The longer the contact, the deeper Sun Hao knows about Xiaolan, but he feels a little bit. Maybe Xiaolan didn’t find himself by accident. It should be said that it may be accidental and inevitable.

Xiaolan is born without a string, which seems a bit silly, but just like many animals can predict the danger, Xiaolan is born with her own judgment on the strength. Maybe Xiaolan can’t say it, but maybe there may be Xiaolan who can perceive her abnormality in the whole selection of monks.
Xiaolan’s understanding is very problematic. Bian Mu said a lot of things that Xiaolan didn’t understand.
However, Sun Hao’s words were understood by Xiaolan as soon as she heard them, and it never happened that she did not understand them.
This is also the magical place of Xiaolan. After a long time, Sun Hao is faintly white. This should be that Xiaolan has reached a certain level in practicing mind-training. Perhaps this is also the reason why Xiaolan can effectively contract herself.
There is also a very high level of guardian knight contract, and the main target of the contract should be hero suspicion.
Sun Hao guessed that Xiaolan should have been in contact with barbarian heroes before, but the hero might not be satisfied with Xiaolan’s situation, or Xiaolan might not be satisfied with the hero’s final contract.
If you don’t contract a hero but a warrior, it will be very difficult to contract a knight, and the process must be short.
However, Sun Hao’s real identity is the virtual first hero and probably the first hero in the whole virtual world.
It is simply too simple to complete a contract with a purple belt.
At this time, the strength of the Zijin Belt also shows that Sun Hao found that he could terminate his contract and leave at any time if he wanted to enter the virtual space.
Because Xiaolan’s guardian knight contract is a purple and gold belt directly, and the name of the contractor can be modified by Sun Hao independently.
Of course, Sun Hao’s name is regarded as Zeng Ming’s name, and after the contract name is placed.
Just Sun Hao didn’t pay attention to this detail, but it meant that Xiaolan saw a good grandson. Xiaolan was in a daze and didn’t pursue it. If you change your mind, you will doubt the origin of Sun Hao and get to the bottom of it.
Unexpectedly, I found the path into the virtual space. Sun Hao was at ease to accompany Girlan to prepare for his virtual space trip. He meditated and recalled his incarnation. Sun Hao found that although he was very hard during this period, his gains were not small, which further consolidated himself. After major repairs, he laid a solid foundation for his future progress
Of course, seriously recalling Sun Hao’s forehead, a little cold sweat broke out, and he was able to finally escape the pursuit. In addition to his own efforts, he still got a lot of outside help. Xiaoxian pear tree’s body concealed its breath, and the bones inexplicably appeared in the tomb, and there was the last mysterious and powerful help, and so on. It was indispensable for him to be reborn.
Of course, before all this, you must be tough enough to give others a chance to help.
Looking back on Sun Hao, I also found some abilities that I couldn’t figure out, such as the ability of Xiaoxian pear tree to hide the breath. For example, how did his wild strength turn into wild Xingtian strength? For example, the mysterious man had to be kind to Girlan himself in the end. These things were like fog to let Sun Haofa find the answer.
Maybe you don’t need an answer, you just need to do it in front of you.
German has always wanted to sign a barbarian warrior like a guardian knight for his sister, but he didn’t find the right person in the end.
A proud barbarian hero won’t be a guardian for a witch with a bad brain. arthur king still doesn’t want to tie himself to death as a little witch, but Wang Man and german can’t see it, and eventually he won’t.
As the barbarian soldiers in the pub said,
After three days, german lost his interest in continuing to watch the war and went home with his team. At this time, Sun Hao saw that german was vaguely the leader of each monk in the virtual space. When he shouted, the monks in the virtual space responded to the return trip.
German Xiu is shrouded in a mysterious blue light, and Sun Hao can hardly perceive it without special means, while Brother Zhong Xu’s general practice is not as high as Sun Hao’s imagination. Except for one or two monks who are distracted, most of his monks are in the Du Jie period, and of course, there is only one godsworn like Girlan.
There were more than forty monks who came to the virtual space. On average, each of them signed two barbarian soldiers.
German signed Mannick, king of Bi Meng, and Erso, a powerful barbarian hero.
German gave the order to bid farewell to the ancient barbarian city with Brother Zhong Xu and prepare to return.
Girlan and his brother stood side by side, and Sun Hao became a row with Nick and Erso. If you don’t look at your strength and height, Sun Hao is even better.
Of course, Erso and Nick have no intention of talking to Sun Hao.
In recent days, the hill was hit by a pie, and Girlan signed a garbage knight story. How could Nick and Erso possibly strike up a conversation with Sun Hao?
Sun Hao poses and follows Girlan behind him, carrying a border animal husbandry and stepping on the road to virtual reality.
It’s not Sun Hao-yi’s idea of sending an array, nor is it Sun Hao-yi’s idea of a giant airship.
