When that terrible sound rang again, the whole water was bubbling with a very foul smell.

When the bubble rolled up and met a Zen fighter, he heard a half-harsh scream, which was filled with water before it was completely sent out. The man suddenly melted.
From the hair to the skin and then to the muscles and bones, it melts slowly. This is precisely because his hand has protected the main line. Unfortunately, he has not been able to fight it. The bubbles generated by this flame have gradually become a pool of blood.
The blood turned black in the end.
They were frightened. Some people were afraid to the extreme, and they fled from the original road of the team. Then several people went to rescue them and pulled them over.
You know, even if you go back, you will die sooner or later without your companions. In this deep, mysterious and terrible water, it is better to give up hope than to meet everyone and fight to the death
How to fight?
Have you ever seen anyone fight with fire? It’s just a fire. Even if it can burn people to death and melt the instrument with a light touch, it is not an object to be hit after all. How can you stop it unless the fire has its owner?
"Don’t mess around." Some elders are awake, and some people warn themselves that their families and Dojo are close to each other. Once something more terrible happens, they will sacrifice themselves to keep their younger generations alive and let them take their hopes out alive.
The bubbles are getting bigger and bigger, and the family can take up less and less. When it is inevitable, a chanting suddenly rises from the crowd.
Everyone felt that it was the blood knife monk chanting, and the blood knife monk rushed out with a knife in his left hand and a printed scripture in his right hand. After that, those bubbles rose like fish in the water and disappeared.
It works!
Everyone has to wear the wisdom of the blood knife monk. Of course, it is not that monks in other countries can achieve knowledge. The blood knife monk knows exactly what scriptures to benefit and what to solve. For example, when the blood waterfall is trapped in the cave, the blood knife monk makes everyone recite the scriptures to resist the invasion of the blood spirit army.
This time, the same family cast their eyes on it, but everyone was not relaxed. It is clear that this scripture can withstand a while and definitely can’t withstand half an hour.
Because it’s too exhausting, not everyone can stick to it.
This requires everyone to work together with Qi Xin to find another breakthrough point, but at present it is still not very optimistic.
Listing suddenly realized the sound, "Teacher Chu, I think it’s time for you to make a move."
Everyone looks at Chu Yun. Yes, Chu Yun knows Zen fire. This green fire is not invincible.
ChuYun nodded very seriously and looked around without any response.
Someone was suddenly unwilling to say that Chu Yun was too selfish. Is it like sitting on the ground and collecting some benefits?
So did Listing, but he thought about it carefully. Although Chu Yun usually likes to take advantage of it, the key moment is still very reliable. He still solves many crises.
Chuyun continued to frown aside. Qin Yi looked at him quietly, and the ghosts didn’t move. They all seemed very white. Chuyun can’t be disturbed now. He needs to think calmly now.
Soon, as Chu Yun’s eyebrows gradually unfolded, there was a light in his eyes. As soon as he pointed to the ground, it seemed that he really saw something in the distance.
"The fire came from a hole in the ground!" Chu Yun discovered the secret of the fire, but at the same time he was surprised. "There’s something trapped in it. Be careful. I’ll wrap you up in Zen fire and rush over together. Be sure to follow!"
Everyone suddenly felt hopeful, so Chu Yunzhong was close to him and a group of people crowded around him for fear that they could not be wrapped in Zen fire.
Chu Yun offered the Zen fire and surrounded everyone with real power. Then he took two breaths and said, "Come on!"
Chuyun moved, and everyone immediately moved. It was everyone’s cooperation and lack of it, and something went wrong immediately.
The Zen fire rolled away, and the dark green fire was suddenly suppressed by the Zen fire. At one time, it was actually pierced through a tunnel by the Zen fire, and everyone was crowded and finished without their own dark green flame. What happened?
But Chu Yun found this phenomenon. He pinched and printed the scripture, and suddenly there was a scream in the riot tunnel. Everyone suddenly became nervous. Chu Yun said, "Don’t be nervous. This fire tastes like Zen fire, but it is very dark and careful."
