less than ten seconds, the pain in the leg began to ease, and it came not far away. The barking of military dogs and the sound of wild boots breaking branches came to China’s army patrol. He set up an svds sniper rifle and took out a photo of the pocket hidden close to his heart. He looked at the photo greedily. A female soldier was holding a little girl with a bow and smiling happily at the camera. The little girl smiled sweetly and raised her little fist as if to say, "Come on, dad!"
Woof woof woof-
The barking of military dogs was louder and scarier. He could already hear the soldiers in China having a quick conversation in Chinese. He bowed his head and kissed his wife and daughter and whispered, "Farewell to my wife and daughter! I’m sorry I’m going to make you lose your husband and father forever today … "
The gun rang sharply, and Chinese soldiers knew very well that they could go deep into the valley through layers of mines. What characters were there without even saying hello? The first string of bullets hit the captain’s side, and the stone splashed. The captain ignored it and lay motionless. A helmet appeared behind a big stone 200 meters away, and then a young face shouted this way, "He stepped on a mine! I don’t know if I am dead or alive! "
"Black Arrow!"
The officer let out a sharp arrow and drank a fierce black military dog, and jumped out to avoid the mine and pounced on the motionless blood man. The officer told everyone not to shoot yet to see if the black arrow could drag the man out. If the man was unconscious, they might be able to catch a job and dig out a lot of valuable information from him.
Because special forces usually undertake strategic strikes and capture a living special force, it is valuable to the intelligence department.
The muzzle of svds sniper rifle showed a flame and a black arrow. The explosive body rolled and flew more than one meter high, broke into two pieces, and the plasma splashed with a plaintive cry. The land burst and the mine was blown to pieces. The little soldier was shocked and gave a miserable cry. "No-"
The second shot, a 9.6 mm bullet, came at a high speed. When a helmet went through the skull, the little soldier’s skull burst and his blood splashed. The officer was furious. "Bastard, hit me to the death!"
Light machine guns, automatic rifles and submachine guns fired at the same time, and the bullets rained down and hit the bloody man. There was dust flying around him, and a bullet hit the mine, causing a vigorous explosion. The sand and gravel flew, and I couldn’t see the figure clearly. No matter how fierce the firepower was, the sniper rifle shot at a speed of six seconds, and the butt of the sniper rifle hit his shoulder again and again. Every time he fired a bullet, his scarred body would violently shake, and a stream of blood would be ejected from his leg wound. Every time, a soldier fell on his back and was familiar with the melody. Although the singer was Russian
A path is long and winding.
All the way to the fog
I’m going along this slender path.
Follow my lover to the battlefield
I’m going along this slender path.
Follow my lover in the battlefield … The fierce battle in the minefield continues. Seven patrols have fallen. No one dares to stick his head out to observe and shoot again. The Soviet commando who was blown off and shot several times is simply a demon. Every time he shoots, he will take a soldier’s life! Facing a gap in enemy combat experience and equipment that has lost the ability to walk and is still trapped in a minefield, this patrol commander has a deep feeling that he can be chosen to guard this strategic base. Of course, their military skills can’t be bad, but they are selected from ordinary field troops to face the signal flag special forces! The world is qualified to compete with this special force. Five fingers can count. Without artillery support, ordinary field troops want to kill two or three special forces of this level, and they have to pay at least ten times or twenty times the price!
Hearing the guns coming, more and more patrols soon approached 100 people, and the order was to try to catch a few military dogs in a row. As a result, none of them could run more than 30 meters, and they were shot in two or their heads were blown off.
Two sharpshooters detoured to a favorable sniper position, set up border posts and armed police mobile units. The main shooters were generally equipped with 4-type sniper rifles. At first, they aimed at two catapults to penetrate the scope and penetrate into their eyes. One hundred people could not stand a seriously injured and dying man. This is the dilemma these patrol members are facing now. The second lieutenant was angry. "Transfer the mortar and send him back to his hometown!"
Mortars are the best way to deal with a special soldier with accurate marksmanship and death. However, no patrol can be brave enough to patrol the mountains and mountains with mortars and dozens of shells, and it is necessary to adjust it from the post.
