Tian Huili Xiang took the previous step and bowed to Liang Chaodong. "Boss Liang, please take more photos!" After that, she bowed to the driver. "Please take more photos!"

Boss Liang saw that two dog Xiaomi was so polite, and everyone respectfully and immediately envied him. "How is Xiong Da renting so different?" Look at people meeting, bow first, and learn! "
Hearing this, Xiong Da immediately took a picture of a cat and a tiger and bowed to Boss Liang. "Boss Liang, please take more pictures!"
I was so angry that Boss Liang smashed a teacup in the past and cursed, "What a fool bows to me and bows to Boss Pi!"
Xiong Da’s dusty face bowed to Pi two dog again and said, "Boss Pi, please take more photos!"
At this time, tables and tables came and a few bottles of royal salute arrived at the table.
Wine lead tour three dishes lead three flavors Liang Chaodong this just stare big eyes looking at Tian Huili sweet eyes match peach blossom face like lotus that pretty face is tender enough to pinch water that pink lotus root neck is white and that proud … Oh, my God, where is Pi two dog an asshole to rent a very beautiful woman? ! It is no exaggeration to say that she is a star! How much does it cost to rent it for a day?
The second generation of Liang was deeply shocked. "two dog, you are not bad. This one looks like an actress and says that Datian is only in her twenties. How much did you rent it?"
"Boss Liang, she is not renting!" Pi two dog suddenly threw a big bang way
"What kind of ghost believes that it is not rented or bought?" Is Liang Chaodong’s heart saying? This joke is really a big fool. It’s still a small farmer in Woxiang who has a daughter and is still a fairy-like beauty!
"I didn’t buy it!"
"ah? Is it not renting or buying, or are you cheating? " The second generation of Liang was so surprised that his eyes almost fell out.
"Well, whatever you say!" He’s got another one.
I can’t listen to this Tian Huili fragrance anymore. "Boss Liang, I am willing to follow my boss. He didn’t lie to me!"
"ah? Boss! " The second generation of Liang said to himself, "God, Pi two dog, the king’s egg, is so cheeky that he lied to the beauty that he is the boss. He is a bum and fart boss. Thought of this, the second generation refrained from laughing." How much did he give you? "
"I don’t get paid!" Tian Huili Xiang said with a face of disgust that this second generation is so annoying. If I hadn’t seen the boss’s face, I would have left.
"ah? Don’t get paid! " Tian Huili Xiang once again refreshed Liang’s second generation and three views. He was shocked and disliked squinting at Pi two dog. "You are so fierce!"
Got to say that finish the second generation of beam is buried bodyguards to "bear big you see somebody else loyal to the boss don’t get paid! What about you? You’re going to take my million a year! "
"Boss, I have ten old mothers, wives and children to raise! I don’t want to eat without getting paid! Besides, I’m risking my life to protect you, or I’m risking my life for money! " Xiong Dagu took a gun and glared at Tian Huilixiang.
When it comes to protecting the boss, the second generation of Liang is looking at Tian Huili sourly. "You are also an errand boss. If there is danger, it is estimated that the boss will have to protect you! You can’t compare with a bear! "
"Boss Liang, don’t fill your words. You said that pear fragrance can’t beat Xiong Da?" Pi two dog said that he meowed. It’s hard to say.
What, this little honey still knows martial arts? Really? I immediately killed myself and shouted, "two dog, let me tell you this. Is Xiong Da a professional bodyguard? The Xiong family is a martial arts family, and his fists are not vegetarian!"
"Is bragging a dare to let them learn from each other?"
"Ok, but I’m not responsible for hurting your little honey!"
"But death hurts, and all the consequences are at your own risk!" He said that the damn second generation was too inflated, so he called pear fragrance to kill him down a peg or two.
"Oh, my God, two dog, you’re a vagrant with such a big mouth that you’re not afraid to flash your tongue. Can we bet?" The second generation of Liang said that this little Wang egg cheated a beautiful woman so crazy that she didn’t know who she was.
"Bet on it. How?"