Chuyun quickened his pace, but the print was faster. The green fire jumped to the front of the Zen fire and was slowly melted by the Zen fire.
Chuyun broke out in a cold sweat on his forehead and drank Yi Chan fire with a jerk. Everyone finally passed the most dangerous stage.
But this long tunnel is still halfway through, and finally a hole appears in the dark green tunnel, which is where the green fire rushes out.
It’s a little strange that the fire didn’t burn into the hole, but it’s bottomless from the naked eye and the creaking sound came from inside
Some people don’t want to stay, but more people think they should explore-which is unexpected.
"This hole can accommodate at least three people together. Why don’t we go to a few people to see what this huge gate is holding?"
But who’s going to have a look?
It’s a dangerous job to die, but there are also great opportunities. What if there is a treasure in it, or what treasure is this green flame, or if it is a great Zen identity and the fire Zen is suppressed by someone who is more powerful?
Some people feel that there is no value to be explored. At this time, everyone should escape from this place while they are still alive and find an exit. If anyone is interested, they should explore it themselves. Don’t drag everyone to die together.
As a result, after a balanced decision, everyone decided to explore the cave in situ.
But at this moment, black shadows suddenly appeared in the green light outside the Zen fire, and some of them were powerful and immediately captured this phenomenon and told everyone about it.
"I saw those shadows when I was at the gate, and those monsters were not afraid of Zen fire!" Some people are surprised that before this happened, there was no Zen fire, and there were still things that were not afraid of Zen fire.
Chu Yun shook his head and said, "It’s true that a fire can’t burn without Zen, but it doesn’t include people who have secret skills, especially demons. Even the Buddha can’t see through the truth of their bodies and spirits. There are several stages in the process of becoming a Buddha without sublimation of their hearts and bodies, but so are demons. For example, a silkworm can change dragons after nine changes. They are the most extensive and miracle-creating."
Everyone is ready to fight these monsters in the first world war, and it’s all white. What monsters have just escaped and now they appear?
It turned out that they knew that the Zen fire could not hurt them, and they wanted to defeat these humans in the Zen fire.
How cunning!
Everyone has to sigh that it is not so simple for these demons to lose their intelligence to human beings.
The monster gradually approached and accelerated its pace. The weapons in their hands were all strange, and they suddenly stabbed from the Zen fire. Everyone immediately made their own achievements and fought with them in the Zen fire.
Chu Yun’s face immediately changed. "Are you stupid? Don’t you run now?"
Chu Yun felt that he was very white for a while, and the intelligence of these monsters was to make him exhausted his true strength and suffocate these humans in the Zen fire.
This black hole exploration can only stop here. Chu Yun had to move by himself to force everyone to retreat, but this retreat was immediately chaotic.
Some people chase Chu Yunsheng with a feint, fearing that they will get out of the Zen fire package, but it is such a crowded list and Di Qing cigarettes are squeezed behind.
List face a change drink a way "teacher chu slow down!"
List a bergamot dagger to force the monster back, but the green fire suddenly poured in. Di Qing smoke screamed, and the list was very nervous. If it was submerged, it would immediately become powder.
He immediately reacted almost at the same time, pulling Di Qing’s smoke into his arms and suddenly jumping into the dark green Zen fire in this black hole, which suddenly fell into oblivion.
Anger is suddenly quiet, but there is no such thing as anger.
Di Qing smoke has been scared to death, but he still pretends to be brave and holds the soul tightly and says, "Brother Luo, don’t be afraid."
List couldn’t help laughing and feeling the tenderness of Di Qing smoke. Her body was close to that charming body, and the softness and tenderness made List rise and limit her courage. The seventh sense was released, exploring what dangers this black hole had to harm Di Qing smoke.
The first flame made people feel that the surface of the skin was baked dry, and Di Qing cigarette was tightly held to comfort her not to be afraid, but as soon as the words were spoken, his heart suddenly sank, and when his seventh sense was released, he also received a message.
A terrible smell is approaching!
Chapter 76 Deep wind

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