I don’t know how long it will take before I hear some sounds and feel sore all over. When I open my eyes and feel highly nervous, I don’t feel how to add a lot of fatigue once I relax. At this moment, even my little finger is unwilling to move.

"Pay attention to the spacecraft is about to take off. Please note that the spacecraft is about to take off and there will be temporary discomfort, but please don’t worry. You will get used to it in half an hour and show it again …"
The gentle tone is repetitive. I don’t know where this ship came from. It should be a civilian cross-star travel. It is convenient and fast to build a short-distance travel by the stargate, and it can avoid star pirates. Although it is not low, it is willing to make it. Of course, Lin momo just heard that he has not seen the concrete object.
At this time, there are footsteps outside the door, and the spirit is tense again. Get up and gather together to the door.
Someone outside said, "Brother, it’s not bad to borrow the smoke from Huotu Huanxing mycelium. You said that the champion didn’t know what to smoke. He went all the way to the ninth star field to arrest people and accompanied a group of rabbits to toss and turn. He hasn’t tasted women for a long time. When he got back, he must fight those women for 300 rounds."
"Mom champion you also dare to say live impatient? Actually, I don’t understand why we go to this bird-less place without doing good business. It seems that we have arrested 330,000 people, and in the end, one of the 230,400 people is alive enough to say that these kids are all very powerful, so we should be cautious. Recently, the number one seems to be in a bad temper, so it is better to be careful. "
Two star thieves cooed and heard their conversation by accident. The room was located near Galindo’s hearing, and every word was heard by the tribe.
"So the star pirates also know that fear of their leader seems to be an unusually fierce master and unusually cruel for about ten days, right? Otherwise, the spaceship wouldn’t have taken off, and 230 people’s lives were so small compared with 330,000 lives. In just over a month, they will always be a thing of the past. Although the life of the earth planet is called unhappy, some people can’t even talk about food and clothing, but it’s better to die than to live, and they die so miserably. "
Five days passed quickly, and I was so tired that I almost spent it in my sleep. Every time I was awakened by a nightmare, I believe he was almost young.
On the seventh day, a strange door opened slowly, and an old man with an oxygen mask came in accompanied by three star thieves. The cold eyes of these people seemed to look at a lamb to be slaughtered, and two guns were pushed to the front of his nose. Lin momo dared not move.
The old man said with a puff of air, "There is a 73.5% chance that you will become a strong warrior by injecting you with a catalytic agent, and we will also practice the method badly. You will take a big step forward in the history of human evolution and thank the leader for his gift!" Lucky guy "
Lin momo hasn’t figured it out yet. The neck hurts, the arm thickness is special, and the syringe is almost cruel. It sends a lot of yellow liquid into the blood vessels and feels dizzy.
"The progress is not bad, and another one has been completed according to this method. I still have important research, so I won’t continue to demonstrate that these catalytic agents are extremely precious. Don’t screw it up."
"Be sure to pay more attention to it." The three star thieves answered together
The old man nodded with satisfaction, left an old book and went out. The book was written on paper and smelled of mildew. I don’t know where it came from. It must be very cheap.
Lin momo’s body is cold and hot, and he feels bad. His heart beats wildly for a while, then it seems to be still, and then his heart breaks and his lungs ache as if his whole body is burning.
"No, I can’t go like this. I’ll be tortured. Crazy medical blades. By the way, I still have medical blades."
It’s like grabbing the last straw, taking out the slightly curled green leaves, swallowing a little bit of cool and refreshing diffusion, and completely fainting after relaxing.
In fact, even if there is no medical blade, there is a great chance to support it after severe coma. However, after all, it is different. It took fifteen minutes for the catalytic agent to officially take effect
Volume 1 Initial! Phantom of the Opera Chapter 15 Game
Lin momo rubbed his eyes and found that he was wet and smelled bad. His stomach kept rolling and "wow" spit it out.
"Well, what a pain! What on earth did Star Thief inject me with? " Lin momo picked up the old man’s residence and looked up. The first half was about human cytology, and the second half focused on Brother Wu.
"It turns out that some human beings have started to combine the free elements of the universe for a long time to make breakthroughs, and powerful spiritual forces have introduced the cosmic energy into the mitochondria of cells to obtain the source power."
Lin momo lamented, "Mitochondria are like charging pools. Only when the spiritual power reaches the level of martial arts apprentices can we sense the free universe. Friars can be divided into twelve levels. It is easier for humans to learn martial arts apprentices’ special abilities. The source power will automatically transform into the source power. It’s so complicated!"