At this point, these patrol members couldn’t see the corner. Six signal flag special forces members used two combat knives and a special nylon rope to climb down from a stone crack that even monkeys couldn’t climb. Anti-infantry mines were also stuffed in the cliff to cut the barbed wire. At this time, they all heard the scream of mortar shells. After a violent explosion, the gun stopped and the vice captain’s facial muscles twitched slightly and made a gesture of "moving on"
Then I heard the thunder of mine explosion, followed by the trace left by the commandos. The patrol stepped on the mines, and I never thought about going back alive. The special forces team members moved to another place to bury the discharged mines while marching forward. Who followed their footprints and who was unlucky and injured several times in succession? After that, the angry lieutenant made everyone slowly withdraw from the minefield and couldn’t chase it. I was afraid that the 100-odd people would let the mines blow up before they chased him. He turned on the walkie-talkie and reported to the mountain that "a Soviet commando was killed and they and their accomplices probably climbed from the cliff!" Be careful, these guys are very difficult to deal with. Kill one of their wounded snipers. I have killed nearly 20 brothers and four military dogs! "
The mountain replied, "If you don’t know, send the injured soldiers to the rescue. Pay attention to the alert. There may be more enemies coming to sneak attack."
The second lieutenant said, "I advise you to give up the idea of catching prisoners. Although the information of prisoners is precious, it is not worthwhile to lose dozens of lives without this information!"
Shanyin smiled a little more. "Thanks for waking Lieutenant. We know what to do."
Lieutenant realized what monsters were stationed in the mountains. What’s the difference between showing off in front of them and teaching fish to swim? I got red in the face.
After crossing the barbed wire fence, every inch of land becomes more dangerous. Of course, it is impossible for the Chinese army to relax its defense against such a strategic goal, such as booby traps and anti-paratroopers’ barbed hooks. Infrared monitors are densely packed with directional machine guns in some places. When the camera finds the target, it will capture and observe it. When people stare at it with a mouse, the directional machine gun will fire with great power. It is enough to shoot through a five-millimeter-thick steel plate at a distance of 100 meters, regardless of any body armor. In addition, well-trained military dogs may jump out at any time, followed by elite mountain infantry-this is the fighting capacity of the real elite troops, not the mountains. Those rookie transferred from the armed police force and the field army can be smaller than this one. The detachment moved forward carefully and quickly to avoid death traps. A soldier was carrying an instrument similar to a platform and sent out a powerful magnetic wave, which made those disguised as branches, leaves and even bird’s nest monitor department fail. Want to keep an eye on them? No way!
A small propeller plane suddenly jumped out from the other side of the mountain and pounced on the laser KGB action team. It took them more than a month to move, and it was transported from Afghanistan to Xinjiang one by one and then secretly assembled. Otherwise, there is no simple navigation equipment and a rocket launching nest. There are four 12 mm simple navigation rockets. If you can hit them, it will inevitably cause great damage to the laser.
As soon as the propeller plane emerged from the horizon, several hundreds of meters of fire sticks were swept across the metal storm bombs. The pilot gave a hard twist to the joystick, and the small propeller plane Yinmaiman spun out of the gap of all the bullets, regardless of the bullet marks on the fuselage. Press the launch handle and swish! Four rockets jumped out! Metal storm guns roared through the mountains, and machine guns roared out at an amazing rate of 400,000 rounds per minute. Four aiming lasers were fired to fly, and the rockets only flew less than 100 meters, and they were smashed into pieces. Even the cockpit was hit by a bullet, ejected through the cockpit cover and penetrated into the pilot’s chest! The pilot looked at the wound indifferently, and the blood splashed out. Even the man and the plane rushed to a thick cable with an arm. The wing was as sharp as a knife and cut off the high-voltage cable that was circulating with hundreds of thousands of volts! The powerful current instantly penetrated every corner of the plane, turning the pilot into a charcoal column, but before detonating the fuel in the fuel tank, the plane hit the top of the mountain and blew up the whole plane into a pile of flying fragments.
On the other side of the mountain, when the Mongolian army sent a commando team to advance, the Chinese army suddenly detonated several directional mines. Thousands of steel balls and shrapnel swept against the ground in a fan shape, and the shrapnel was broken. Qi Fei’s entire commando team was killed or injured in an instant, and then a piece of hail was poured over. These Soviet army elites were really hard bones. Several legs were blown off, and a little flesh was left. Without saying a word, the multi-way bayonet waved, and the broken leg was cut off and the automatic rifle was held up. The Chinese mountain soldiers were surrounded by it. It was very miserable. Fierce battles were fought until the last stream of blood flowed out of the wound. These wounded soldiers entangled the Huajun mountain soldiers without any injuries, and they left the battlefield and continued to advance. However, when crossing a mountain stream, they were still blocked, and at the same time, they fired bullets from all directions. They were all over the east and west, and grenades were blown up all over the floor. After blowing up two dark castles, the whole commando team was still alive, leaving only one captain. One of his legs was broken, and he was shot in the stomach. Blood was scattered. Intestinal peristalsis was faintly visible, and flames were spewed in all directions With a wry smile, he took out a green steel cylinder with a red skull logo, pressed a button and threw it out, then was shot through his chest.