German, the most ancient city, took out a small shuttle from his arms, and a shuttle just slightly larger than an ordinary seagoing ship appeared. german said with a smile, "Dear new brothers, this is my broken shuttle that can lead us into the virtual space."
Nick said, "King Erman, this shuttle is a little small."
German gestured to a hollow friar and said, "You will be white if Geyu goes in Nick …"
Tall Geyu jumped and fell to the shuttle. After the huge body fell into the shuttle, it looked only the size of a thumb.
It’s amazing. Solso said with a smile, "It turned out to be a very rare magic weapon. Let’s go. It seems that we still need to learn a lot when we enter the virtual reality …"
German led Sun Hao to fall into the broken shuttle with the big team.
After coming in, Sun Hao found that everyone’s body shape didn’t change, as if the shuttle had become a monster, which was generally a magic weapon.
Feeling the magic of flying shuttle, Sun Hao is suddenly full of yearning for the magic of emptiness
A more magnificent friar world await you.
The broken shuttle has a lot of resident crew. Generally, after the monks came in, someone came over and arranged for everyone to fly in an orderly way.
Sun Hao carefully observed these crew members and suddenly found that these very polite and smiling crew members should not be normal races. They look more like artificial puppets.
Virtual in magic
Sun Hao Girlan knight lived in a quite good position next door to Girlan, and many recruited barbarian soldiers enviously watched and felt the position of breaking the virtual process at close range.
In the boom, the virtual shuttle rose and rushed straight to the square sky of the ancient barbarian city.
There was a ripple, and the virtual shuttle seemed to have broken through a layer of waves and disappeared into the blue sea.
While risking one’s life for a bloody battle, the barbarian soldiers stopped attacking in their hands and looked up at the sky, showing deep disappointment.
Chapter DiYiLiu73 Into the virtual
After half a ring, the blood beats again.
It’s impossible to drop pie. The only chance is to make it into the top ten.
Let’s take action in ancient barbarian cities. Those barbarian soldiers who have been selected to enter the virtual city need to be put on record one by one and rewarded by cataloguing them one by one.
This process does not take long.
Soon the basic situation was counted out.
To tell the truth, most of the barbarian soldiers who were selected to enter the middle school are famous people, and the information is very complete. It is simple to award rewards to tribes. Most tribes have more warrior fields.
The only exception is that the information on the hill of the Hehe nationality is very simple, that is, a big name and a tribal name 2.
However, when the shuttle left, the careless barbarians suddenly found that the ancient barbarian city did not pass through the Hehe tribe. This is an ancient barbarian city that has never heard of true barbarism and there has never been an ancient barbarian tribe.
It took almost more than ten days to investigate the ancient Mancheng and finally found out the origin and ownership of the Hehe Department. This is a very small Manbu, and the nearest place to send troops is the Li Department in nine planets.
Let’s get it straight: nine planets Lebanon sent soldiers. It turns out that nine planets Lebanon has been destroyed by the mowing department, and the mowing hill should be the head of the holy king of mowing department.
With a so-called god dog, but his head has grown out
Careless barbarian warriors casually received some reports of fierce and savage achievements and returned to the ancient barbarian city. The Li Department of nine planets announced that the holy king’s adult hill had successfully entered the ancient barbarian city in China and won a prize at the scene.
In ancient times, the man-made city management registered the information of Xiexiao Mountain at will, and according to the rules, it was awarded to the Hehe Department, and it was completed.
The hill is the root of innocence, the red seedling is the root of the grass, and the generation is fierce. Well, that’s it
The barbarian king became a barbarian, and entered the Daqing of Zhongxu Xiehe Department for several years.
What did the soldiers in Mancheng say? The holy king is a pie in the sky. * * * It’s said that the grain department is a joke. Is the holy majesty an ordinary barbarian soldier who can understand and not be as knowledgeable as the soldiers in Mancheng?
When the ancient barbarians registered the information of the hill, they were a little confused. It seems that this holy king’s fighting power should not be as unbearable as it looks outside except for his long head, and so on. This little thing seems to have destroyed the peak of gold shortage, but I don’t know whether it is a one-on-one hit or a gathering of tribal elite records
If it’s really one-on-one, then it’s very interesting to go into the void.
Careless management finally thought that no matter what shocking performance he had, it was always small, but the barbarian soldier couldn’t be wrong, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to enter the ancient barbarian city, and that’s it
When Sun Hao’s body was kicked into the tomb, the white-haired monk once said that he wanted Sun Hao’s undead to be lucky.
This truth Jordan is still white.
A purple and gold belt in the virtual world is not so easily acquired by monks. Once a monk of a certain race gets it, it means that this race is about to rise strongly.
After thousands of years, Qiao Dan paid more and more attention to intercepting Sun Hao.
The reason is that there has really been a blowout phenomenon among Terran monks, and the most intuitive performance is that the number of soaring monks has increased inexplicably.
I don’t know what happened in the terran world. During these thousands of years, a group of soaring monks became the backbone of the development of the human race.

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