"You win, I’ll pay you 1 million, I win, Xiaomi, I’m leaving!" The second generation of Liang made a big bet without thinking about it.
I went to see the pear fragrance in the second generation of the original Liang Dynasty.
Suddenly Pi two dog shook his head like a rattle and said, "The second generation of my pear fragrance is a living person. She has her dignity and I can’t bet on her!"
"Don’t bet people that bet? Are you still valuable? " Beam the second generation disdain squint two dog way
Tian Huilixiang couldn’t bear to see the second generation’s domineering posture. "Boss, then take me as a bet!"
Before Pi two dog promised her, she sprang to Xiong Da and bowed and said, "Ask for advice!"
Xiong Da threw herself at Tian Huili with a straight leg and knocked her down. She sat down on the oak chair and the Dalian oak chair collapsed due to the strength.
The second generation of Liang haha laughed. "Haha, the bear is so beautiful! If you can beat her, I’ll give you an extra 500 thousand. Go on haha! "
"I went to your house for a bear attack!"
"This is a sneak attack and there is no rule to play the winner!" The second generation of Liang was as excited as chicken blood.
Xiong Da heard from the Lord that he won and there was a reward of 500,000 yuan. Suddenly, he killed his heart and slammed a set of fists and fell to Tian Huili’s body.
Speaking of boxing, this is Tian Huili Xiang’s unique skill. You come and I warm up. Ji Tianli Huili Xiang has figured out Xiong Da’s routine
Xiong Da doesn’t know yet. This woman is a weak chicken. She suddenly grabbed a collapsed chair and smashed it into Tian Huili’s body. Boy, it’s hard enough. It’s obviously a dead man!
Chapter 116 Lao Zhang blown up
Look at the second generation of Liang and say, damn it, Xiong Da is such a beautiful girl. Don’t break it. What a pity!
Liang’s second generation didn’t feel happy for long, but suddenly he saw Tian Huilixiang’s first hook and then his fist, and then a set of straight fists, such as a flurry, slammed at Xiong Da.
Ah ah ah!
At such a fast speed, Xiong Dagen’s parry is like touching, and it’s no different from punching a sandbag.
Tian Huili Xiang’s fist stormed more than 100 bears and spat blood like a deflated ball, which made the dynasty unable to move for days.
"Ah?" Looking at a face of dog blood, the mouth of the second generation of Xiong Daliang is as big as a toad. Look at Xiong Da for a while and Tian Huili Xiang for a while.
See the second generation of beam a face of Meng than skin two dog is not a dark bright way "beam boss I won! Give you a card number of one million and call me Carriche! "
"ah? !” The second generation of Liang shivered with fear and said, Oh, my God, I’m not dazzled. Why did I fall to the ground instead of a vase? Xiong Da, this funny guy, tells me how much he can fight every day. It turns out that he is a braggart!
Now it’s Pi two dog’s turn. After this guy sends the card number to Liang Chaodong, it’s a great solution. Call Tian Huilixiang to prepare to sign a contract with the township government.
"Beauty, please stay!" Liang second generation suddenly jilted to jilt head is mouth stopped Tian Huili incense.
Tian Huilixiang looked disgusted and asked, "Boss Liang, what do you want?"
"Your name is pear fragrance, right? Let me tell you this: Pi two dog is my junior high school classmate. He pays off Chu Lixiang better than himself. You are such an excellent female bodyguard that you should protect the real boss! "
"I don’t know what you said?"
"Pear sweet my words you are not white? Pi two dog root is not a boss. He rents all his cars. You protect him as a fake boss, cheating vagrants, you know? I visited hotels, pharmacies and thousands of factories in nine planets! I’m the real boss. You give me an annual salary of 1.2 million as a bodyguard! " The second generation of Liang suddenly threw a big bang. He said that the annual salary was 1.2 million. How many people scrambled to be my bodyguard? 1.2 million didn’t knock you out!
"Boss liang, thank you for your appreciation! Whether my boss is a real boss or a fake boss, he is the boss in my eyes! I will play for him for the rest of my life. Goodbye! " Tian Huili Xiang refused to buy Liang Chaodong without thinking.

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