When the cylinder explodes, a white mist rises, and the color and smell spread and inhaled it, or the mountain soldiers convulsed when their skin touched a little.
At the same time, three Su -24 fighter-bombers roared from Mongolia at dawn, and just as soon as they showed up to prevent missiles, one was shot down by a bombed field, and the other two were shot down by a left and a right, and six aerial bombs swayed and roared! Six huge plumes of smoke rolled up into a sea of fire. The pilot excitedly reported, "We have destroyed the laser!" " The falling point of the voice ignited the meteor and it was a magnetic anti-aircraft gun! Two planes were about to break away from Su -24, and they were smashed into pieces in an instant. The pilots successfully ejected through goggles. They saw a road that seemed to condense the energy of two suns, and the green light could not help but scream in despair!
Three fighter planes were shot down and destroyed, but the laser didn’t seem to be affected at all. It is destroying medium-and long-range ballistic missiles and long-range bombers that rose from the Siberian wasteland with great power!
They pawned this hair as a fake, and it was 20 meters deep on the ground. They dropped six bombs and didn’t even wipe off a hair of this nuclear reactor!
Boom !
Boom ! !
The pioneer railgun sent out a huge roar like the sky were to fall, and the heavy artillery shells crashed out and went straight to the outside. It was the Mongolian prairie! These shells say that the Chinese army has gone crazy, and they have been trying to avoid civilian casualties and ecological disasters before! Tu -223 long-range bombers rolled across the ground like a road flashing across the sky, screaming and thundering. A little higher is Tu -95, which covered the sun. Tu -95 fleet was the backbone of this bombing. Tu -95 entered at a high speed and disrupted the formation of the Chinese army. Then, kh-55 cruise missiles launched a saturated attack on the laser. If this is not enough, the strategic bomber will finally approach the laser and throw a super bomb. Father will overturn the whole mountain!
The Siberian wasteland, the Mongolian plateau, is like a super volcano erupting at the foot. One by one, the long-range ballistic missile from the Chinese military railgun hit the middle of the fortunately, and it took the thunder and wrapped it in the wind to kill Xinjiang. There was no smoke outside, but the battle of life and death had already begun.
It was the Chinese army’s continuous launching of ballistic missiles that caused great pressure on the Chinese army. It was forced that the Tianjun Command activated three strategic laser satellites that were launched into the Pacific after the armistice. The lasers of Xinjiang and Leizhou Peninsula together formed tight encirclement. Seeing the green light streaking across the sky, the ballistic missiles were flying outside the atmosphere, and the sparks splashed, and then a large flame burst. No fireworks could match the Soviet launch of these ballistic missiles. It was easier to fight without additional anti-laser coating.
Unfortunately, the good times did not last long.
The two countries have agreed not to move too much weapons. The Chinese army has launched a strategic laser satellite. Even if it violates the rules, it has already been eager to try. Of course, the Soviet Union will not be polite for a long time. The blue-and-white beam lit up the corner of Ryazan Prefecture, and the tiny particles were squeezed into a thin beam by great power at a speed of 200,000 kilometers per second. The second strike, the second laser satellite broke the solar sail by the particle beam reflected from the mirror-reflecting satellite in the 50,000-kilometer-high geostationary orbit. Just after the third laser satellite circled the earth once, the terrible particle beam came over, and a fireworks burst at a height of 500 kilometers, dazzling.
The commander of the strategic laser artillery unit of the Chinese army made a sullen face, making "Xinjiang continue to intercept ballistic missiles and Leizhou destroy Soviet spacecraft with strategic strike capability!"
A large number of metallic hydrogen fuels are injected and transformed, which is second only to the powerful energy of nuclear energy. The fire of two strategic lasers keeps bursting out of the Siberian wasteland, which is very shocking, while Leizhou strategic laser begins to implement strategic strikes according to a long list of strikes.
Ten seconds later, the killer satellite Lyra in Europe was cut in half.
Twenty seconds later, after passing through Africa, the killer satellite Tianxian exploded into a ball of fire.
Forty seconds later, it is flying towards the Republic, and a wisp of smoke is emitted from the killer satellite of Scorpio.
Five minutes later, the last Soviet space shuttle was cut off and crashed into the Pacific Ocean.