This is a general introduction to Brother Wu’s substantive things from beginning to end, without saying at all that spiritual power is invisible and intangible. Obviously, everyone has a magnetic field, which can cause magnetic resonance to change the hidden spiritual power into a dominant one through constant mental changes, so as to get an evolutionary machine.
Suddenly, I felt burning and painful, took off my clothes and washed them with water, but I couldn’t afford to breathe a little. "The body burns, damn star thief."
Momo Shihlin didn’t know that the mitochondrion of his cell was excessive division because there was a little more green in the protoplasm of the cell, like a medical leaf.
The feeling of low-paying jobs is increasing. Lin momo has a strong adaptability. He insists on biting his teeth and can’t stand the pain. It’s better to wash his body with cold water than to touch his chest with his fingers. The craft of this peacock amulet is good and lifelike. The texture is hard and not damaged. He shook his head. Since it is a amulet, he prayed that it would bring good luck.
Lin momo was wiping his body in rags when suddenly there came a huge shout, "I burned to death. What did you scum do to me?"
"Peng Peng Peng Peng …"
Someone hammered the wall, and a burst of footsteps quickly intertwined with hammering, and the spacecraft was quiet again.
Lin momo sighed. It seems that someone has been unable to bear the catalytic agent. Since the old book simply introduced Brother Wu, the star thief should have some kind of connection.
The suffering continued for about 72 hours, and 17 people couldn’t hold on. Finally, the terrible "Zizi" sounded completely silent.
I’m afraid these 17 people are not much better even if they don’t die after being attacked by guns. It’s different from wishful thinking to expect the star thief to show mercy.
It is normal that it takes two or three months to travel across the star domain. There are many wormholes in the universe that can fold point A to point B, just like pinching two ends of a straight line together to cross the wormhole can greatly save time, otherwise thousands of light years will go to the year?
As time goes by, the senses become more acute. It’s a strange feeling to hear the sound next door faintly.
"Are you? Lin momo you Lin momo "
Lin momo stare big eyes suddenly sounded in my mind, and couldn’t help cheering "me, me!"
It’s a pity that my mind has recovered. Lin momo wondered and thought, "Is it too long to hallucinate?"
A few hours later, Mana sounded again, "Siso concentrates on me and communicates quickly."
Lin momo was in the spirit at once, and he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to get rid of all other thoughts and pursue the source of the sound, as if he saw a faint light, like a flame in the wind, which could be extinguished at any time.
"It’s good to feel you! Don’t relax and maintain this state. Try to speak with your mind instead of your mouth. "
"Is it imagination? So weird. "
"Good for you, just like this."
"Manasseh elder sister star thief also give you an injection of catalytic agent and left a brother in wu? I feel like burning all over. "
After a moment of silence, the woman sighed, "The catalytic agent is very important to the mitochondria of cells. According to my estimation, for example, if the original life span of 100 years is shortened to 30 years or less after intense catalysis, my mental intensity will be reduced by 19.5 times, and some lucky people will have a larger span. To be honest, among the 193 lucky people, your mental intensity is the weakest, so I can connect with you."
"My mental strength is the weakest? How did this happen? " Lin momo one leng faintly have a worry.
"I don’t know why, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I have been able to sense that the universe is still a long way from the formal absorption. Star pirates want to cultivate us into Brother Wu. Many ancient stories seem to have Brother Wu’s figure before, but I didn’t pay attention to it. I will go through ten experiences from childhood to adulthood and relive all the new experiences several times. Anyway, you should be careful."
Lin momo wry smile "mental strength may be very important? The weakest often means elimination. "
Mana couldn’t bear to wake up kindly. "It’s hard to describe what kind of energy it is to try to sense the free energy of the universe. Knowing that the human body can absorb the spiritual power is enough, the physical strength will soar. I just realized that too little experience can’t help."
"Sister Mana, you’re welcome. Your conversation has benefited a lot. How’s Nord?"
"It’s not good. My strength method feels like a ferocious beast. Although he likes to talk nonsense, his mind is still very slim. After the red-haired boy showed his ability to explode, it dealt a great blow to him. In terms of physical strength, Nord is also different from ordinary people. However, in his heart, he always thinks that the strongest man deserves to be with me, and his sex is so stubborn that he is really worried."
In the consciousness, Mana exudes a shimmer and a violent shaking. Lin momo quickly appeases "Chi-jen believes that Noble will survive."

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