Soviet grain cannons also kill and kill, and the efficiency seems to be higher than that of laser cannons.
The blue-and-white beam shoots into 50,000 kilometers, and then a killer satellite launched by a pioneer railgun splashes.
The blue-and-white light beam flashed another 500,000-ton nuclear explosion magnetic pulse lurking in the synchronous orbit of Eurasia, and the satellite turned into a blazing fire.
For the third time, the blue-and-white beam flashed across a killer satellite launched by a pioneer railgun, and it was smashed into a ball of fire before it entered orbit and released fragments.
Blue-and-white beams flashed across Beijing and Jinzhou in succession, and sentinel early warning aircraft and command aircraft were broken down one after another.
The commander of the strategic laser gun unit was secretly shocked. The power of the Soviet particle beam weapon rose by a large margin. It is really surprising that the satellite launched by the pioneer rail gun has strong anti-strike ability. It is obvious to all that even the laser had to burn through with great efforts, but it was smashed with one blow! Fortunately, the Soviet Union did not attack the Beidou system, not because the polar bears were merciful, but because the Republic’s strategic laser frightened them. You can destroy my Beidou and I can also abolish you. In the end, everyone lost the ability of modern communication, navigation, command and reconnaissance, so no one dared to hand over to the communication satellite. This is the so-called balance of terror.
The commander of the Second Artillery Corps gritted his teeth and said, "Fire twenty DF-9s to kill that particle beam launching base!"
Deserted and uninhabited places in Shanxi, Qinghai disguised as rocks or mounds, and the manhole cover was opened by powerful gas. Flames and milk smoke thundered from the ground and rushed straight into the sky. df-9 rose from the ground and went to the distant Liangzhan Prefecture.
The Soviet ballistic missile group has crossed the border and started to re-enter the atmosphere. Although the strategic laser strike missile group is sparse, the power is still not underestimated. The tactical lasers responsible for defending various strategic bases are too busy to intercept effectively. If the distance is less than 50 kilometers, it will not help. The heavy and slow trains come out of the tunnel. They slowly travel along the railway in the desert of Xinjiang, and constantly receive the signal of hitting the target through the data link. Then they are more fierce than red light and the ballistic missiles are diving from hundreds of kilometers. The ballistic missiles are chemical lasers! This damn thing is too big. It takes a thousand tons of weight to emit a beam as big as a needle tip, so Pangda has a train to make it as meaningful as a main street train gun in World War I.
The red beam of light flashed across the ballistic missile body, bringing out a thrilling line of fire.
That signal flag special forces detachment has broken through the mountain troops of China and rushed out of the forest line to approach the snow line, just like a steel city. The Xinjiang laser has looked at the guns behind them for a while. Several special forces from the outer Mongolian army and the Grupo intelligence agency are attacking the mountain at any cost to attract the attention of the Chinese army. The mortar bombardment of armored vehicles, armed helicopters, and the array of mortars has been so indiscriminate that it has broken through. The Chinese mountain soldiers intercepted this detachment and two members were killed. There is also one. A team member was injured by a mine and was hiding behind a tree with a silencer, a sniper rifle and a sniper rifle. The three remaining Chinese mountain soldiers continued to rush toward the muzzle under the hail of bullets, and the heads of the mountain soldiers in front of them broke out and fell headlong.
A crisp shot rushed to the front player’s body, and a sniper rifle shot hit his left rib. He heard the sound of broken ribs. Before he could react, the second sniper rifle shot and hit the first bullet. The ribs near the hit place were completely shattered, and the sharp bones were stabbed and dirty. His nose and mouth screamed like a beast. Two machine guns fired a long shot at the sniper’s position! A bullet hit the sniper’s side and hit a stone, then jumped into the sniper’s face and knocked out half his teeth.
Another sniper rifle shot from the other direction interrupted the Berserker-like player’s neck, and his blood spurted two or three meters high. His body shook and he finally fell down. The vice captain looked gloomy and rushed to pick up the victim’s hand. Two machine guns were heavy and a long shot was fired. Three mountain soldiers were shot in the face and immediately sacrificed. These mountain soldiers were wild, but they were not yet signal flags. The real threat to the opponents of the special forces was those who had been hiding in the dark, but they had already killed them. The vast majority of the Chinese special forces sacrificed so many players were thanks to them.
The horse has several automatic rifles to make up for the sacrifice of the mountain soldiers’ position. The deputy captain and the last team member were held up by the edge line. The team members looked at their watches and called "Captain, there are three minutes left!"
The vice captain glanced at the distant laser again and said nothing.

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